7 Day Post Partum Weightloss Plan

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It’s official. I am 4 weeks post partum and am cleared to start to workout.

I have been ITCHING to workout.

It’s make me less stressed, gives me energy and just makes me feel better about myself.

I haven’t gotten a good workout in in month since the 3rd trimester was so tough for me and I am excited and scared to jump in.

Starting a health and wellness plan after having a baby is tough. I feel doughy and out of shape. I’ve gained 45 pounds and my body doesn’t feel like ‘my body’ anymore. Because I’m breastfeeding I am so uncomfortable in my own skin, my chest is HUGE and none of my sports bras fit. I’m super out of shape and things that used to be simple are very very tough. BUT… everyone has to start somewhere.

So last week, I tied up my sneakers, squeezed myself into too tight workout clothes (becuase I am WAY too cheap to buy anything new… yet another reason to lose the weight haha), asked my husband to watch the kiddos and I went into our home gym/office.

The Plan

The program I chose to start with is called Clean Week from the Beachbody company. All of the workouts that I do come from Beachbody. Before having my daughter I had lost 70 pounds with their programs and then lost the 45 I gained with her by just using at home fitness, simple nutrition and a superfoods shake.

I tried going to the gym but it never worked for me. I would wander around the gym, looking at equipment and just waste my time. Home fitness works for me because I can do it during nap time, don’t have to pay for a babysitter and it’s like having a trainer in my home.

So when Beachbody came out with Clean Week, I thought it was a perfect transition for me into a healthy lifestyle.

Clean week has a simple 7 day meal plan, 4 workouts that you stream and comes with 7 superfood shake packets so you can try all of the flavors.

My Results

I found the clean week workouts to be simple and perfect for a beginner. I was glad they were basic because  I had to modify some of the moves anyway. The workouts were great because they were only 30 minutes long and fit into my schedule. Each day you do a different workout which is awesome because I tend to get bored pretty quickly when it comes to working out.

Besides loving the workouts, I found the meal plan easy to follow. The foods were simple to make (becuase I really am not the best cook!) and the plan was easy to follow. My only concern with the meal plan was making sure I got in enough calories for nursing. My #1 priority is Isaiah so if my supply started to drop, I knew changes would have to be made. I followed plan B and I definitely found myself getting hungry. Whenever I was hungry, I told myself I would just snack on veggies to fuel my body. If I still wanted something after that then I knew it was a craving and not actual hunger. This system worked for me about 75% of the time because I definietly gave in and had a cupcake at a party ?

I was already drinking Shakeology so I was glad it was a part of the meal plan. I know that I struggle to get in enough veggies and the fact that it tastes like a dessert but acts as a salad works for me! I also put in the Focused Energy booster because we are currently #teamnosleep with a newborn.

So how did I far after following the plan for One Week? I dropped 1 pound and 6 INCHES from my body!!! Even though I would have loved a lower number on the scale, I needed to remind myself that the scale is only one measurement of my results. The inches lost were HUGE for me!

On top of what I lost, I gained some valuable things this week:

  • I was able to get back into working out daily and starting to recreate that routine
  • I felt a confidence boost because I was taking time to take care of me
  • I got back into doing some meal prep
  • I cut down my sugar cravings a ton
  • I feel ready to continue to tackle this post partum fitness journey

Next Steps

The thing is, I know this will be a long journey to lose the 50 pounds I gained. I am still not loving the way I feel in my skin and my clothes BUT I know with hard work and consistency, I’ll be able to get there. With Arianna, it took me a year to lose the weight so I’m giving myself a similar timeline the second time around.

My goal is to try to drop a pound a week but I’m not wrapping myself up in only the scale. I know there are so many other ways to measure success so I’m giving myself grace through this journey.

I’ll be continuing healthy eating, daily superfoods, and working out. My next program will be the 21 day fix and I”m excited to see what results are to come!

Want to use Clean Week as your jumpstart into a healthy lifestyle?

Head over and get yours now!

Not only will you get the workouts, shakes, and meal plan but I will be your personal coach through the journey! Hope to work with you on your journey!


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