How to Find Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

How to Find Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Finding Time to Workout as a Busy Mom

Finding time to workout as a busy mom can be super hard. Taking care of ourselves and focusing on healthy living is something most moms struggle with. We feel guilty about taking time to exercise. Our time and attention is pulled in a million different directions. The to-do list becomes so long that taking care of ourselves doesn’t always seem like a top priority. We’re tired and don’t always have the energy to do it. And honestly… we just sometimes don’t feel like it.

The reality is, exercising can be tough enough when you don’t have kids but, adding kids to the mix can make prioritizing your health and self-care even tougher. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it.





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Self Care Activities for Mothers


I know that it can be super hard to create the time for you between the real like stress and the guilt but can I tell you something?


You matter.


Yup, you matter more than you realize and more than you’re willing to admit.


Because if you take the time to actually acknowledge how fabulous you are, you’ll have to admit that you haven’t been treating yourself the way you deserve.


You’ll have to admit that you’ve put yourself on the back burner and that you need to get back to it.


But taking that time to workout a few times a week (I currently work out 5-6x a week for around 30-40 minutes) does more than just get your heart pumping. When you leave a workout, you feel accomplished. You feel proud and you are reminded that you are worth that effort.You are better when you fill your cup and when you do, you can be a better mom.


There is a reason that on airplanes, you are told to put on your oxygen mask first. It’s because if you’re a panicked mess, there is NO way you’ll be able to help someone else. And it’s the same situation in life. If you aren’t taking care of yourself and have little energy, poor health, low self-confidence, and just feel generally bad, then that trickles down to your family.


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I find that when I am exercising regularly (which I do now and, though it’s taken years, is now a habit that I hate to miss in my day), I am happier, I snap less at my kids, I feel good about myself, I have more energy, and am just a better mom.


The thing is, and I’m going to toss you some real talk right now, your kids deserve a happy and healthy mom. None of us can guarantee how long we’ll have on this earth but, don’t you want to spend as much time with your kids as possible? And wouldn’t you do anything you could to make that happen?


If you can say yes to that question, you need to find a way to fit exercise into your life and take care of your health. For you, for them, for the grandkids you’ll hopefully get to be around for, and the pictures taken of memories that you aren’t hiding in because you hate the way you look. The self care matters for everyone!





How to find time to workout as a busy mom 


When it comes to working out, you need to decide what you need and how you want it to happen. I personally, haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years and love working out at home. Some people need to leave the house to get that extra motivation to get it done. Determine the type of person you are, be okay with it (because you don’t have to be like anyone else), and come up with a routine that fits that.If you need alone time and want the gym to be your sanctuary, then go for it!


I coach and talk to so many moms that tell me they’d love to workout at home like me but really need to get out of the house, have interactions with people, and get time alone. If that’s you… go for it! Find a gym that has a daycare included so that you truly can feel at ease. It can be pretty tough to find childcare for just an hour or two to go to the gym each day but, if your gym has a daycare center then you’re kids get interaction, which they need, and you get the time to workout. The first place I’d recommend checking out is your local YMCA. Not only do they have great rates but you can get family packages, which includes childcare, classes, swimming and something for the whole family.


If you’re going to leave the house to workout, make sure you pick a time in the day that works and makes the most sense to you. You don’t want to go when you’ll be cutting it too close to nap and fearing cranky littles or the dreaded car nap. We have a 2-hour chunk in our mornings that is our only time where we can leave the house to do anything without someone napping so if it were me, I’d make sure that we left for the gym then.


Get yourself prepared the night before so that you don’t waste any time. If you know that you have 2 hours to hit the gym after one of the kiddos naps but before the next nap (which is our schedule), take 5 minutes the night before and lay out your workout clothes and pack your diaper and gym bag. If you bring bags for the kids with activities for them, make sure they are packed along with any water cups and snacks. This way, as soon as the kids are up and your window to workout begins, you’re not wasting 10-15 minutes packing things up.


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If you can pack the bags when they are sleeping, you can get it done super fast since you’ll have limited distractions.Make sure you also sleep in your workout clothes to save a step and have any shower stuff packed. Many gyms have showers you can use so, you can grab a quick one before you pick up the kids and be on your way! This diaper bag would be perfect for the gym since it’s big enough for both your stuff and the kid’s stuff!





How to Workout at Home with Kids


Working out at home is my jam. I get to wear whatever I want, get all sweaty and not care, try moves I would never do in public, and get my groove on to some great dance workouts all while looking pretty embarrassing. I also don’t have to worry about commuting or taking the kids anywhere and can be flexible if they are fussy.


That being said. It’s not easy. Getting my daily workout in at home takes planning and a system that it’s taken us a few months to really get the hang of. But, once you get the routine it can also be fun.


My kids LOVE workout time and a tantrum normally happens on the weekends when I go to workout in our home gym alone since my husband is home. I get to be an example of health to them and they get to join if they want. I always invite my 12 year old stepson to workout with me and, though he almost always says no, the other day he asked if I could help him train for basketball and my heart swelled up with excitement.


My first suggestion is to find a workout you love. I use Beachbody On Demand (get a 2 week free trial here!) and have for the past few years. I used Beachbody workouts to lose 70 pounds before I had my kids, the 50 I gained with my daughter, during both my pregnancies and currently using it to stay healthy and drop the baby weight after my son.



21 day fix pregnancy



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There are so many workouts out there that you can pick but, here is the thing… if you don’t love it, you won’t do it. In the past few years, I did some soul searching when it came to workouts and decided that just because everyone else was trying the newest workout, didn’t mean I had to. I love to stretch out of my comfort zone and try new things but, if I don’t like doing a workout, I just pick something else.


Now, at first you might not like any workouts because working out isn’t the most fun all the time (particularly when you’re out of shape), but I guarantee there is something out there for you! When I was pregnant and my goals were different, I did some home dance workouts or yoga because I knew it would make me feel good. Find what lights you up, challenges you, and makes you happy and I swear, over time exercising will become a part of your lifestyle.


You can also find something that your kids love to do can include them. Another reason that I love Beachbody on Demand is that they have a kids channe! My toddler loves doing the dance workouts with me, climbing on my back for pushups, and kickboxing is her fav! Your workouts with them may not be as hardcore as before, but remember DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!





You can always workout at home during nap time if your kids still nap. I choose to do it when they are awake because I use nap times to work but, you can make that your time to take care of you, grab a shower, and then get to all the other tasks. The cleaning and laundry can wait… your self care cannot!


How to Workout with Kids


My first tip is to find an area of your house that is the most conducive to you getting the workout done, not being frustrated with interruptions, and sets them up for success. I tend to do more bodyweight exercises than weights because, when I do have to use our gym and bring the kids in there, they are ALL over the place. On those days, I put my 9 month old in the pack and play and my daughter plays with her kitchen set or easel that I’ve left in there but, since there is so much more to look at and touch, it’s normally more of a headache for me.


I choose to workout in our playroom on most days. Their stuff is there, they can watch a TV show, and it’s baby proofed. That does mean I have to pick and choose workouts that fit in that space and don’t have weights but I”m okay with that. It helps to keep them contained so grab a good baby gate or pack and play so that you know that they aren’t trying to escape or eat little things off the floor!


How to Keep Your Kids Busy so You Can Workout


Next, figure out how much time your kids can hang before they don’t want to play independently anymore. My kids (2.5 years old and 9 months) have a sweet spot of 35 minutes. If I do anything longer than that, someone is fussy or needs more attention from me, so I try to average a 30-minute workout.


30 minutes is also about the time of one kids show so yes… this is when they get to watch TV. The baby could care less about TV but my toddler loves it so, during a workout, she gets a show. I do try to do my best to limit the amount of TV she watches and besides working out and when I do her hair, we keep a mostly tech-free day.


There are some super cute shows out there that don’t include too much sass (my biggest pet peeve with shows today!) and the kiddos love! If you’re not sure where to start, head over to this link and try a free month of Amazon Free Time Unlimited – it has SO much for them to do!

We love;

  • Little Baby Bum (Netflix)
  • Owlegories (Amazon Prime)
  • Super Why (Netflix)
  • Daniel Tiger (Amazon Prime)
  • Doc Mcstuffins, Nellie the Princess Knight, Sofia the First and anything about a girl show isn’t just a damsel in distress
  • Sesame Street (PBS)
  • Word Party (Netflix)



We could go on about some other shows we love but I always give her two choices of what she wants to watch and, if I’m being real, this keeps her attention long enough for me to workout in the playroom and her not to attack or take all of her brother’s toys so he gets fussy.


Oh, and I have to toss in a disclaimer because maybe you’re rolling my eyes at the fact that I let them watch TV so I can workout. You need to take care of you too mama, your kids are fine with a little TV while you do so, let go of the guilt, and stop judging any mom who does things you might not *drops mic*


How to Prepare for a Workout at Home 


The best tip I can give you for working out at home is to be prepared before you begin. I always make sure that we have a few things handy.


My 2.5 year old is recently potty trained so I make sure she tries to go before I workout. I also keep the portable potty in the playroom so, if she has to go she can go there. But be careful… one time I did not stop my workout to empty it and my 9 month old pushed it over… ONTO ME during my pushups.


I also make sure all the toys are there for the baby and he has plenty of things to chew on, bang together, or build.


Also, make sure you get the milk cup filled up and have a snack ready so that you don’t have to stop. I workout pretty much right after breakfast and it never fails that my toddler will ask for a snack at least once during my workout.


You’ll also want to make sure that you pick the right time to workout so that you aren’t dealing with too fussy of kiddos. My son normally naps at 9:30 so I aim to workout at 8:15 am which gives me enough time to workout without him being fussy because it’s too close to nap. On the days when he gets up early and his nap is at 8 or 8:30, I put him down first and then workout with just me and my toddler.


Adjust your expectations


There are times when working out either at home or in the gym just doesn’t go as planned. Kids need things. Life gets in the way. You may have to stop and modify and hold your kid during that last set of squats, let them play horse with you while you do pushups, or sing “if you’re happy and you know it” through the last 10 minutes of your kickboxing workout.


That’s mom life.


But you’re a better mom for just trying to take care of yourself than saying “well it might not be perfect so I shouldn’t do anything”. 30 minutes of your day will go by super fast with you guys just sitting around playing or watching a show, so why not get your workout in at the same time?


This week, I challenge you to find 30 minutes or less each day to do SOMETHING active with them. And if none of these suggestions work for you, put them in the stroller and take a walk! Something is better than nothing and DONE is better than perfect!


Know that it is possible to workout with kids but you have to create a routine, be prepared, realize it might not be perfect, and do your best. Your kids should be one of the reasons you take care of your body and health, not an excuse not to!




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20+ Kid Approved St. Patrick’s Day Snacks and Recipes

20+ Kid Approved St. Patrick’s Day Snacks and Recipes

Kid and Toddler Approved St. Patrick’s Day Snacks, Recipes, and Treats



Looking for kid friendly recipes for St. Patrick’s Day? Whether you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, looking for recipes for a school party or want some special St. Patrick’s Day treats, you’ll want to check out these ideas below!



This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.
Easy and Healthy Air Fryer Recipes

Easy and Healthy Air Fryer Recipes

Simple and Healthy Air Fryer Recipes


An air fryer is a great way to make easy and healthy snacks and food for your family!

I am always looking for newer recipes that I can add in because honestly, I can’t really cook. Dinner often stumps me, I have no idea what to do with spices and I get overwhelmed when it comes to being creative in a meal plan.

A friend of mine sent me an air fryer (this is the one we have) for a gift and I fell in love! The first few days I tried new recipes, felt creative and loved it. After that, I got overwhelmed. I got lost in the Pinterest search, was afraid to try new things, and put the air fryer in the cabinet. 

I’ve made a new goal and resolution to get better with my meal planning and stop being scared of new recipes! I’m dusting off the air fryer and doing my best to be okay failing forward in the kitchen!




This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.

Hope these recipes got you motivated to dust off your air fryer or get one! If you need more help with meal planning (like I do!) I want you to go and head over to check out this great theme nights guide from my friend Elisa over at Meal Planning Blueprints! Not only is she my business partner for our other site, League of Extraordinary Moms, but she helps me each week figure out how to be less overwhelmed in the kitchen. Her theme nights guide makes dinner planning super simple!


And PIN this post for later when you're ready to cook!

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Banana Oat Pancakes

Banana Oat Pancakes

21 day fix approved pancakes


These banana oat pancakes from the 21 day fix program and delicious, easy to make and kid approved! I make a batch of these each week and put them in the freezer for an easy and yummy breakfast!


This year I’ve been working to cook more and mix it up in the kitchen so I’ll be sharing more of our family favorite!


All the recipes that I make are coming from the Fixate cookbook. I picked this cookbook because it fits my meal plan and there is a corresponding cooking show that I can download on my Beachbody on Demand to watch them cook the recipes. If you want to check it out, head over now and get a free 2 week trial where you can stream the cooking show AND hundreds of workout!


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This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.


Banana Oat Pancake Recipe


I’ve already made 3 batches of these in just one week! They were so delicious and kid approved. Even my picky toddler devoured hers and asked for seconds!


I did alter this recipe by adding in an additional cup (so 3 total) of the oats to make the batter a little thicker. I topped mine with a tsp of peanut butter and it’s been a great post workout snack!


I suggest making a whole batch (or two!) and freezing them for an easy breakfast on the go! You can use parchment paper to separate each pancake and toss them in a freezer bag. Than in the morning just toast and go!


These work for the 21 day fix AND are 80 day obsession approved!


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The one thing I will say is that I am NOT a food blogger. My kitchen is a mess and my pictures aren’t that pretty but, I will always include an image of what it actually looked like along with the recipe straight from the Fixate cookbook! 


It’s got some great stuff, so head over and grab yourself a copy and, if you want to join the ‘one recipe a week’ challenge, head to our Facebook community page and let us know what you’re making and come swap ideas with other mamas! You can also see everything else we’ve made this year on our Healthy Recipe Page!







Need some more recipe ideas? Head over and download this FREE meal plan with over 50+ recipes!

Weight Loss Tips for Moms: How to Keep Weight Off for Good

Weight Loss Tips for Moms: How to Keep Weight Off for Good

Weight Loss Tips for Moms


When you’re looking to lose weight or get healthier as a busy mom, it can be overwhelming. You’re not sure where to start, feel overwhelmed with all of the diet and exercise plans out there, and feel like you just won’t have to time to be successful.


The biggest mistakes many of us make when it comes to getting healthier is that we either try to jump onto any fad plan that we see floating around because it worked for someone else or we attempt to do too much at once and set ourselves up for failure.

I’ve been there. From the time I was 16-26, while my anxiety and depression had reared its ugly head, I had ate and drank my way into obesity. My 5 foot 2 inch frame had been carrying over 200 pounds for at least 6 of these years and one day, I had decided that ‘enough was enough’.


I didn’t know where to start, I didn’t know what to do but, I knew that I had to make changes somewhere.


So I tried everything and anything. I tried diet pills, and gross tasting shakes, I attempting to eat zero carbs, and went vegan. I was on the hunt to find the ‘one thing’ that I knew would help me lose the weight for good. I mean… there had to be a ‘magic pill’ right?


After years of failed attempts, I had finally found my ‘magic pill’ and lost 70 pounds. What was it? Eating healthy and exercise.


I know, I know… annoying right?


But it’s true. So often we jump from thing to thing, wishing and hoping for magic when in reality, it’s a slow and steady race to a real and long term weight loss and lifestyle change.


This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.



How do you lose weight for good?


I’ve learned a few things on this weight loss journey because I’ve had to do it a few times. I was able to keep my weight off but gained 50 pounds when pregnant with my daughter, lose 45 of it before becoming pregnant with my son, gain 40 with the second pregnancy and am down 30 of those 40 pounds currently.


And that’s a lot of time to learn what works - and what doesn’t - with sustainable weight loss.


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Don’t get me wrong, I would love if these last 10 (and hopefully some more) pounds would just melt off but I know it’s not long lasting for my body. When I lost the 70 pounds a few things were different that made that journey a little easier. I’m 10 years older, I’ve had two kids, I don’t get as much sleep as I need, and I’m still breastfeeding.


But that doesn't’ mean it’s impossible and I’m going to throw in the towel - and neither should you!


And just one small note before you dive into the tips - I talk a lot about weight loss in this post but I want to remind you that you are MORE than just a number on the scale. It’s ONE measure in your journey and once you start to look at it more as a journey to be healthier than just weight loss, you’ll see success. Weight loss can just be a great side effect (besides loving yourself more, feeling more confident, playing longer with your kids and fitting into more clothes!)


Getting Started with Losing Weight


There are a few things I think are key when it comes to losing weight for good.


1. Goals for Weight Loss and Healthy Living


Before you think about making big changes in your life, I think it’s important to really anchor in what you’re hoping accomplish and why.


If you’re looking to really make long lasting changes, you need to have something to cling to when it’s really hard.  Because it’s going to get really hard. There will be weeks or even months where your weight may not change at all, where temptation calls your name, and where you wonder if it’s worth it.


But why do you want to get healthier or lose weight?


Create a vision for yourself and really think about how your life will be different if things change. Write a letter to that future self telling you how proud you are for how far you’ve come, how you’ve overcome the obstacles, and how you have worked towards your goals. Pull this letter out to read on the super tough days.


Really think about what you’re life would feel like when things change. Can you climb up the stairs easier? Do you feel more confident speaking at work? Does it take you less time to get dressed because more of your clothes fit?


Draw into the things that matter to you and how you picture things being different for you. Create goals for yourself for the next year, next month and even next week. Make them concrete (inches lost or a number on the scale) but make them non-scale victories as well. Try on a piece of clothing that you’d like to wear each week of your journey and start to feel the changes your body is making. Each week, as those pants slide on a little easier, you’ll be proud of yourself for those changes - even when they might not show up on the scale.



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2. Make Small, Trackable Goals for Your Weight Loss


The biggest mistake I see moms make when trying to lose weight or get healthier is that they try to overhaul their entire lives in one day.


It didn’t take just one day, one week, or one month to have unhealthier habits in your life so, why do we expect that every Monday, life will just magically change?


The best way to have long lasting changes is to pick one habit to work on for 1-2 weeks at least. Yup. Just 1-2. That’s it.


I always suggest when trying to make changes that moms start with water. As busy moms, we often forget to drink water during the day and having enough water is the best tip for weight loss. And, if you’re  a breastfeeding mom like me, making sure you have enough water in your system is the best way to keep your milk supply up while losing weight at the same time.


Simply work on setting a timer in your phone to remind you to chug water, aim for at least half of your body weight in ounces each day, and limit everything else. Actually, don’t drink anything else. Now I’m not crazy, coffee is a must but, make sure that you aren’t adding in a ton of creamers or artificial sweeteners.


After you do that for a week or two, add in another habit and another and another. Yes, this is the slow climb up the mountain but, it allows you to actually make HABITS and not just fall in the trap of another fad diet where you lose weight and gain it the second you sniff a carb.


If you want to learn more about this concept of habit stacking for healthy weight loss, go and grab my e-book or the corresponding course The 4 Week Healthy Transition Plan! It’ll tell you exactly which habits to add or subtract, when to do it, and what to eat!


3. Enlist A Support Team while Trying to Lose Weight


It can be hard to make changes when you feel like you’re in it alone. Talk to your spouse, your kids, your coworkers and your friends. Tell them your goals and let them know that you’re really trying to make healthier changes.


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My suggestion with your kids is, if you want to change their nutrition as well, that you make slow changes in your shared meals and not try to overhaul everything immediately. Doing that will set you up for the troops to go crazy and, if you want them on board and on your team, slow changes work with them too.


Make a few different side dishes at first then change up the snacks, half the amount of juices or sodas you buy and then, after a few weeks, stop buying them all together.


This is exactly what we did with my stepson who, when I started dating my husband, was a 4 year old who only ate chicken nuggets and french fries. At first, I added in vegetables at dinner and then stopped having french fries as a daily dinner option. Slowly, I started offering the meat we were having with his nuggets to let him try it and now, everyone in our house eats the same dinner. (He’s 12 years old now and not picky at all!)


If you can’t find friends locally to support you on your goals, try to find a virtual community! That’s exactly why I started the Purpose Driven Mom Club! We push each other to work on our goals, not just in health, but in our whole lives!


Come over now and check out the monthly membership and join us if you feel like you need that extra cheerleader in your corner! We’d love to have you as part of the tribe!

4. Which diet plan works best?


Here is the thing, the weight loss plan that will work best for you is the ONE THAT YOU DO.




I know lots of people who lose weight successfully with all types of programs that just don’t work for me. And I’m happy for them. But you have to stay in your lane, find the ones that fit your lifestyle (for me it’s a mix of portion fix and 2B mindset) and keep going with it!


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The same goes for exercise. If you like to go to classes and need that to motivate you to keep going, find a gym that offers what you need. For me, the time it would take to go to a gym, workout and come home, is just not something that fits.


I work out at home and stream my workouts with Beachbody on Demand. It’s what I’ve used for years to lose my weight and can get all of the Beachbody home workouts, meal plans, and programs included in just one yearly price. I get to workout in my pajamas (if I want) while my kids watch Mickey Mouse and be done in the time it would take me to even get to a gym.


I really think this is a great solution for busy moms so, if you want to try it for the year or a 2 week free trial, go to this link and sign up! If you do, email me at coachingwithcara@gmail.com and I can add you into our health support groups (free!)




BONUS Weight Loss for Breastfeeding Moms and Post Pregnancy


I have a few posts specifically on this because it is a little trickier to lose weight as a breastfeeding mom. Head over to read those if you want more tips, meals plans and resources!


7 Day Post Partum Weight Loss Plan

21 Day Fix Meal Plan for Breastfeeding Moms

2B Mindset for Breastfeeding Moms

Can you do 80 day Obsession while Breastfeeding?

21 Day Fix Extreme while Breastfeeding


Want to come back to these tips later? Make sure and PIN to go back to!




More Healthy Living Resources for Busy Moms

How to Find Time to Workout as a Busy Mom 

Preschool at Home with Autumn McKay (podcast 31)

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21 Day Fix Extreme while Breastfeeding

21 Day Fix Extreme while Breastfeeding

Weight Loss While Breastfeeding


It can be hard to lose weight while breastfeeding. You have to make sure that you’re eating the right amounts of food, foods that are higher in fat, and drinking enough water just to produce your milk. When you make changes to your diet and eating, your milk production can sacrifice. 



When determining a workout and eating plan to follow, moms who are breastfeeding have to be really careful to make sure that they pick something that works for their body. 



When breastfeeding your body can burn around 500 calories a day to product milk for your baby. When you first start nursing, you may find yourself super hungry and reaching for anything quick and easy to scarf down. I can’t tell you how many protein bars I ate or how many meals that got spilled on my little ones while I tried to nurse and eat one handed (oh come on, you know if happened to you too!)



And while it’s true to have to eat more for your supply, there are many factors that can help you lose weight healthily while keeping your supply up. You need to consider how often you’re nursing, how much your child drinks (I was burning much more when my baby was a newborn compared to now that he’s 16 months old) , your age and metabolism, and your water intake.



This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.




Now that I am postpartum with #2, I am trying to decide which program will meet my needs the best. I had lost 70 pounds before I had my daughter, gained 50 pounds while pregnant, lost 40 pounds before getting pregnant again with my son and gained that 40 back during pregnancy. He is now 16 months old and I’m excited to have lost 30 pounds and know that it’s been much harder this time around to see results.



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This past year, I’ve used Beachbody on Demand to stream my workouts and follow the meal plans laid out for me. It’s helped me lose a big chunk of the weight and is a busy mom lifesaver! It’s so hard to make it to a gym with little kids so being able to stream any workout while my kids play or watch Paw Patrol has been amazing! If you’re in a similar boat, head over and get a year to stream ALL workouts from Beachbody for just $99!



After the holidays, I am ready to stop feeling like a Christmas cookie and prioritize my health again. And that’s how I settled on starting the year with the 21 day fix extreme. I like to do this program 2 times a year because it’s more advanced and a challenge for my body but, the meal plan is not something that I’d recommend you do too often.



The 21 day fix extreme meal plan incorporates what’s called Carb Cycling. Carb cycling is where you have a few days of lower (but not no-carbs) carb days and a few days with a normal amount of carbohydrates. This type of plan should only be followed foe 3 weeks at a time to help your body detox from sugars and carbs and lean out.



This is NOT a long term eating plan. Your body NEEDS carbohydrates for energy and health. It is important that you eat them. The problem comes when we eat the wrong kinds or too many of them. And, as busy breastfeeding moms, we sometimes just eat what’s leftover on our kids plates or convenient.



You NEED to make sure you are eating enough food while nursing so that your body has the calories and fat to make milk. The biggest mistake I see women making when trying to lose weight post baby is slashing their calories WAY too low. I know I thought that was what I had to do.


21 day fix extreme for Breastfeeding



When breastfeeding and starting a new weightloss program, you want to make sure that you find one that fits you and your supply. I picked 21 day fix extreme because my son doesn’t nurse that much anymore and I know my supply wouldn’t be too changed with it. I would not suggest it for a mom with a newborn while you’re supply is still regulating. We are starting to wean (okay, who am I kidding, I’m so not ready!) and he gets most of his nutrition from solids so I wanted to see how this program could change my body. 



Since I’ve done it before, I know that on the lower carb days, I need to drink a lot more water to help my supply flow. I also suggest that you start to pay attention to how fussy your baby is or, if you pump, if you’re supply dips. 



The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out the correct bracket for weight loss and breastfeeding. 


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Currently, I am eating in a bracket which is around 1500-1799 calories (bracket B). I am unsure of how my body will respond to eating this amount and if my milk supply will drop so I am playing it by ear. If my supply starts to dip, I will add in more food and if I am hungry I will simply eat more until I figure out what my body needs. The key for me is going to be adding in vegetables and not sugary treats that will make me binge eat! 



When figuring out your calories, this is the general rule that I follow


  1. Determine what your bracket would be for the program using the formula in the book
  2. Go up ONE bracket
  3. Add in one extra blue a day for those healthy, supply boosting fats (yay cheese!)



This is the same formula I’ve pretty much followed for the past 4 years since I’ve either been pregnant or nursing that entire time and knew I needed something to help guide me to eat healthy foods while fueling my body.



21 Day Fit Extreme and 2B Mindset for Breastfeeding



The past 6 months, I’ve also been following the principles of the 2B Mindset Program (also from Beachbody). I love this program now that my healthy eating has seriously just become my lifestyle. This is actually the first year I didn’t make a weight loss goal because I know it will just happen if I continue this lifestyle and am finally not just fixated on a number! (can I get an AMEN!)





As I dive into the 21 day fix Extreme, I’ve decided that I want to keep some of the 2B mindset principles that have helped me. This has me changing a few things in the 21 day fix extreme plan but, I’m okay with making changes that I know my body and life will respond to!



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The 2B Mindset Principles I am keeping during these 3 weeks include:


– Water First (helping my supply and keeping me full)

– Veggies Most (making sure I get the good stuff)

– Have snacks be optional (I’ve finally kicked my morning snack habit and want to stick with that. I was just having it out of routine and not hunger and I want to keep that up)

– Dinner and done (I’ve seen a direct correlation to the nights I don’t eat after dinner and my weight loss)



All of these principles still keep me within the 21 day fix extreme meal plan but also allow me to have flexibility to do it my way! I’ll be tracking my color coded containers, eating more veggies if I am hungry (because seriously… why limit veggies?), and making sure my water intake is high (which I 150% suggest to any mom worried about her milk supply)



Don’t have the  21 day fix extreme yet??? Head over and you can order it here! When you order from my link you get the DVDS and a set of containers to get started and  I become your personal coach to help you through your journey so after you do, email me at coachingwithcara@gmail.com so we can talk about your goals and get you started!



If you want to see a sample meal plan of what I’m eating this first week, head over and download it now! I also left a blank chart so you can customize it!


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