Welcome To Day 2 of Our Challenge!


 Where is Your Money Going?



The first big step to hitting that goal you created for yourself yesterday is to know where your money has been going. I guarantee if you complete today’s assignment you will find AT LEAST half of your goal just wasted in your account (or at Target, or eating out, or online shopping….)


It might take a while today but I want you to completely do this work – print out last month’s statements (debit, credit, store cards — whatever you’ve used). Grab some colored highlighters and go to town! Anything that is eating out could be in yellow. Groceries in blue. Make fun or extra (like if it says Target and you have NO clue what you bought) in pink.


This is going to be a HUGE eyeopener on where we can find that money that you’re saying you ‘don’t have’.


Today’s Assignment:

  1. Check out today’s video for best practices to make this not take forever!
  2. Use the spending tracker below to chart where your previous month expenses landed.
  3. Don’t skip the bottom part of the workbook where you identify which areas you could cut!



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