How to Practice Self-Care as a Busy Mom



We all experience stress sometime in our lives. Whether you’re worried about excelling in your career, reaching a certain fitness goal, or making sure the kids get their homework done, stress can come into our lives in many different ways.



One budget-friendly and easy way to manage stress is by practicing self-care. In recent years, we’ve increasingly heard about how important self-care is, but what exactly does “self-care” mean and look like to people? Some people think luxurious spa trips, a massage or a new outfit fall under self-care — but those activities can add up quickly, and may even cause a financial burden.





Self-care isn’t just treating yourself to expensive experiences and things. It’s any conscious action you take to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. That could be as simple as taking a break during your busy day to mediate or even canceling plans to stay in, relax and regroup.



To help, Mint has gathered some easy self-care activities you can incorporate into your day to day on any budget. Try a few of these activities when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or just need a mental break. After practicing one or even a few of these activities, you might find yourself having a more productive day, increased mental clarity and and best of all, reduced stress.


Just click on the image and you can download them right away for free!










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