Welcome To Day 5 of Our Challenge!

 Ways to Make Money to Add To Your Budget

Today as we close out our challenge, we’ll be talking about how you can make money to add to your budgets. The first thing I want you to do is reframe how you think about the amount you bring in. $5 here and $20 can add up! It’s your job though to tell your money what to do. Instead of keeping that money in your account or in your wallet, I want you to take it right out and put it right in your savings jar or envelope! When we needed extra income, I took in a lot of side jobs to make money. I also sold things online and it really added up! Today I want you to get some things on the Facebook marketplace or in a consignment shop! The money can really add up! Price things to sell and get out of your house and make sure, you put that money in the envelope RIGHT AWAY! You also can take some side jobs to help. Places I’ve worked include: Bestmark Secret Shopping  User Testing

Check out today’s video with more tips about increasing your income this holiday season!    

Today’s Assignment:

  1. Watch today’s video for ways you can increase your income. 
  2. Put 1-5 things on the marketplace
  3. Research other ways you can make money

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