10+ Must-Haves for a Baby Registry (and new mom too!)

It can be hard to get the best baby registry gifts for a new mom but Amazon is the place to go!

Because being a new mom is tough. The first few months feel like a blur. You’re sleep-deprived. You barely have time to pee or eat. You just want your kid to sleep, someone to make you a meal, a shower, and a big hug.

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And mama, I’ve been there. I remember the newborn season well and man, I don’t want to go back there (mama likes her sleep!)

The second time around with my son, I had learned some tricks and things that really helped us survive. We got some things that I couldn’t believe I didn’t get with my first and he was actually sleeping through the night by 4 months (can I get an AMEN!) compared to 14 months like my daughter.

With your second child, you need to get into the groove much quicker because you have other kiddos that need you and, jumping into being a mom of 2 under 2 was tough but, I actually loved that it forced me to figure out a routine, leave the house, and just adjust to the ‘new normal’ much faster.

And I want to help you survive too.

Because we’re all in this crazy journey called motherhood together and any tips that I can share to make it easier for you, I’m ready to impart! I also surveyed the moms in my Facebook group and my email list and got some great ideas of the must-have survival items for new moms. These are great to help both mom and baby get through those first few months!

Before we dive into the goodies, if you haven’t started a baby registry yet, make sure you head over to Amazon and start one now! Amazon registries are the best because you can get things that aren’t always in stores and people can ship them right to your house if they want! Plus, once someone orders from your registry, they send you a great gift!

Gifts For A New Baby on Amazon

Glow in the Dark Pacifiers

If the baby is going to be using pacifiers, these glow in the dark ones is great for mom to find in the middle of the night without turning the light on and waking up the baby!

Rock and Play

I didn’t have a rock and play with my first child and I was missing out! This thing was the #1 product I suggest for a new baby because it helps a ton! Make sure you get the one that plugs into the wall and rocks on its own, otherwise you’re stuck pushing it with your foot!

White Noise Machine

I’m a huge advocate for using white noise to help your baby sleep. We just stopped using it with my three years old and there is something soothing about the noise for the baby. It even helps me sleep better!

Velcro Swaddlers

Swaddling baby from the beginning is highly recommended in keeping them sleeping longer. Babies have a startle reflex that will wake them so, you’ll want to keep their hands tight. These velcro ones were great for us because, while my husband could make a baby burrito like a champ, I struggled to get it to stay.

Gripe Water

In the beginning, the baby will be fussing, making noises, and crying for a ton of different reasons. Often for us, it was because of gas. My daughter had a dairy intolerance so that was one reason why, but for my son, gripe water was awesome in helping curb the gas.

Baby Swing

On top of a rock and play, you’ll want a baby swing in just about every room of the house. Baby swings are a great hands-free way to help baby rest and stay calm. Make sure you get one that rotates in all 4 directions (like the one below) and plugs into the wall (because no one wants to make a 4 am CVS trip for batteries)


While the nose Frida is disgusting and I swore I would never use it, it’s a lifesaver. I actually just used it this morning on my one-year-old because we were so stuffy. Yes, you are sucking boogers out of the baby’s noise but NO you don’t eat them! Trust me, those little nose bulbs don’t do anything to actually freeing up your baby’s nose! You need a friend!


Wubbanub’s are awesome weighted pacifiers that stay in the baby’s mouth easier. If you’ve ever spent a night with one hand in the bassinet trying to keep a pacifier in, than you know how important it is that they hold onto it!

My Breast Friend

Now while I don’t think you have to have a special pillow for nursing, I loved My Breast Friend. It is perfect for the baby to lay on while nursing, has a zipper pocket (which held my chapstick, spit rag, and pacifier) and can strap around your waist (making a fun baby tray).

Gifts for the New Mom

Her Tribe

When I asked moms the #1 thing they said new moms need they overwhelming said ‘their tribe!”

It’s lonely as ever being a new mom. You feel like you’re failing. You aren’t sleeping. You just need a shoulder to cry on, someone to give you a hug, and someone to hold the baby so you can shower.

If you are a family member and can take time to go see the baby, do it! But remember, new moms want to sleep when the baby sleeps so don’t stay long (I never wanted anyone here longer than an hour), take the baby so mom can nap or shower, and bring a meal!

If you don’t have a local tribe, go to Facebook groups and connect with other new moms. I’ve met some of my closest mom friends in local Facebook groups or at local breastfeeding classes.

And remember, this mom thing is hard. If you feel like you’re struggling more than you’d like and might be suffering from postpartum depression or anxiety, please talk to your doctor and seek help. I struggled greatly with postpartum anxiety (you can read more about that here) and know-how lonely I felt. You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with reaching out for help!

Meal Delivery Service

Meal Delivery Services are on the top of the list because of the convenience for new moms! Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, and Plated are among a few that will send moms the recipe, shopping list, and ingredients so that they don’t have to make it out to the store. We have used Blue Apron and love it! And if you use my referral code you’ll get 5 free meals so go and grab them!

Even better, use Instacart to send them groceries or order with Grub Hub from their favorite places!

Cleaning Service

Search Facebook groups to find a cleaning service to come in and help moms! Spend some money on a mother’s helper to stay with her for a few hours so she can straighten up herself or go to Amazon and find someone in her area!

Amazon Prime Membership

Okay, now most moms are going to have Amazon prime but if your friend or relative is among the few without, you need to get her a prime membership NOW! This way, when she’s out of diapers in the morning, she can prime over some for later or download her favorite show to binge-watch during the middle of the night feedings.

Nipple Cream

Mommies boobies are gonna hurt if she’s breastfeeding. Nipple cream or cooling pads are the best things to help ease the pain and help them keep going! These ones from Lansinoh were a LIFESAVER for me in the beginning!

Cooling Spray

Speaking of pain… her lady bits are gonna hurt! Grab her this cooling spray that will make going to the bathroom or even walking around less painful! (Or if you’re too embarrassed to, just get her that Amazon Prime Membership so she can order them herself)

And don’t forget, you need to go over and sign up for a baby registry over on Amazon now! You’ll get a free gift just for signing up!

What sorts of things were the ‘must-haves’ on your baby registry or for the new mom? Post them in the comments!

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