Welcome To Day 1 of Our Challenge!


 Your Money Goals, Mindset and Beliefs


Before we dive too deep into action steps that you can take THIS WEEK to save money and create extra for the holidays, I want to dig into where you currently are at with money and where you want to go for the rest of the year.

You might be in a great place, have a great handle on your money, or a lot in savings. Or maybe you have a plan that works for you, a positive relationship with money and you’re just looking for more tips. Or maybe, you’re struggling. You don’t know where to start, money stresses you out and even though you’re here for this challenge, you don’t 100% know if these tips will work for you.

And I get it, I’ve been in all three places.

But before I was able to make actual changes with my money, budget, and finances, I HAD to address my beliefs towards money, create goals and dream a little and figure out how I could impact my family’s legacy when it comes to income, savings and debt.

Today, we’re going to create your savings goal for the rest of the year so that you have something to shoot for! While this challenge is about $500 for the holidays you might have a different number in your head and it’s key you know it!


Today’s Assignment:

  1.  Watch the video to see details on creating short term money goals.
  2. Dream a little! Complete the Goal Setting section of today’s workbook
  3. Print out the goal savings tracker to share with your family and hold yourself accountable!




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