I used to think that mantras and affirmations were just so woo-woo. I thought, “oh those are for someone else” and would roll my eyes whenever I saw someone talking about them.

And then my Postpartum Anxiety got bad. Like really bad. Sitting on the floor crying, my brain filled with negative self-talk and feeling worthless ‘bad’.

So I made the decision that I had to find something to help retrain my brain. I needed something that would allow me to love myself more. I wanted to find something that would remind me when things got tough, that I was worthy of more.

Enter positive mantras.

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Why Mantras Work

Whatever you are putting inside your brain, you will believe. If you are saying negative things about yourself over and over again (either in your head or out of your mouth) then eventually, your brain really will believe those things.

But… if you start to fill your mind with positivity, inspiring thoughts, and things that make you love yourself more, your brain will begin to truly believe that too. Affirmations have got me through the past few months of negativity and helped me get out of terrible thought spirals. They allow me to STOP in the moment and remind myself of God’s truth… that I am WORTH IT, that I am ENOUGH, and that I am an AMAZING person.

positive mantras for moms

The next time you’re going through a rough time, try to replace the negative self-talk with a few kind words. Whether it’s an old family saying or a lyric from a favorite song, using positive affirmations is a great addition to any self-care routine. Check out this list of 25 mom mantras to help soothe your worries and cultivate a healthy mindset for mothers in all stages of life.

And, just in case you don’t hear or feel it today… YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOM!


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