Welcome To Day 4 of Our Challenge!


Saving Money on Gifts


Today we’re going to talk about ways you can save money on holiday gifts and stretch your budget. I know that most people spend most of their budget in this area and there are some ways (on top of reducing what you give) that you can stick to your limits!

As we kick off today, I want to start with my feelings on holiday spending in general.

Spend like you don’t have a credit card to use at all. It makes you rethink every purchase, wonder if you really need to spend in excess or get another gift for someone, and really prioritize what matters to you.

I’m not going to be unrealistic and say that you shouldn’t spend any money during the holidays because, let’s face it, we all do. That’s why I firmly believe in creating a cash budget that works for you and doing your best to stick to it. If you need a savings plan head over to this post where I show you how to create one and if you want the basics on how to actually make the budget, read this post!

In the video for today (and on our live at 11 am) I’ll talk about reducing gifts, when you should DIY and how to save on line and in store) There are some practical action steps that are going to help a TON!


Today’s Assignment: 

  1. Watch the video to see my tips on reducing gifts, saving in stores and online and when you should DIY!
  2. Fill in the gift inventory workbook so you know where you need to spend money.
  3. Sign up for mailers for any of the stores you plan to shop at.
  4. Get accounts at the easy to use rebate apps. (links below)
  5. Decide ONE area you can DIY instead of spending!


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