It’s TOT SCHOOL time!

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I’ve been wanting to do tot school with Arianna for a while now and I’ve actually started it a few times  before but it didn’t stick. I have spent hours searching Pinterst to find a curriculum and guidance. As a former teacher, I knew that I could make my own lesson plans if I wanted but the thing is mamas… we are BUSY ladies and our time is valuable, so reinventing the wheel was not something I wanted to do.

After asking in some Facebook groups for other Christian moms I came across ABC Jesus Loves Me and it was PERFECT. This curriculum starts early enough (many of the ones I found were for older preschool age children), is flexible and easy to follow, Christian based, and the best part…. FREE! You can always buy the book for only $30, which I probably will do next year, but can also just print out the sheets you need as you go.

The only thing is that if you don’t buy the book, you don’t get the scope and sequence for that week. Week 1 gives you a sample template so I used that to make my own. The one that they made also only goes over 3 days and I wanted to spread our week over 5 days to give us a small activity to do each day.

I use this template each week to add in the activities that they have (things that are done daily are just spread over the week like the songs or bible verses) and then I use Pinterest or my own teaching brain to fill in with supplemental and fun activities.



This template is much simpler for me to use and print each week. It takes me about an hour from start to finish to fill in the chart, check Pinterest, print my sheets, and put them in the folder for the week. I do this on Friday so that I can use the weekend to buy anything that I need for crafts!


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