I personally think I’m pretty easy to shop for. I mean I like coffee, peeing alone, and sleep. I mean, how hard can that be?

But sometimes I find it much easier to direct my husband to things I’d love as a gift for holidays or my birthday so that I actually get something I will use and not a vacuum or other cleaning supply (and yes… I know someone who got a vacuum for their birthday)

So feel free to check out my list of awesome Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms of Young Kiddos and ever so discreetly tag your husband or share it to his email… (oops! I meant to send that to my friend because she’d love that coffee mug!) If you’re an aunt or god mama, don’t miss out on sending these gifts to all the mamas in your life too!

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1. Anything personalized with the kid’s pics

Ya’ll… moms are saps! And particularly when our kids are little, sentimental gifts mean a lot. I would love a coffee mug (because coffee is life) with a picture of my kiddos on it or a small photo album of memories. BONUS if you sneak a few pictures that you’ve taken without her noticing to really capture what real mom life is like!

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2. Faith Box

As a mom of littles, I don’t think I can even begin to count how many times a day I ask Jesus for strength and patience. And I know I”m not alone! If you have a mama in your life who might need a little help to get through the day or time to slow down and get closer to God, you should think about gifting them a Faith Box subscription. You can do one month or multiple and they’ll get sent a gift with things to help bring them closer to God!

Faithbox Subscription

3. Rad graphic tees

For many of us, our ‘work uniform’ is yoga pants and a top so why not gift some incredible graphic tees that show how awesome we are? If nothing else, they’ll become awesome workout or sleep shirts! Check out a few of them from Match node (they have a ton more so head over to check them out!)

4. Coffee Mugs Galore

When in doubt… buy me a coffee mug. I mean for real. I can never have too many, I love mugs with fun sayings (they really are the highlight of my morning sometimes) and who doesn’t love coffee!

5. An awesome service

If my husband sat me down on Mother’s Day and said “I got you someone to come clean the house’ I seriously might cry. We used to have cleaners that came every 3 weeks but now that we’re trying to tighten the budget, it’s back to me attempting to keep this house together by myself (well the boys help a little).

Did you know you can find a service through your Amazon Prime Account? I know, Prime does EVERYTHING! You can search for your location and find a service that you need! They have cleaners, people to come to fix things, plumbers… it’s endless! Head over and check out what’s available in your area!

6. Some reads to fill their cup

I am a HUGE believer in doing personal development each day (even 10 minutes makes a HUGE difference for me!) and tell every woman I know that she should try to do the same. I have a huge list of my favs but shared my top picks for moms below!

And if they have a kindle, I recommend sending it that way or via Audible. As much as I try to actually read 10 minutes a day in a paper book, I often find myself reading on my phone while nursing my 7-month-old or listening to an audiobook while making dinner! And if they are a weirdo like me and have a CD player still in their car, books on CD are awesome so that she can listen to them in the car!

7. Massage or anything that Pampers them

Oh lordy, you… the thought of a massage right now! Get the mama in your life a gift card to get a massage or have a spa day! But here is the KEY to that… pick the date, schedule the sitter (or you make sure you do it) and make them go! Drive her if you have to! I really recommend scheduling it ASAP so that they don’t wait. Honestly, I got a gift card for Christmas last year and by the time I remembered it was there I had lost it, and then it wasn’t worth the effort to schedule it because I knew that I’d have to find a sitter and it would be a whole to-do. Give that mama a chance to feel relaxed and treated super special!

Want any of these gifts for yourself? Do they stand out as a perfect Mother’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift??? Then make sure you hit that PIN IT button and SHARE it to your social media!

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