Creating a Cleaning Routine with Your Kids

Creating a Cleaning Routine with Your Kids

Creating Cleaning Routines with Your Kids


Looking to have a cleaning routine that your kids help with? It can be hard to find the best ways to have your kids help around the house without getting in the way. Know that the work we do to equip and teach our kids now will help them become better adults (and take away some of our stress!)


Still to this day, I can remember the sounds of Motown Classics playing on the radio on Saturday mornings. Waking up to this sound was the dreaded signal that our mornings would be filled with dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning. My brother and I had our routines and we knew them well.


Growing up, I thought the routines and processes my mother had in place were crazy. Today, I absolutely love them and even have modified them to create my own system.  It’s helped me create a 3 part cleaning system that not only gets your kids helping you around the house, but teaches them skills that will last a lifetime.


Having a house with 8 children can get a little bit messy! The amount of dishes, dirty socks, and sticky tables is enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out. My anxiety levels rise to the highest heights when my house is a wreck.  It doesn’t mean that our house is spotless. That would be a gross exaggeration. Our house is definitely lived in! I just admitted that the task of keeping the house clean could not be left to me. We believe in getting everyone involved, because we all live there. My general rule of thumb is, If the child is old enough to make the mess, they are old enough to be a part of a system to learn to clean.


Over the years, I have tried many systems and chore charts to help me teach my kids about chores. The majority of them focused on ways to remind my kids to do their chores. Stickers, charts, calendars, apps, there are tons of ways to REMIND your kids. However, I realized I wanted something more than just reminding my children when to do their chore. I wanted a system that gave them essential life skills and taught them HOW to do their chore.


But maybe you’ve had these thoughts in your head…


It is so much easier to clean without my kids!


I don’t want my kids exposed to cleaning products.


They aren’t going to do it right.


These are common reasons many moms don’t get their kids involved with the cleaning process. I get it. Honestly, I do. The thought of leaving my kids unattended to clean an area or the entire house was enough to make the hairs on my neck stand up. However, I promise, the reward comes in the work you put in upfront.


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Teach Your Kids to Do Chores Around the House



Show Them! Support Them! Send Them on Their Way! Is not designed for parents who want a quick fix to getting chores done or the house cleaned. There is work involved and it takes time for kids to really learn how to clean, but once they have mastered it, Holy Moly! You will find your cleaning process to be much simpler.



Setting Up Your Kids to Do Chores



Before you can even begin to show your kids how to clean, the first step is to separate your house or chores into zones. In our house, we have four children who are responsible for four zones. As a homeschool family, our house hot spots are the kitchen, dining room (which is our school room), the living room, and our bathrooms. These four spaces are the most used and can be perfectly straight to looking like a tornado hit them in under 5 minutes.


After selecting your zones, come up with a list of tasks that are needed to clean each zone that can be completed in under 15 minutes. The tasks on this list should be thought out and when they are completed and followed properly, the assigned zone is considered “clean” according to whatever standard you have in your home. It is easy to just say, “Ok, I know what needs to be done.”  or “I will just tell my kids what needs to be done.”


It may seem a little cumbersome, but WRITE THE STEPS DOWN! It will save you a ton of time later and it will serve as a checklist for your kiddos when completing the task independently. Do you want to take it a step further? Snap a photo of your zone when it is clean.


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The next step is to gather all of the supplies that are needed to clean each zone. In my house, I find it easier to purchase multiple bottles of the same product so that each zone has its own supplies. This eliminates excuses such as, “I couldn’t do the mirrors because (insert sibling name) had the glass cleaner.” Now, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you have to have multiple vacuum cleaners. It just means, having a caddy with the necessary wipes, products, etc. in one bin already in the zone will set your kiddos up for success. In addition to the cleaning caddy for each zone, print and laminate the cleaning checklist you already created and place it with your supplies or you can even hang it up in the zone.  Did you take a picture? Put it in your caddy or hang it in your zones.


Lastly, determine a cleaning rotation for your house. How often does each zone need to be cleaned? Several times a day? Daily? Weekly? Twice a week? Make the rotation based on what works best for your house. Don’t set yourself up by creating an unrealistic schedule or unrealistic expectations.


Feel free add in some fun incentives! Allow kids to earn badges or certificates based on their accomplishments. Cleaning the house may sound like a dreaded thing to your kids. It’s important to remind your kids of the reasons they are being asked to keep the house clean, how much you appreciate them for being a part of the process, and celebrate them for mastering each zone.

Here comes the real work!

Show Your Kids How to Do Chores


The first part of the system is to just show your kids how to clean. Make sure you first assign each kid a zone for a designated period. In our house, my kiddos will shadow me for one week while I clean their assigned zone. So in reality, if you have four zones, your kids will be shadowing you as you clean for four weeks. I told you this wasn’t a quick fix!


During the cleaning session, give your kiddo the checklist you created. Have them observe you as you perform each step. Allow them to ask questions and ask them questions, such as “Why are we using this product for this area? Or How do we safely use this product? Each of these questions gets them thinking of the “why” behind the cleaning and not just trying to rush through. Remind your kiddo that the zone should take no more than 15 minutes. (If you went over 15 minutes, it should only be because you were explaining and dialoguing).

Support Your Kids As They Learn Chores


Once your shadow week is over, it’s time for the kids to start cleaning. Unfortunately, you are still not off the hook. In our house, we believe it is necessary for our kids to master an area. We decided that we would rather have them master the zone than have to constantly go back and clean up after them. We usually stay on this step for about two weeks. If you find that one of your kids has mastered their zone while the other has not, let the other kids switch and continue your rotation. Put the child struggling in their zone back in the rotation once they mastered their zone.


If you don’t have time to do it right, you must have time to do it over!


I love this phrase because it sets the expectation that trying to rush through their zone is not going to fly. I have been known for calling my kids in from playing because they half-heartedly cleaned their zone in an effort to go outside.


It may sound too tough for some, but getting called in from playing or made to turn off their video game a few times is enough to get the job done right.


During Support Them! your job is to shadow them while they are cleaning their zone. Make sure they are set up for success by making sure they have their supplies, the checklist, and even the photo of the cleaned zone, if you took one. Now sit back and observe! Do your best to keep your mouth closed and refrain from criticizing while they are cleaning. If you find they missed a step, gently remind them. Your child should not feel stressed out or afraid of failing to clean properly. Use this time to encourage them and use words of affirmation! Sayings such as, “ You are doing a great job!” “Wow! I love how clean you got that!” will go much further than a criticizing them for not doing it right.


Challenge your child to effectively clean their zone in 15 minutes or less. If the cleaning process is taking longer than that, it is possible that a second person is needed because the zone is too large or they are taking too long on a specific task.

Send Them on Their Way!


You have successfully showed your kids how to clean their assigned zone. If your child has mastered their zone, you will be able to tell during this step. Your child should know when they are expected to clean their zone. This is a great time to use a chore chart, app, or rotation calendar that is visible for everyone. It will help to get rid of the famous unwanted house guest named, “I Don’t Know.”


When it is time for zone cleaning, send your child on their way. You have already given them the skills and tools needed to clean their zone based on your standards and expectations. Just make sure you go back and check their work. Every child makes mistakes and some will even try to cut corners. Use this time to encourage your child to clean their zone properly. This is a great time to instill the incentives and rewards that were mentioned.


If you have multiple zones and multiple children, you will walk through each of the three steps over and over. It may seem like you are still doing all of the cleaning. Actually, it will feel that way for a while. That is perfectly okay. You are doing more than creating a quick system. You are giving your children skills they will use for a lifetime.


Show Them! Support Them! Send Them on Their Way! Is a great way to lay some of life’s foundational skills. The system can work with even your younger kiddos. There are tons of age appropriate charts that give examples of chores that can be completed by various age groups. The system works great and helps our crazy and quirky family of 8!


Did these tips help? Make sure you PIN them to come back to later!




Guest Post by Christel Brewer of Perfectly Blended and Blessed.


Christel Brewer is a wife and homeschooling mother of 8 beautiful blessings. She is no stranger to knowing the importance of understanding one’s unique self. Born shortly after the passing of her father, becoming a young mother while in college, and struggling as a single mother of five children, she uses her life experiences as the foundation for her workshops.


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Printables are easy to complete, allow for some teaching and learning without much preparation at all and fun for your kids! I like to print out a bunch of sheets at the beginning of each month and keep them in my office. I pull them out after breakfast when I’m trying to extend the time before the TV gets turned on, after dinner during the crazy hours before bed, or if I have to get dinner cooked or some cleaning done. 


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How to Fit Self Care into Your Day

How to Fit Self Care into Your Day

Self Care Ideas for Moms 


What is self care for moms? The term ‘self care’ has most definitely become a buzzword recently. And while it sounds like it’s mostly spa days and taking naps, self care is so much more.


Self care means realizing that you need to ‘fill your cup’ or you are no good to those who need you. Self care is taking time for self love and being proud of yourself for doing so. Self care is doing the things that make you feel less stressed, set yourself up for success, and living a more enjoyable life.


But the thing is, most moms don’t spend much time with self care.


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Why Moms Don’t Do Self-Care


One of the top reasons that the moms I work with don’t spend time on themselves is that they feel they are too busy to do so.


I mean here is the thing… we’re all pretty dang busy. There are NOT enough hours in the day to do everything we need to get done and, life can get pretty crazy.


But that doesn’t mean we should neglect ourselves.


I make sure to take time daily for tiny forms of self care from reading for 10 minutes, to exercising, to simply decompressing with a cup of tea at the end of the night. You don’t need to take a weekend to go to a quiet retreat (though it would be nice) to do self care and, so often as moms, if we can’t do things ‘perfectly’ we don’t do them at all.


We find time to do things that are priorities to us. The things that we think are important are the ones that get done during the day. And self care, like anything else, isn’t about ‘having the time’, it’s about ‘making the time’. You need to prioritize YOU, find pockets, schedule dates with yourself, and make yourself a priority.


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Faithbox - Embrace Your Faith Today!


The second reason I hear from moms for not doing  self care, and the one that honestly can trip me up too, is MOM GUILT (which if you struggle with this, head over right now and get the book Mom Set Free.. it's life changing!)


Ugh the dreaded mom guilt. I have it a few times a day and it often rears it’s ugly head when I’m about to do something that I want to do. It’s that voice that always just pops up when I am about to take 60 minutes to get work done in the office while my mother in law stays with the kids, the one that tells me to take a quicker shower, and the voice that makes me feel bad that I let my kids watch an episode of Daniel Tiger while I workout.


But mamas… we gotta shut that dang voice up.


We deserve to take some time during the day to center ourselves and do what makes us happy. So often moms lose themselves in ‘being mom’ and eventually can get grumpy, bitter, and unhappy. It’s so important that we take time for us because, we set the mood for our homes.


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How many times have you snapped or been in a bad mood and all of a sudden you can see everyone else’s shoulders lower just a little bit? Have you ever been cranky and can feel everyone else get cranky too? As mom, it’s up to use to set the tone and mood for our homes and, when we feel good, confident, and happy… that radiates to our family.


It is also up to us to be the example for our children. If all your children see is a mom who takes on everything, never gets help, takes breaks, and is stressed out then that is the image of ‘mom’ that gets ingrained in their brains. That might be the type of mom they are when they get older or the way that they treat their future wife.


Decided to change the tone in your home, decide that you matter enough for some ‘me time’, and decide that it’s time to prioritize you!


Now… how the heck do you do that?


What is Self Care?


Self care comes in many forms and can look differently for every person. Like I mentioned above, it can totally be a massage or a trip to the spa but it can also be as simple as a phone call with a friend that fuels your soul.


Here is a list of my favorite ways you can get self care in your day. Think about which ones you love to do and make it a goal to hit at least one of them each day. I find that I am able to fit many of them into my day and they really become great routines that I look forward to!





15 Minutes or Less 

  • Read
  • Sit outside
  • Call a friend
  • Color
  • Listen to Music
  • Buy yourself some flowers or something you’ve been wanting
  • Draw
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or glass of wine ALONE
  • Paint your nails
  • Put on a face mask
  • Have a dance party
  • Listen to a podcast or audiobook 
  • Read a magazine
  • Indulge in a treat
  • Stretch or do yoga 
  • Read positive affirmations 
  • Cuddle your pets
  • Braindump goals and dreams
  • Look at old photos
  • Aromatherapy
  • Spend time planning out meals or activities
  • Practice gratitude and text someone something you love about them


30 minutes or more

  • Get a manicure and pedicure
  • Take a bubble bath
  • Declutter
  • Go to your favorite store alone and walk around
  • Enjoy a long shower
  • Watch a movie
  • Enjoy a lunch date with your spouse or friend
  • Create a vision board
  • Volunteer
  • Grab a massage
  • Take yourself out shopping
  • Take a nap
  • Do a craft you enjoy
  • Exercise 
  • Have a girls night
  • Enjoy a meal alone
  • Bake or cook
  • Go for a long run


Why Schedule Self Care?


Self care doesn’t need to be complicated but  it does need to be scheduled. If I don’t create routines around my self care, such as daily exercise, reading, or even when I’ll shower, it won’t happen. If I don’t text a friend and actually put a date on the calendar for a coffee date, we won’t see each other for 6 months or longer. It’s just the way life and human behavior is.


My suggestion is to make sure you put in your planner ONE THING you can do each day that fuels you. If you check out the above list, you can certainly find something that takes 15 minutes or less just to feel like you again. The most common form of self care in my home is listening to worship music and singing. All day long, we have worship going on our Echo Dot and, if I notice I’m a little snippy, I can typically pinpoint it to the fact that our music is off.


Once a month, schedule out a self care habit that is 30 minutes or longer, let your spouse know you’re taking some time to do whatever it is and ENJOY. Let go of the guilt, go to groupon and find something you want to do, and just be YOU again.


 It’ll make you a better and more cheerful mom and bring much more fun into your life! And I know what you’re saying … ‘well that’s nice for you, but I can’t take a long bubble bath everyday’.


Well neither can I! And on those days, I say some affirmations, or make sure to enjoy my end of day tea and realize that is just the season I am in.


But I’ll tell you what… I’ve never regretted treating myself well. I’ve never regretted doing something that I know will make me happier for myself, my family and my kids. And when I do take care of myself, I am reminded how valuable and loved I am.


And guess what… so are you!


So grab a positive podcast, stare at some clouds, or spend time planning your meals for the next week so that you have less stress in the next few days. They are all important forms of self care and you deserve it!


If you need some accountability and a little push, go and grab my 30 day self care challenge! Print the chart out and do the task listed! Each task takes 15 minutes or less and I bet you can find 15 minutes of your day to prioritize you. Make it a goal for yourself to not mindlessly watch a show or scroll facebook for 15 minutes (unless that’s part of your self care !) so that you can get the task done! And make sure to share this on your social media to help other mamas and PIN it for later!


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Besides crafts, we love to do pretend play, build forts and bake! Often though, I struggle to come up with different ideas or once that might take longer than just a few minutes! I also love activities that we can do that are low prep, low mess, and don’t require me to go out in the cold to get materials!

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How to Create a Bedtime Routine for Your Kids and Get them to Sleep!

How to Create a Bedtime Routine for Your Kids and Get them to Sleep!

Discovering life Lessons you teach your kids when you have a bedtime routine every day


Our kids need a bedtime routine to help them thrive, sleep better and be happier. But does anyone else struggle to get your kids to go to bed when you ask and sleep through the night? So how do we do it? How can we get them to sleep and establish a bedtime routine that works?






This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.


It’s Thursday night and it’s bible school night for our son.  And this is just one of the weeknight things we are involved in depending on the season.  Sometimes it’s T-ball, softball for Dad etc. But regardless of the day or the week bedtime battles are just not a thing in our house.

How does a bedtime routine help kids?




Being a sleep deprived mom during the first year of your babies life I am sure you can speak to the wonders it is when you get a full night’s sleep.  Sleep is a must for growing kids and minds. Their bodies rejuvenate and growth hormones are released. It strengthens their immune systems and minds. Research shows that children who go to bed after 9:00 p.m. take longer to fall asleep, wake more often at night and get less overall sleep.





I know when my kiddos are fully rested they are happier, more active and creative.  When kids don’t get enough sleep they are more irritable and are prone to more behavioral problems.





Our kids thrive on the fact that they know what is coming next.  Our kids do well on routines and most kids typically do. Routines give them a sense of security and help them develop self-discipline.


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What is the best way to establish a bedtime routine?



With all of our kids, we found that starting a bedtime routine from a very young age was one of the best things we could have ever done.  We have a large age gap between our kids and even with that it still works like wonders. Our sixteen year old prospers just as well as our four and one year old does.


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Start a Bedtime Routine as an Infant


From birth, I started the bedtime routines but, it really doesn't establish itself until around the six-week mark when babies finally start to show signs of sleepiness and adjusting to the outside world.



I will also add we don’t co-sleep and all of my children have been in a separate bed from birth.  The first couple of months the baby is in our room but in a bassinet/pack and play setup and after a couple months, I switched them to their own room into the crib and with a full-screen baby monitor.



This is the way we started out kids when they were babies

  • 7 pm bath/lotion/PJ’s etc
  • Songs
  • 7:30 pm bottle
  • Wrap/wearable sleep blanket
  • Bed



No matter what, we stick to bedtimes unless it is an activity night but the same routine will happen in the same order just at a later time.





If there is one thing that I cannot stress enough is how consistency with a bedtime routine has made such a huge impact.  Think about when your child is/was learning a new skill, such as their first words, actions etc. Repeatedly they were introduced or told how to say or do the skill.  This very thing helps them to understand and master it.



All of our kids can be told the very same words (no matter their age).  When we tell them “It’s shower time”, they immediately stop what they are doing and proceed to the kids' bathroom. Even my one year old when told “ok it is time to take a bath now” will climb the steps all the way to the bathroom and tries to brush her teeth.  I could not make this stuff up if I tried. She literally climbs the stool and tries to the reach for the toothbrush.




How many hours should your kids sleep?


There are many studies on how long babies, toddlers, kids, and teens should sleep.  Also, a ton of sleep charts to help you determine the best amount. Babies need more sleep and then the chart adjusts as they grow.



Image Source: Better Sleep Council


 Image Source Restonic



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Adjusting the sleep routine as they grow


If you were to enter my home at 8 pm on most days again when there are no activities you won’t find a kid in sight. Our teen will have already showered and is in her room.  The toddler sleeping in his bed and the youngest in her crib.


Now that the one-year-old can walk and she pretty much has all her teeth.  Our sleep routine has adjusted slightly in the fact that the teen must shower before the younger kids.  I give the youngest a bath and then big brother takes a bath.


The routine stays the same except now from the previous baby routine we have the following:

  • 7 pm Bath time
  • PJ’s
  • Brush
  • Book
  • Prayers
  • Songs
  • Bed


Team Work


When it comes to getting our kids off to showers and beds it is a partnership between my husband and I.  This is a BIG DEAL! Now, don’t get me wrong if you are a single mother, or have a husband who travels for work, works at night or overseas etc. this can still work.


When Dad is around he can join in without a hitch. My Husband travels 25% of the time so I sometimes am alone with the kids for days at a time.


My husband happens to be a father who likes and enjoys the process of all things with the kids.  He loves to be apart of everything. For us, this is huge. Since my husband does travel for work sometimes I do have to get the kids down alone.  Facetime works wonders in being able to see Daddy before bed if he can. Kids get to see that even if mommy is the primary caregiver, Daddy is moms teammate and they work together.  My kids are always happier when we are both around for whatever activity it is.

Life lessons in a bedtime routine


Now that you can see how to create and establish a bedtime routine you will watch how your children will flourish from it.  But it starts from the beginning.



There are life lessons that your child is developing and learning with your bedtime routine. It’s creating a foundation for them that will help them later on in life. They will carry with them some of these values as an adult or maybe even into their life as a parent.



Relationship Building


During the day when everyone is awake and life is full of hustle and bustle, undivided attention is not common as you are trying to survive the day.  But during each child’s bedtime, you can reinforce your bond with your child. Sharing moments and time with each one alone as you go through their bedtime routine.



Teaching your Child


We enjoy reading stories to our kids and sometimes the Bible is mixed in to and you can choose stories that teach values. This allows you to create not only an enjoyable calm reading time but, a learning experience through the books you read.  


The bonus is that reading aloud to your child helps them develop their reading and language skills. We are a part of a program called 1000 books before kindergarten and we read on average two books a night. You can learn more about this on my blog.


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Reinforcing their faith through songs


After we have read books we will say our prayers with each child we sing two songs. The songs we chose are nursery, hymns, and bible songs.


Some of our favorite songs are:



Independence in Your Child

Each night you go through your routine with your child is another night of teaching them how to take care of themselves.  As you watch the months and years go by you will start to see them being able to develop healthy habits.  Brushing their teeth will be second nature to them and they will have better sleep habits. They begin to wash and dress themselves. It all works hand and hand.



Time Management for Kids


Kids who have a healthy sleep routine will correlate that nighttime is for sleeping and will independently recognize that this is the time of day for sleep and help create the skill of time management. My four-year-old will say “ we better get to bed the sun is gone and the moon is here”. He recognizes that the time has come and transitions himself.


Final Benefits of a sleep routine for parents


Never having bedtime battles is awesome but what is even better is the peace and time you get out of it as a parent.


One of the reason’s my husband and I are very regimented about sleep times is because of the time we get alone.  At the end of the day by 7:45 pm we have time for us. This is time to catch up, time without the kids, time to watch a show.  We can cuddle and enjoy each other without the kids interrupting us. We even can each do something we enjoy separately like reading etc.


When it comes to date nights having the bedtime routine makes is super easy for grandma and grandpa to put the kids down.  It’s a win-win for everyone. We can enjoy our night out without worries.


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As you can see a bedtime routine is not only to establish great sleep it provides so much more to your kids.  Teaching them values, life lessons, self-care, independence and cultivates stability and a more harmonious, tranquil home.


Kids will change as they grow, kids will need additional things. Some will want a night light, special blanket or teddy bear.  They will get crafty when getting out of bed. The most vital thing you can do is stick to your guns. They will get the picture.  But also use your gut. If your child is having true problems with sleeping seek help. The sooner the better. Ask questions, do research. 



What benefits have you found in the routines you have in your home?  I would love to hear from you. Join my momma tribe!!  Finding a community of mother’s is crucial as mom life is hard.




Hi, I am Lisa a busy mother of 3. My blog helps moms rediscover that they are more than just moms. Helping them achieve balance to reach their personal goals. Your mom village aims to provide you with tips on parenting, time management, home management, self-care and working from home. I love to travel the world, my Jeep, glitter, dancing and being creative. If you find cleaning weekly a drag check out my 5-day cleaning schedule here. It's never too late to work on your goals every day is a new beginning.