Welcome To Day 3 of Our Challenge!



 Stretching Your Grocery Budget


I don’t know about you, but where most of our money (besides bills) goes to is FOOD! We used to spend SO much money on food until we learned some really simple ways to cut costs (you know I love my coupons!) and other ways that take NO time at all and don’t require scissors! 


My top tip and today’s assignment is to eat out of your pantry! For the rest of the week, I want you challenge yourself and your family to not eat out or go to the grocery store until you are completely out of one type of food. So often we buy things because they are ‘on sale’, are impulse buys or things that we think we need. But, in reality, if you just took one week out of every month to not buy food items (besides fresh produce) and just got creative you could save, on average $100 a month! 


We did this at the start of our debt reduction journey and found that we were able to go almost a FULL MONTH with only buying produce and some meats. Because honestly you (and your kiddos) don’t need 3 different types of cereals to choose from, you can use those canned beans in a meal, and eat tuna sandwiches for lunch for a week. 


Is this the most fun??? NOPE. But you know what is REALLY fun???  Finding extra money you can use to pay off your debt. 


Today’s Assignment:

  1. Watch the video with tips on stretching your grocery budget
  2. Create meals for the rest of the week based on what you have on hand. Use the meal plan printable to make that plan!
  3. Planning to eat out next week? Create a budget goal and start to see where you can stretch it the most! Many places offer kids eat free on certain days or you can go during lunch. Budgeting doesn’t have to be about 100% deprivation – just putting limits on you to help you hit your goals!



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