Is Brandless Legit?

Brandless is one of the newest online shopping websites to hit the inboxes of people wanting cheap, organic products.

They are known for the fact that all of their items are non-GMO and mostly organic and just $3 and, for the money-conscious spender who still wants to bring healthier products into their household, this is incredible! But, is it actually a legit deal or just more clickbait?

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What is Brandless?

The Brandless company began in 2017 with the hopes and vision of providing healthier and affordable options to the masses. They have built direct relationships with the companies and cut out the middleman in order to provide such rock bottom prices. They literally have eliminated all of the markup costs that we pay for in stores!

According to their website, they do extensive research to make sure that their products meet high-quality standards. They sell food, paper products, beauty, and household items.

All of their food is non-GMO and many are organic. All of the labels share that the food items have no artificial preservatives or flavoring.

The cleaning products are also non-toxic and adhere to safer chemical standards set by the EPA. Their paper products are also FSC certified and made either bamboo or sugarcane fiber (yes, even the toilet paper is ‘tree-free!’)

They also have a line of beauty and feminine products that are all safer, free of dyes, and against animal testing.

What I loved the most about Brandless was their mission to give back. For every purchase that is made from their site, they donate a meal to Feeding America (and often have promotions where they donate more than one meal). So far they’ve donated 1.5 million meals to Feeding America!

Brandless Product Review

I saw a Facebook ad for Brandless and figured I’d give it a shot. I am always looking for ways to save money on healthier options and wanted to know how legit it actually was.

When you place an order, if you spend over $39, you get free shipping BUT if you sign up for their email list, they’ll send you a free code for free shipping on your first order which is what I decided to do. I didn’t want to try $39 worth of stuff (which is 13 items!) until I knew that it was worth my money.

I was super impressed with my first order, so much so that I made a second (and you can check out my honest review and unboxing below)!

Brandless Hits and Misses

There were a few things that I thought were great deals and a few that I found that I could get at Aldi for the same price, if not cheaper.

Honestly, most of the food items left me underwhelmed. It says the sizes on each item but it wasn’t until I got them that I was able to really see the difference between what I could find in the store and I didn’t really think it was that worth it.

For example, the $3 bag of quinoa I got probably would have been $3 at Aldi and double the size! I found the same to be true for the almonds and snacks.

However, when it came to other food items, I found the oils, vinegar, and spices to be a great deal! I would most definitely get them again from Brandless because organic cooking items tend to be so expensive!

Where I found the most value was in the cleaning and household items. We are currently transitioning over to healthier household items and I have found the prices in the stores to be higher than I am used to. I currently coupon and often can get good deals on cleaners but $3 for an EPA safe and non-GMO cleaner is amazing! I’ve ordered their multipurpose spray, bathroom cleaning spray and toilet cleaner and window cleaner (which smells amazing!) and highly recommend them all. I did order a thing of wipes and wasn’t as impressed with the quantity of them and will probably not order them again.

I also got the toilet paper and tissues and am SO impressed with the quality! I was definitely not sure about using tree-free toilet paper and it is great quality, soft, and has lasted us SO much longer than our previous brand!

I will also say that it did take my product about a week to come to my door which is obviously longer than amazon prime. The one time it took 8 days instead of 7, they sent me a $9 promo coupon as an apology for waiting, which shows the integrity of the company!

Brandless Coupon Code and Price

All items are only $3 apiece which is a steal! Shipping is a $5 flat rate unless you pay for their free shipping membership which is $36. When you do this they donate 10 meals to Feeding America! This is completely worth it if you plan on ordering from them a few times! This way you don’t have to always place bigger orders when you need things.

Ready to try it out? Use this code and get 2 items free from me!

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