I am OBSESSED with self-development.

6 years ago I was depressed, living in self-loathing and suffering from terrible anxiety. I didn’t see all the possibilities in my life but just lived my life making sure others were happy.

I am proud to say I am a reformed people pleaser, currently have a suitcase of strategies to manage my anxiety, and see the positivity even when things are tough (and believe me, this past year has been a tough one).

The #1 way I’ve been able to manage my anxiety and change my mindset is through personal development.

For 6 years now, I have made it a habit to get in at least 10 minutes a day of personal development either in written word or by audio. At first, I thought personal development was for people who needed a lot of help and of course, that wasn’t me ?

Once I change my mindset and realized that the only way I could be better for the people around me was to improve myself, I dove straight in.

Finding 10 minutes a day is something anyone can do if you are really looking to change your mindset and life. Can you put a podcast on while you fold the laundry? Is your commute more than 10 minutes? How about sticking an audiobook? Are you willing to get up 10 minutes earlier to sit and read a little with your coffee before the craziness of the day?

Because YOU ARE WORTH THE TIME it takes for self-care.

What should you do in your 10 minutes?

When you find your 10 minutes, I don’t want you to waste them. I was you to fill your cup with podcasts and books that get you excited and drive you to hit your goals.

Podcasts are great because

  1. They are free.
  2. You can listen to a variety of people.
  3. You can pause whenever you need it and pick up later.
  4. They are portable and you can take them anywhere you have your phone.
  5. So many podcasts are in the interview format so it can help you find new influencers that you love.

You can get them free on your phone with either the app called Podcast or Stitcher (depending on your phone).

As you search for podcasts to listen to, you’ll find ones that you love and some that you don’t connect with, and that’s okay. Don’t give up if it takes you weeks to find the people and podcasts that motivate you but, when you do, make sure you subscribe to their shows so that fuel your fire so you can listen to them without having to search.

If you have a goal of having a positive mindset, I want to toss you my top 5 favorites ‘must listen’ to get you started. If you want the rest of the list, make sure you drop your email below and download the rest of my fav podcasts AND my favorite personal growth books. The email will also contain bonus tips on how you can find time in your day to actually get it done so drop that email now!

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My Top 5 Podcasts to Change Your Mindset Right Now

  1. Earn your happy

Author: Lori Harder

Topics: Personal Growth

Podcast Time: 10-45 minutes

  1. The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Author: Aileen Xu

Topics: Personal Growth

Podcast Time: 20 minutes

  1. Achieve Your Goals

Author: Hal Elrod

Topics: Personal Growth, Productivity

Podcast Time: 45 minutes

  1. Happier

Author: Gretchen Rubin

Topics: Personal Growth

Podcast Time: 15-30 minutes

  1. Optimal Living Daily

Author: Justin Malik (with various contributors)

Topics: Personal Growth

Podcast Time: 10 minutes

This list is just a jumping point into becoming a more positive you! I have a list of more of my fav + my top books to get you started that I’ll send you FREE! To get your personal development cheat sheet, toss your email below and it’ll come right to your inbox!

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