When it comes to making goals for the new year, I often just jump in and pick big things that I think would be cool. Normally, I make a list and never look at it again. Maybe I’ll pull it out a few times a year, swear that this is the time I am going to stay committed, rewrite my goals (in pretty colors this time) and then ignore the list…. Repeat cycle ALL year.

Does this sound like you too?

Well, this year will be different for you.


Because I am going to break down the step by step on how to make the right type of action plan that makes sense for the season of life you are in and ACTUALLY use it!

These steps include:

  1. Reflection
  2. Vision Setting
  3. Goal Setting
  4. Create an Action Plan

If you missed Step #1 of this series on REFLECTION, head over and get your end of year reflection workbook! Do it NOW … then come back here to do step #2!

Creating A Virtual Vision Board

I like to make a vision board each year. It sets the stage for what I want to accomplish and makes me feel focused. And a few years ago, I switched over to creating virtual vision boards.

Virtual vision boards are ones you can make using programs on your computer and print out. I like to create this way because it gives me the freedom and flexibility that I sometimes found missing when it came to using magazines and poster board the old school way.

When using a virtual vision board, you have the internet at my fingertips to find pictures you want, search for ideas, and can edit things as needed. You also had the opportunity to save my vision board so you could edit and adjust each quarter without starting completely over if your priorities changed.

Step #1 Brainstorm

Before you jump into the creation of your vision board, I want you to take time to dream a little. If you haven’t gone and done the reflection, make sure you do that FIRST. This will help you really get focused for a new year.

Using the vision board worksheet (get yours below!) I want you to sit in a quiet space and DREAM BIG. Like BIGGER than you thought possible.

Download Now!

Using the areas of your life in the workbook; think about where you’d like your life to be this time next year. Think about these areas:

  • Spirituality
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Personal Growth
  • Work
  • Family
  • And any others that come to your brain

Write a few words that will help you really start to picture your future year.

Step #2 Find Your Images

The second step to getting going with your vision board is to find images that relate you your vision. This part is the toughest for me because I can get hung up on finding the ‘right’ picture. I want you to really get that perfect image out of your head and be open to what you find.

You can use a bunch of really great free stock photo site (you can find even more over here!) such as

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pixabay
  3. Pexels
  4. StockSnap

At the top you can search any image you want and lots of pictures will come up for you. Pick one that really stands out and save it to your computer in a folder labeled ‘vision board’. You will want to make a folder for these photos because you are going to go back and use them again later in the year as you do your quarterly reflection.

Put it all together

My favorite page to use for awesome collages is Canva. It’s free to use and you can upload pictures or use any of the great free stock photos that they have.

Start by picking your design size. I like to use the 8 by 10 so that it prints nicely. You can create a custom dimension at the top, just make sure you change units to inches

You’ll then find a collage template that fits the number of pictures you have. You can always move things around and resize them so don’t feel locked into anything.

Upload your images from your folder (aren’t you happy you organized them!) and place them wherever you’d like

Step #4 Add in mood words

Once your images are in place you can use the text option to add in words (such as happy, inspired, debt-free) or full quotes! You can also go to the elements tab to use shapes to give yourself some blank space to write)

Step #5 Print and Display

Now that you are done, you can export it as a JPEG image (if you want to say, save it as the background of your computer or print it on photo paper) or a PDF (for basic printing). Canva also has the option where you can order prints directly from them!

Share and Put it out there

Now that you have your vision created, I want to see it! Share it to your social media ad make sure to TAG me on either Facebook or Instagram!

Put your vision board somewhere you will see it daily and share it with your stakeholders. There is power in putting your dreams out there!

Next Steps:

Make sure you head over and get the Vision Board brainstorming sheet below so you can start to get thinking about your year! And check out next week’s blog in this series on how to take this vision and make it into actionable goals so your pictures and dreams can come to life! And watch below to see me create my vision board live (start the video at 5:00!)

Download Now!

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