All the recipes that I make are coming from the Fixate cookbook. I picked it because it fits my meal plan and there is a corresponding cooking show that I can download on my Beachbody on Demand to watch them cook the recipes.

I will also mix it up with some recipes from Pinterest as I need but will always be choosing something healthy and family approved!

Our first recipe was Almond Crusted Chicken and a major win! I normally just toss some spices on chicken and bake it and honestly, it’s pretty dry. I was actually a vegetarian for 8 years (two of those a vegan) so my cooking skill when it comes ot meat is super low.

This recipe was easy to follow and a healthy take on a ‘chicken cutlet’. Using the almond flour instead of regular reduces the amount of carbs but still gives it a healthy crust!

Next time I’d make it, I would pound the chicken breast out a bit more so that it didn’t need as much time to cook and would cook more evenly.

The one thing I will say is that I am NOT a food blogger. My kitchen is a mess and my pictures aren’t that pretty but, I will always include an image of what it actually looked like along with the recipe straight from the Fixate cookbook!

It’s got some great stuff, so head over and grab yourself a copy and, if you want to jon the ‘one recipe a week’ challenge, head to our Facebook community page and let us know what you’re making and come swap ideas with other mamas!

Need some more recipe ideas? Head over and download this FREE meal plan with over 50+ recipes!

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