Do you ever feel like you’re just being bulldozed by life and all of the tasks on your plate?
Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. You constantly have to ‘be on’, running around all over the place to meet the needs of others, run your home and somehow you’re supposed to have time to take care of yourself as well.
Between school pick up and drop off, cleaning the bathrooms, running to the grocery store, work, spending time with your spouse, playing with the kids, sports, activities and events and the never ending pile of laundry, it can feel overwhelming and stressful just thinking about it! 
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to start your week and NOT feel behind? 

~To have a way to breakdown all of the tasks on your list and determine how to prioritize them without overwhelm?

~Think about what it could be like to have simple routines that are easy to teach to your kids!

~How about even being able to find time for you and your goals without the mom guilt

Your Time Doesn’t Have to Own You

The 15 Minute Formula

An e-course for moms who want to find time for all that they have to do AND all that they want to do!

Video Modules

Printable Goal Sheets

Trello Boards

Learn how to break your day to day tasks down so that you can leave action paralysis and get done what matters!






What’s inside?

  • Foundational Video Modules
  • Bonus Motivational Lessons for When You’re Feeling Stuck
  • Trello Boards to Keep Organized
  • Broken Down Goals to Take Out the Guess Work
  • BONUS Case Studies to Learn How to Create Habits and Goals
  • And More!

Snippets from the Students!

“Having a toddler means you barely have 15 minutes to do anything at any given time, especially if your toddler is like my daughter gets up early, goes to bed late, and naps 1-2 hours which is when I take time for myself.

Since taking the course I’ve created a cleaning schedule that allows us to have our weekends free. I’ve also started using those rare 15 minutes of my daughter being occupied to work on something like this testimonial, doing the dishes, picking up a room (toys spread through the house so quickly!), or taking care of a load of laundry.

Our house is a lot cleaner and life has been much calmer, well as clean and calm as a house can be with a toddler.”

Nyssa S.

“I was interested in the 15 minute formula because I needed help with managing the workload at home and work.

Since taking this course I no longer feel overwhelmed because I am able to break down and prioritize my tasks where they are doable.

Not only have I been successful and finally able to stick with the skills that I learned but I’ve been able to influence my husband to incorporate several of the skills into his day.

I know that if this program has been helpful for me and I’m not a mother yet, then the Moms who participate will find it life changing. Thanks Cara for helping me to grow in the management of my life!”

Stacy R.

“I was interested in the 15 minute formula to help me find those in between times that I could get things done. I work full time, have 4 preteen/teen kids, take college classes and need to keep my house clean.

My goals were being pushed aside because I didn’t know where to start.

Since starting this course I have been able to find time in my day to declutter and get things done without feeling overwhelmed.

Moms need this course if they don’t know where to start or how to find time to get things done. I feel confident about my routines now and understand that 15 mins is all it takes.”

Toshia M.

“I was interested in learning about the 15 minute formula as someone who has taken some of Cara’s previous courses and learned a lot from them, and LOVE what I learned from her Trello course.

I find I get so much more done when I started implementing the 15 minute formula. I never just sit in a parking lot, gas station or any fast food line, without thinking “ok what can I be doing while I am waiting.”

My kitchen is always organized and clean because as I am heating something up, or emptying the dishwasher, or washing off the counters.

It is amazing the things I get done while I am doing something else! I have always been a multi tasker but this has brought me to a new level of organization!

I have now also implemented time blocking into my schedule, which has helped me find more time in my day! Love her courses and podcast!!!”

Patricia H.

Who is this for?

  • The Moms who are tired of feeling like a hamster on a wheel!
  • The Moms who want to create routines to help their homes run smoothly!
  • The Moms who are tired of feeling overwhelmed in their day to day tasks!
  • The Moms who have forgotten about their own goals and need a spark to get back to them!
  • The Moms who don’t have a lot of time, are super busy, and need to figure something out!

Gain control of your time and STOP action paralysis!

The sooner you do, the sooner you can get your home under control {and get a great discount and set of bonuses!}

More Amazing Students!

“I was interested in the 15 minute formula because I have trouble motivating myself, and I have a great deal of decluttering to do in my home.

Since I work full time, I have trouble finding time to get it done. I have learned to set goals instead of randomly putting out fires, and I have learned to use a planner daily, and it has become a habit – a very calming, satisfying habit.

Along with the goal setting came accomplishing some goals that I did not expect to accomplish – completing a mid year tax estimate for example! I have also learned that you can get a lot done in 15 minutes, or even 5!

Moms of all ages need this course to remind you that others are in the same boat – I have enjoyed reading about the other ladies’ accomplishments, to encourage you to set goals – watch out, you might achieve your goals! and to change your mindset a little, that the sum of small parts, 15 minutes a time, can amount to a lot of work getting done!”

Marjorie G.

“I was interested in the 15 minute formula because I felt there were never enough hours in the day to get things done.

Since taking this course I’ve been able to balance the demands of my family, along with my work commitments, and I was even able to find some time to work on myself. Moms need this course because it will guide you through a logical process to reach your goals.”

Pamela I.

“I was interested in the 15minute formula as I have been struggling since having my third child with constantly feeling behind and struggling to get on top of everything and feeling like I lost myself .

Since starting the course I have been able to let go of having to do it all and just focus on what I can do in the next 15mins, this helps minimize the overwhelm and using Cara`s weekly planning has made sure I don’t forget anything and I’ve even started working on my goal to decluttering my house which has been over a year and a half of procrastination.

This course is for anyone struggling to feel organized or looking for inspiration to start making small steps towards a dream.”

Danielle P.

“I was interested in the 15 minute formula because I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t get traction on any projects. Since taking this course I’ve been able to break down a big project and start it instead of just procrastinating and avoiding it.

Moms need this course because it’s too easy to go through putting out daily fires and thinking we don’t have time to get anything “real” done. This course is great because it makes big things doable in small pockets of time..”

Amy J.

“As someone who struggles with being overwhelmed easily, The 15 Minute Formula has been wonderful for me. Before, I would look at a big project – like the pile of junk mail sitting just inside the door – and think, “That’s going to take at least an hour! I just don’t have time to complete that right now.” And it would sit there and continue to grow, getting worse every day.

But if I say, “I’m just going to take 15 minutes and do what I can in that time,” it’s so much easier to handle! And a lot of the time it’s the start that stops us, so once you get started sometimes you will just keep going and finish the project!

The beauty of the 15 Minute Formula is it’s ok if you only do the 15 minutes. You don’t have to beat yourself up for not finishing because you started out to just do 15 minutes at a time! You can do anything for 15 minutes..”

Ellen H.

More than just another Time Management Course

We’ve all seen the courses that promise ‘balance’ for the busy mom and then require you to sit and watch 10 hours of video leaving you more overwhelmed.


The 15 Minute Formula is Different!


Short Videos


Habit Trackers


Short Videos


Easy-To-Follow Systems

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