Trello for Meal Planning

Trello for Meal Planning


How to use Trello to Organize Your Life (the ultimate meal planning solution)


Trello is the best meal planning system out there. 


I’ve tried so many other ways to create a meal plan – paper, recipe binders, and even adding a million things on Pinterest and nothing really stuck for me. 


I grew tired of rewriting the same things over and over each week. The paper clutter was driving me crazy and the meal plan kept falling off the wall. And Pinterest was working – until I couldn’t remember where I had saved that dinner recipe I wanted and wasted more time searching for things. 


Enter Trello. 



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Trello is a website and app that allows you to organize just about everything in your life. I love it so much that I even created a course all around it that you can grab here!


I use Trello for our family calendar, to organize projects for work and home and to map out my goals. 


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Recently though I started to use Trello for my meal planning! Going digital with your meal plan allows you to save recipes that you see online, take pictures of one from cookbooks (but get rid of the book and clutter), and mix and match meals your family loves.


Tip for using Trello for Meal Planning


If you don’t already have a Trello account for free!


Once you’ve done that you’ll want to create your own board for meal planning. I’ve made one board that is my home base for recipes that I reference whenever I make my monthly meal plan. 


Oh and if you’ve never made a monthly meal plan and don’t know where to start, you have to go listen to this podcast episode I did with Elisa from Meal Planning Blueprints where she breaks it ALL down!


When you’re in your board you can create lists for just about anything you need to help with meal planning and menu prepping!




You can make a list of 

  • Family favorite recipes
  • Organize your meals by theme nights (Mexican Monday, Slow Cooker Sunday etc…)
  • have  a pantry inventory right on your board
  • Or even price lists for different stores


These lists come in handy because, while I prefer to use Trello on my computer, it’s also a great app! I reference mine all the time when I am out of the house and need to get something. I check my pantry inventory to see what I need or I might check out a recipe that I saved and see what I have to get.


Once A Month Meals


Trello Card Features for Meal Planning (the card template you need to make)


Each card has some really cool features that you can use to make your meal planning board even more amazing!





You can use labels to organize by type of cuisine or even how long something might take to make! Then you can filter your cards when you’re looking for something to make!






I use the attachment feature a ton when it comes to my meal planning board. 


If I see something on Pinterest that I’m actually going to make (and not just something that is really cool but way out of my league), I can save the link directly to my card. This eliminates me having to scroll and re-search Pinterest for it later!






Checklists are a great way to create a shopping list for that recipe. If you copy the recipe into the card description, you have everything you need!


Just create a checklist and copy it in and BAM, Trello will make a checklist right there in the card for you!


Trello Menu Planning


Now when you sit to create your meal plan, you have everything in one spot. You can filter, move things around and customize it!


I like to add calendar power up to this board so that I can create a list for the month and move recipe cards around. The calendar power up allows you to look at things easily. You can get one power up for free with the basic plan!


Once you make a recipe you can add it to the bottom of the list so that you keep your monthly meal plan rotating or add it to a list labeled ‘recipes made’. You can even add labels whether the family likes it or not so you know how often to add it into the rotation!


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How to Copy a Trello Board

I have a FREE menu board for you to copy! You can head over and sign up for this free mini course on Trello that we’ve created for you!




In it you’ll be able to copy our menu boards and learn the basics of this amazing tool!


Hope this helps you when you set out to meal plan! Make sure you pin it to get back to later!




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Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss

Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss

Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss


Having a morning routine that helps with weight loss isn’t as hard as it sounds. Exercising in the morning, having a good breakfast and starting your day on the right foot can help you make better choices throughout the day and support any healthy living or weight loss efforts you have. 


I’ve tried all types of exercise programs. I’ve worked out in the gym, I’ve done it at home and I’ve worked out outside. 


I’ve also exercised at almost every time of day you can think of – before the kids wake up, with the kids, nap time, post dinner – you name it, I’ve tried it. 


On top of experimenting with workouts and routines I’ve also tried out all types of eating plans, intermittent fasting, and every diet out there on the market. 


There are a few things I’ve found during my journey these past 8 years – some that work and some that don’t. 


The things that I have learned have ultimately helped me lose 70 pounds before i had my daughter, exercise and have two healthy pregnancies, and work to get my body healthy again post baby. 




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Benefits of exercising in the morning for weight loss


There have been times where I’ve had to workout at night before it was the only uninterrupted time I had.


I don’t love working out at night and for busy moms, I don’t always recommend it. Our evenings are the time we have to wind done, close out the day and get ready for tomorrow. Adding in a 60 minute workout that gets your heart going right before bed isn’t always the best idea. That being said, I’ve done it when it was my only option. 


And as much as we might not want to hear it, exercising in the morning truly works for a bunch of reasons. 


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The earlier you get your movement in, the bigger metabolism jump you can have. If you workout first thing, your body will be burning those extra calories all day long. 


Exercising in the morning also helps give you more energy throughout the day. In the beginning you might get stuck in that cycle though. You know the one, “I’m too tired to exercise but exercise gives me energy”


Your body needs time to adjust and I promise, if you give it just a few weeks soon you’ll start to see how much more energized you feel on the days you get your workout in right away. 




Working out first thing in the morning also means you’re more likely to shower and get dressed which is always a mood boost. Even as a work at home mom, I make sure I get up and get dressed before I take the kids to school every day. It makes me more productive and feel better about myself. 


Taking care of yourself by adding exercise into your morning routine is also just a great way to start the day. If you take time in the first few hours of waking to take care of you, you’re going to show up differently for your family and all that the day puts before you. 



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How to get up earlier


It can be hard though, to get up earlier so that you have time to exercise in your morning routine. Truthfully I don’t work out first thing – but I do it by 7am so that I can be showered and ready to go by 9 am. 


My kids wake up between 5:00 – 6:00 am so to have quiet time, I need to be up around 4:30 am. Truthfully though, I am still a work in progress in this area! While many days I can get out of bed and moving before them, depending on how sleep was the night before, it can be tougher. 


And you might be thinking that you’re not a morning person – I get you! I wasn’t either. I had to train my body to become one!


I used the habit stacking method to get my body used to getting up early and it can work for you too!


Related Podcast Episode: Using habit stacking for long term changes


First, determine your end goal and what time you want to be getting up (if everything was ideal)  and compare it to where you are now.


You’ll then need to do some simple math and figure out how long it might take you get to get to your goal. It is possible to change your morning wake up time within as little as one month!


Next you’re going to slowly start to wake up earlier – seriously, just 5-10 minute changes every few days. This allows you body to get used to getting up earlier and doesn’t feel as scary and daunting as attempting to wake up 2 hours before you do now. 


For example, say now you wake up at 7am and you want to wake up at 5am. You know that you ned to make up the 2 hour gap and want to do it within a month. That means you have to wake up about 5 minutes earlier every other day to hit your goal. 


So tomorrow, wake up at 6:55, two days later 6:50, two days later 6:45 and so on. You’ll do this until you hit that time you are aiming for. By telling yourself you only need 5 more minutes, you can get rid of excuses and take action!


Types of exercise for busy moms


There are lots of different exercises that you can do as a busy mom and they are simple to add into a morning routine. 


You can choose to workout at the gym or at home. If you are working out at the gym, sleep in your clothes so that you can wake up and be out of the door before the kids wake up. 


This doesn’t work in my house because my kids get up so early and my husband has to be out of the door at 6:30 so I couldn’t leave them with him. But if you have a spouse who goes into work later than that – this is a totally doable plan!


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Predetermine what you’re going to do so that you aren’t wasting any time once you’re at the gym. Find a class or download a workout plan that puts you in a good mood and you won’t dread! If you are attempting to do a workout you don’t love, it’s going to be so much easier to hit snooze then get up! Find something fun and energizing like morning yoga or a dance class!


If you choose to workout at home, you have a ton of options too! This is what I do because I don’t have to worry about childcare or driving anywhere. I have days where I workout in my pajamas and look a mess but I don’t care because no one sees me. 




I use Beachbody on Demand to stream my workouts and have for the past few years. I actually haven’t worked out in a gym in YEARS! I love working out at home and I found that there are workouts I can do with my kids around that encourage them to get involved. 


I like to lift weights so I got a pair of speed weights to change the weight faster. We have this set here and have used them for years! I bring these into our playroom each morning and my kids watch their TV show and I get in 30-40 minutes of a workout. Since I use Beachbody on Demand it is easy for me to figure out what to do because each program has a schedule and I just follow it. 


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Fasted vs non faster cardio


When I started working out in the morning I worried about working out on an empty stomach. I typically was someone who had breakfast as soon as I woke up and worried I would get hungry or not have the energy to get through the workout. 


I’ve since moved to following an intermittent fasting schedule where I eat my first meal at 10:00 am and last meal at 6:00 pm  and now do a fasted workout. 


I find that fasted workouts work better for me and my metabolism and weight loss. If you need to eat something pre workout, this is a great time for a small carbohydrate and protein combo. A small piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter should be enough to give you the energy to push through. 


I also have times where I take a pre-workout when it’s been a long night and I’m extra tired. I like this fruit punch flavor of Energize. I tried the lemon and din’t love the taste as much but this fruit punch is delicious! I don’t get jittery like with some pre-workouts and it really gives me an extra push. 


Whenever you decide to workout, know that it’s possible to create a good routine around it. I suggest doing in the mornings to take care of you first, but know that ANY movement is better than none! Make sure you PIN this post for motivation when you need it to get that morning routine and exercise done!



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Energize Pre-Workout

Beachbody on Demand


More Resources for Weight Loss for Moms



Podcast 17: Finding Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Podcast 17: Finding Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 17: How to Find time to Workout as a Busy Mom




In today’s episode, I share my own health and wellness journey and how I lost 70 pounds and finally made working out a habit and lifestyle. No matter if you want to work out at home or at the gym, today we talk about how you can create a routine that works, even as a busy mom!



Thank you to today’s sponsor: The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

UHLB2019 Full Bundle


Living a healthy life in our polluted, hectic world is tough. Why not make it a little easier with cutting-edge resources, created by women who understand the challenges and have found solutions to make life healthier? That’s exactly what the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle includes: 91 eBooks, eCourse, and printables to help you create a personalized wellness plan, focus on the areas of your health that you’re struggling with, and identify what you can do to improve. $37 for 6 days only


Grab it Now!


Episode Show Notes

2:58 Review of the Week and our Sponsor The Healthy Living Bundle 

4:00 Cara’s Health and Wellness Journey



10:53 Why you need to find time to exercise

15:04 Will you work out in the home or out of the home?

16:13 Tips for working out outside of the home

19:20 Working out in the home – and how to make it work

29:00 Ways to positively impact your kids’ body image

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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode

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Beachbody On Demand


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Podcast 05 How to Make a Summer Meal Plan with Elisa Giorgio

Podcast 05 How to Make a Summer Meal Plan with Elisa Giorgio

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 05

How to Make a Summer Meal Plan with Elisa Giorgio




This week’s episode was an episode with meal planning guru Elisa Giorgio of Meal Planning Blueprints! We chat all about how meal planning can save us time as busy moms, how to create a summer meal plan, how to incorporate leftovers into the plan and more!





Episode Show Notes

5:00 Meet Elisa Giorgio of Meal Planning Blueprints

9:00 How Meal Planning Helps Busy Moms

10:00 How Meal Planning Saves Time

12:30 Using a Monthly Meal Plan

19:00 Meal Planning in the Summer

21:00 Adding Theme Nights to your Meal Planning

25:00 Using Leftovers in your Meal Plan

30:00 How to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

35:00 Meal Planning on a Budget

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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 

Ultimate Theme Night Guide 

League of Extraordinary Moms

Healthy Living Transition E-Course

Hang out with Elisa

Blog: Meal Planning Blueprints



Grab her Simple Summer Meals Guide!



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5 Tips to Meal Prep in 2 Hours or Less

5 Tips to Meal Prep in 2 Hours or Less


Does a Meal Prep System  Save Time?


A meal prep system  can save you time, save you money, and help you eat healthier. Instead of worrying about it taking a lot of time over the weekend, start to view meal prep as a way to give yourself time back during the week. A good meal prep system is one of the best routines for moms!


I am a firm believer in meal planning and meal prep.


I believe in anything that saves you time, money and helps you stay healthy and meal planning… well it’s the whole trifecta.


I know that a lot of people think meal planning and prep, since it can take time upfront, isn’t as simple as it actually is. Though meal planning and prep is an upfront time investment, the hours it saves during the week are crucial. As a busy mom, I know the less time I have to take to do anything and the less decisions I need to make in the moment, the better.


It’s taken me a few years to actually get a system that works for me, but I finally have came up with easy steps that, when I follow each week, set me up for success.


I started to meal prep because I wanted to lose weight. I was following an at home workout program, the 21 day fix and committed to planning and preparing all of my meals in advance so that my temptations were limited. Thanks to the preparation I took during this time, I was able to lose 70 pounds and get a great system for my family’s meals.


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Top Tips to Create a Meal Prep System


So you’re probably wondering… how do I get started with meal prepping without it taking 8 hours of my Sunday?


I stretch out my meal plan and prepping over the weekend so as not to get overwhelmed. Each week I follow the same system and complete the planning and preparation in chunks.


Fridays: Create Meal Plan

Saturday: Grocery Shopping

Sunday: Cooking and Preparing


If you follow these next 5 tips and the system that I’ve created, my hope for you is that you will be able to get your prep done in 2 hours and save yourself HOURS during the week!


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Once A Month Meals


How to Meal Plan on a Budget as a Busy Mom


My number one tip is to make sure you’ve created a meal plan for yourself. On Friday  nights I sit down with a good episode of TV on Netflix and my recipe binder  to create my meal plan.


Related Post: Free Recipe Binder Printable


I start with picking out our dinners for the week based on what we have in the recipe binder and then pick my new recipe for the week. One of my resolutions this year is one new recipe a week to mix it up, so I grab a recipe (most often from the Fixate cookbook) and put it into our weekly plan. Dinners tend to be the hardest ones to pick out and plan because they are different each night. I rotate 1-2 breakfasts and lunches which keeps it simple for me.


I’m pretty terrible when it comes to thinking of ideas for meals. I struggle to come up with ideas and get overwhelmed on Pinterest. This past month I started using Theme Nights to create a monthly meal plan and it’s been great! I highly suggest grabbing your copy of it to make your planning a snap! Elisa creates great template ideas and really takes the overwhelm out of it! Grab your copy here!



To Get More Tips from Elisa, check out a Facebook Live Interview we did talking all things meal planning and meal prep!


Simple Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping on a Budget


On Saturdays I  go shopping for anything  I need to make my meals. While I am meal planning I jot down what ingredients I need for the week and then cross check my pantry inventory so I know what I need to get.


I recommend not trying to make too many meals each week. Keep things simple because you will need less ingredients and it will save you time and money. When you try to make too many dishes each week you’ll be spending WAY too much time cooking and running around getting specialty ingredients.


Find your family’s top meals to mix it up and have a rotation of a few things they like for breakfast and lunch. This way you keep your basics on hand at home and each week, only need to get a few things.


This also saves you time because, if you are making similar meals each week, you pretty much know what to get at the store. When I run to BJ’s each week to get my groceries (their produce is a great deal!) I know that I could literally shop blindfolded since I get many of the same ingredients.


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Have a Family Meal Prep System


Since I do the meal prep for the whole family and all of the meals, I know that I need help to make sure it gets done. There is nothing that makes me feel more accomplished than a full fridge of food each Sunday!


Ask your kids and spouse for help each week to get it done. Some weeks I get up early to get it done before church (if we have afternoon or evening plans) but most often, it happens after church while everyone is sitting around relaxing. I tell my husband I need 2 hours where he is in charge of the kiddos so I can be in the kitchen.


So often as women, we try to do everything and not ask for help and then get frustrated or angry when we don’t get the help we actually didn’t ask for. Because y’all can I tell you….. Our husbands are not mind readers! We have to be explicit about our needs and we can’t get upset if they aren’t met if we weren’t clear. (I know, I know, we just want them to ‘know’ but it doesn’t work that way!)


You could get your meal prep done in stages but trust me when I say how much easier it is if you can get that straight 2 hour time chunked for you. So ask for help and put on that apron!


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Create a Structured Meal Prep System


This #1 way I am able to get my meal prep done in 2 hours or less is because I have a system I follow each week. I’ve created a checklist for you if you want to follow a similar system but, you can always adapt it to hit your own needs. This checklist includes the order that I make everything in and then I mix up my meals based on what’s prepped.


I prepare foods for breakfast, lunch, snacks and sides and most days, dinner is cooked in the moment. The only time it isn’t is when I am using a freezer meal or the crock pot and make the bag of food in advance.


My suggestions to make this streamlined are;

  • Start with anything that has to cook in the oven for a longer time (for me I roast sweet and regular potatoes as sides for our meals so I can just reheat them when needed since they take about 1 hour)
  • Season up and cook any meat on your stove or in the oven (ours is normally baked chicken breast and ground turkey that we toss in salads or lettuce wraps)
  • Work on any sides that have to go on the stove top. You only have 4 burners and I recommend using all four at a time. While you get these things on the stove, you can still be browning up meat and multi tasking. (these could be things like rice, quinoa, and hard boiled eggs. I might also steam up some frozen veggies so they are easy to grab for the kids lunches during the week)
  • While all of the hot food is cooking, you can now prep the cold stuff. If you start with the cold stuff, it’ll take twice as long while the hot stuff cooks. Since your stuff is already in the oven and on the stove, you can stir things up while chopping veggies for your salads or other meals.
  • Each week I make a simple egg and veggie frittata or egg cup so after the veggies are chopped, I whip it up and toss it in the oven with the potatoes. I tried making omelets in the morning fresh but honestly, I really couldn’t spare the 10 minutes while the littles were running around. Frittatas heat up super easily and taste yummy!
  • Take those chopped veggies and prep up some salads so you can grab and go during the week
  • Wash and cut up any fruit you need for the week.
  • Assemble meals in advance in tupperware or bento boxes. These are my fav bento boxes and you can check out more of the tools that make meal prep easier here.





Fill your fridge with meal prepping


If you’ve just spent this time multi tasking (carefully I hope!) in the kitchen than your counters are probably filled with food, your sink piled high with dishes, and your kitchen smelling great.


The last item in getting this done is to prepare and assemble any meals you can in advance. The easiest way that I have found to take care of myself and have meals ready (many of them I eat one handed while nursing the baby) is to have them all packaged out.


I always end my meal prep with a full fridge. I take some time to clean out anything old and we typically do a ‘empty the fridge’ Sunday for lunch and dinner so we can start fresh. Organizing your fridge will also help your kids get their food more independently as well.


My two year old know exactly which section the fruit is in and, if the fridge is open, knows where to go to grab what she needs. The more you get into the habit of keeping an organized fridge, than the easier your kids decisions will be too when it comes to food.


So take the time, organize and assemble, load the dishwasher (probably more than once unfortunately) and take a deep breathe. You just kicked booty and prepared for the week, saving yourself a ton of time in the moment!


Meal planning and preparation is most definitely a skill that gets better with time. When I started I would have loved to be as efficient in the kitchen as I am now. Give yourself some grace and know that you’ll get quicker and develop a system that works for you.


My hope for you is that you come up with a system that works for you and your family, one that saves you TIME, wastes less food, and keeps you on your grocery budget. And while you are doing your prep, take some extra time for you, put on a positive podcast and get in a good mood!


I’d love to know how your meal planning goes so make sure to comment below with what you typically meal plan and, drop your email if you want the exact step-by-step checklist I use to meal prep fast!



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4 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget


Meal Prep Cookbooks and Tools

Ultimate Theme Nights

Freezer Meals for Breastfeeding Moms

Fixate Cookbook 

Once a Month Meals



How to Find Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

How to Find Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Finding Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Finding time to workout as a busy mom can be super hard. Taking care of ourselves and focusing on healthy living is something most moms struggle with. We feel guilty about taking time to exercise. Our time and attention is pulled in a million different directions. The to-do list becomes so long that taking care of ourselves doesn’t always seem like a top priority. We’re tired and don’t always have the energy to do it. And honestly… we just sometimes don’t feel like it.

The reality is, exercising can be tough enough when you don’t have kids but, adding kids to the mix can make prioritizing your health and self-care even tougher. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.





This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.



Self Care Activities for Mothers


I know that it can be super hard to create the time for you between the real like stress and the guilt but can I tell you something?


You matter.


Yup, you matter more than you realize and more than you’re willing to admit.


Because if you take the time to actually acknowledge how fabulous you are, you’ll have to admit that you haven’t been treating yourself the way you deserve.


You’ll have to admit that you’ve put yourself on the back burner and that you need to get back to it.


But taking that time to workout a few times a week (I currently work out 5-6x a week for around 30-40 minutes) does more than just get your heart pumping. When you leave a workout, you feel accomplished. You feel proud and you are reminded that you are worth that effort.You are better when you fill your cup and when you do, you can be a better mom.


There is a reason that on airplanes, you are told to put on your oxygen mask first. It’s because if you’re a panicked mess, there is NO way you’ll be able to help someone else. And it’s the same situation in life. If you aren’t taking care of yourself and have little energy, poor health, low self-confidence, and just feel generally bad, then that trickles down to your family.


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I find that when I am exercising regularly (which I do now and, though it’s taken years, is now a habit that I hate to miss in my day), I am happier, I snap less at my kids, I feel good about myself, I have more energy, and am just a better mom.


The thing is, and I’m going to toss you some real talk right now, your kids deserve a happy and healthy mom. None of us can guarantee how long we’ll have on this earth but, don’t you want to spend as much time with your kids as possible? And wouldn’t you do anything you could to make that happen?


If you can say yes to that question, you need to find a way to fit exercise into your life and take care of your health. For you, for them, for the grandkids you’ll hopefully get to be around for, and the pictures taken of memories that you aren’t hiding in because you hate the way you look. The self care matters for everyone!





How to find time to workout as a busy mom 


When it comes to working out, you need to decide what you need and how you want it to happen. I personally, haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years and love working out at home. Some people need to leave the house to get that extra motivation to get it done. Determine the type of person you are, be okay with it (because you don’t have to be like anyone else), and come up with a routine that fits that.If you need alone time and want the gym to be your sanctuary, then go for it!


I coach and talk to so many moms that tell me they’d love to workout at home like me but really need to get out of the house, have interactions with people, and get time alone. If that’s you… go for it! Find a gym that has a daycare included so that you truly can feel at ease. It can be pretty tough to find childcare for just an hour or two to go to the gym each day but, if your gym has a daycare center then you’re kids get interaction, which they need, and you get the time to workout. The first place I’d recommend checking out is your local YMCA. Not only do they have great rates but you can get family packages, which includes childcare, classes, swimming and something for the whole family.


If you’re going to leave the house to workout, make sure you pick a time in the day that works and makes the most sense to you. You don’t want to go when you’ll be cutting it too close to nap and fearing cranky littles or the dreaded car nap. We have a 2-hour chunk in our mornings that is our only time where we can leave the house to do anything without someone napping so if it were me, I’d make sure that we left for the gym then.


Get yourself prepared the night before so that you don’t waste any time. If you know that you have 2 hours to hit the gym after one of the kiddos naps but before the next nap (which is our schedule), take 5 minutes the night before and lay out your workout clothes and pack your diaper and gym bag. If you bring bags for the kids with activities for them, make sure they are packed along with any water cups and snacks. This way, as soon as the kids are up and your window to workout begins, you’re not wasting 10-15 minutes packing things up.


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If you can pack the bags when they are sleeping, you can get it done super fast since you’ll have limited distractions.Make sure you also sleep in your workout clothes to save a step and have any shower stuff packed. Many gyms have showers you can use so, you can grab a quick one before you pick up the kids and be on your way! This diaper bag would be perfect for the gym since it’s big enough for both your stuff and the kid’s stuff!





How to Workout at Home with Kids


Working out at home is my jam. I get to wear whatever I want, get all sweaty and not care, try moves I would never do in public, and get my groove on to some great dance workouts all while looking pretty embarrassing. I also don’t have to worry about commuting or taking the kids anywhere and can be flexible if they are fussy.


That being said. It’s not easy. Getting my daily workout in at home takes planning and a system that it’s taken us a few months to really get the hang of. But, once you get the routine it can also be fun.


My kids LOVE workout time and a tantrum normally happens on the weekends when I go to workout in our home gym alone since my husband is home. I get to be an example of health to them and they get to join if they want. I always invite my 12 year old stepson to workout with me and, though he almost always says no, the other day he asked if I could help him train for basketball and my heart swelled up with excitement.


My first suggestion is to find a workout you love. I use Beachbody On Demand (get a 2 week free trial here!) and have for the past few years. I used Beachbody workouts to lose 70 pounds before I had my kids, the 50 I gained with my daughter, during both my pregnancies and currently using it to stay healthy and drop the baby weight after my son.



21 day fix pregnancy



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There are so many workouts out there that you can pick but, here is the thing… if you don’t love it, you won’t do it. In the past few years, I did some soul searching when it came to workouts and decided that just because everyone else was trying the newest workout, didn’t mean I had to. I love to stretch out of my comfort zone and try new things but, if I don’t like doing a workout, I just pick something else.


Now, at first you might not like any workouts because working out isn’t the most fun all the time (particularly when you’re out of shape), but I guarantee there is something out there for you! When I was pregnant and my goals were different, I did some home dance workouts or yoga because I knew it would make me feel good. Find what lights you up, challenges you, and makes you happy and I swear, over time exercising will become a part of your lifestyle.


You can also find something that your kids love to do can include them. Another reason that I love Beachbody on Demand is that they have a kids channe! My toddler loves doing the dance workouts with me, climbing on my back for pushups, and kickboxing is her fav! Your workouts with them may not be as hardcore as before, but remember DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!





You can always workout at home during nap time if your kids still nap. I choose to do it when they are awake because I use nap times to work but, you can make that your time to take care of you, grab a shower, and then get to all the other tasks. The cleaning and laundry can wait… your self care cannot!


How to Workout with Kids


My first tip is to find an area of your house that is the most conducive to you getting the workout done, not being frustrated with interruptions, and sets them up for success. I tend to do more bodyweight exercises than weights because, when I do have to use our gym and bring the kids in there, they are ALL over the place. On those days, I put my 9 month old in the pack and play and my daughter plays with her kitchen set or easel that I’ve left in there but, since there is so much more to look at and touch, it’s normally more of a headache for me.


I choose to workout in our playroom on most days. Their stuff is there, they can watch a TV show, and it’s baby proofed. That does mean I have to pick and choose workouts that fit in that space and don’t have weights but I”m okay with that. It helps to keep them contained so grab a good baby gate or pack and play so that you know that they aren’t trying to escape or eat little things off the floor!


How to Keep Your Kids Busy so You Can Workout


Next, figure out how much time your kids can hang before they don’t want to play independently anymore. My kids (2.5 years old and 9 months) have a sweet spot of 35 minutes. If I do anything longer than that, someone is fussy or needs more attention from me, so I try to average a 30-minute workout.


30 minutes is also about the time of one kids show so yes… this is when they get to watch TV. The baby could care less about TV but my toddler loves it so, during a workout, she gets a show. I do try to do my best to limit the amount of TV she watches and besides working out and when I do her hair, we keep a mostly tech-free day.


There are some super cute shows out there that don’t include too much sass (my biggest pet peeve with shows today!) and the kiddos love! If you’re not sure where to start, head over to this link and try a free month of Amazon Free Time Unlimited – it has SO much for them to do!

We love;

  • Little Baby Bum (Netflix)
  • Owlegories (Amazon Prime)
  • Super Why (Netflix)
  • Daniel Tiger (Amazon Prime)
  • Doc Mcstuffins, Nellie the Princess Knight, Sofia the First and anything about a girl show isn’t just a damsel in distress
  • Sesame Street (PBS)
  • Word Party (Netflix)



We could go on about some other shows we love but I always give her two choices of what she wants to watch and, if I’m being real, this keeps her attention long enough for me to workout in the playroom and her not to attack or take all of her brother’s toys so he gets fussy.


Oh, and I have to toss in a disclaimer because maybe you’re rolling my eyes at the fact that I let them watch TV so I can workout. You need to take care of you too mama, your kids are fine with a little TV while you do so, let go of the guilt, and stop judging any mom who does things you might not *drops mic*


How to Prepare for a Workout at Home 


The best tip I can give you for working out at home is to be prepared before you begin. I always make sure that we have a few things handy.


My 2.5 year old is recently potty trained so I make sure she tries to go before I workout. I also keep the portable potty in the playroom so, if she has to go she can go there. But be careful… one time I did not stop my workout to empty it and my 9 month old pushed it over… ONTO ME during my pushups.


I also make sure all the toys are there for the baby and he has plenty of things to chew on, bang together, or build.


Also, make sure you get the milk cup filled up and have a snack ready so that you don’t have to stop. I workout pretty much right after breakfast and it never fails that my toddler will ask for a snack at least once during my workout.


You’ll also want to make sure that you pick the right time to workout so that you aren’t dealing with too fussy of kiddos. My son normally naps at 9:30 so I aim to workout at 8:15 am which gives me enough time to workout without him being fussy because it’s too close to nap. On the days when he gets up early and his nap is at 8 or 8:30, I put him down first and then workout with just me and my toddler.


Adjust your expectations


There are times when working out either at home or in the gym just doesn’t go as planned. Kids need things. Life gets in the way. You may have to stop and modify and hold your kid during that last set of squats, let them play horse with you while you do pushups, or sing “if you’re happy and you know it” through the last 10 minutes of your kickboxing workout.


That’s mom life.


But you’re a better mom for just trying to take care of yourself than saying “well it might not be perfect so I shouldn’t do anything”. 30 minutes of your day will go by super fast with you guys just sitting around playing or watching a show, so why not get your workout in at the same time?


This week, I challenge you to find 30 minutes or less each day to do SOMETHING active with them. And if none of these suggestions work for you, put them in the stroller and take a walk! Something is better than nothing and DONE is better than perfect!


Know that it is possible to workout with kids but you have to create a routine, be prepared, realize it might not be perfect, and do your best. Your kids should be one of the reasons you take care of your body and health, not an excuse not to!




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