What are rebate apps?

Rebate apps are FREE apps you can get on your phone where, after shopping, you can upload your receipts and they will send you money for stuff you already have bought anyway! To me, this is a NO BRAINER way of getting some money to start to pile up for you.

Often, people don’t use these apps because they may not see the reward right away but I want to encourage you to look at the ‘Compound Effect’ mentality. The small amounts you earn WILL add up and now, after just a few months of using them, I have earned over $300! And this wasn’t money I earned because I bought things I didn’t need (which is a common reason many people don’t use coupons) but for things, I was going to buy anyway!

With many of these apps, your rebates add up and when you get to a certain amount, they will send you the money (typically via PayPal or a check in the mail) as you earn it. For many of them, you also get a bonus $$ when you refer people to the apps which helps your rebates add up.

Check out a few of my favorite below and, full transparency, these links will not only get you a BONUS but the apps might send me one too! But, I would never recommend anything I don’t personally love and use so feel free to check out the ones that work for you!


Ibotta is by far my favorite app to use! Not only do you get rebates ranging from .25 cents to over $1 for things you get at the store but can also get rebates for items you buy on Amazon, at restaurants, or other places you go!

I also love Ibotta because it’s not just name-brand processed foods that they reward you for! Sometimes you can get rebates for just buying anything, such as household staples like bread or milk, and fruits and veggies!

They also offer a great referral of at least $5 for anyone who uses your code to sign up as well and weekly challenges you can enter for even more cash. When you get to $20, they send you the money electronically (you can choose when you cash out) and it comes right away!

All you have to do is, after your shopping trip, search the store you shopped at and scroll through the rebates they have available. Once you find something you bought, take a picture of your receipt and it uploads for you! Super simple and easy to use!

Get IBOTTA here!


My second favorite app is Shopkick! This was the first rebate app I actually found and just loved it because it was so much fun! Shopkick is like a scavenger hunt at your favorite stores. (Who remembers Super Market Sweep???)

There are four ways to earn kicks. You get walk-in kicks just for going to your favorite places (hello Target!) and can scan products as you go through the store and get more points. We actually love to do this with the kids because my 10 years old thinks it is super fun to find and scan things! The third way to earn kicks is, if you buy anything on their specific list and upload your receipt you get more points! Lastly, you get kicks for inviting your friends!

Once you get to 500 kicks, you can redeem them for gift cards at stores like Target, Walmart, Starbucks or Amazon! 500 kicks = $2, which may not see as a lot but, when you are shopping and get an automatic gift card for your groceries, TRUST ME, you feel like a WINNER and want to high five the cashier!

Get SHOPKICK here!


Checkout 51 is another great app that is super easy to earn with! It works very similarly to Ibotta in that you shop, search your store, upload your receipt and BAM earn $$$! When you get to $20 they will mail you a physical check (mine came within 2 weeks) for the amount that you withdrew.

This is another app that has really great products that we buy normally AND the option to get more than one rebate. For example, if you buy two yogurts that have rebates, you can submit for both of them and double your money!

Get Checkout 51 here!

Fetch Rewards

Fetch is an awesome new app that takes out all the guesswork. Where are the other apps have you finding your deals, Fetch finds them for you? You just scan your receipt after you shop and get points! If you sign up with my referral code Q1XNB you’ll get 1500 points for signing up once you scan your first receipt! I’ve already earned almost $100 in Target gift cards for doing very little work!

Get Fetch Rewards here!


The newest rebate app on the market is called DOSH rewards. DOSH links up to your card and, each time you use it at their specific stores you get a percentage back. DOSH only links up to specific stores, so make sure you check your areas. For my neighborhood, I can get rebates back at stores like Sams Club and Hallmark.

DOSH also has a great referral program! Typically you get $5 for each friend who signs up and they do bonus periods where you can earn up to $15! At $25 you can cash out and get it sent to your PayPal! I’ve done this a few times and BAM, there is my groceries for the week!



Ebates is more of a website than an app but I had to share it as a BONUS! EBATES is amazing! You basically sign into the ebates portal anytime you are online shopping and get cashback just for buying what you were going to buy already. If you’re going to be shopping online anyway, why wouldn’t you just take the extra step and earn money back!

They also give you a referral bonus when your friends sign up with your link and send you the cash via PayPal quarterly. This is a great way to get bonus money if you are buying a bigger purchase like flights or hotels so make sure you get that cashback


I hope this crash course into my favorite rebate apps was helpful for you! Know that this is a great baby step into saving money and the easiest way to start helping your family without taking much time at all! After I shop, I take 3 minutes and scan my apps, upload my receipts, and BAM… I am done!

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