Self Care Checklist for Moms

Self Care Checklist for Moms

Self Care Checklist for Moms


As a busy mom self care is so important. Sometimes we can forget to take time for ourselves and might need a checklist to remind us. There is nothing wrong with creating a chart to keep on track and rewarding ourselves as we take time for self care. Having a checklist can actually help keep you accountable to actually doing any form of self care each day.



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How Self-Help Boosts the Health of Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Do you remember Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live? He was a character that took the idea of self-help and made fun of it. Stuart would look in the mirror and tell himself he was special and smart and do other daily affirmations.


The most interesting thing about this skit is that even though they sought to make fun of the entire self-help movement, there was truth in what they did. The more you talk to yourself in a positive way, the more positive your life will become and the more successful you will become. It ís just a fact that positive people are often more successful than negative people. The reason is that positive people believe they deserve to be successful.


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* No One Knows You Better Than Yourself – Also, no one is more judgmental to you than yourself. It is sad that the one person you can truly count on, turns on you and treats you worse than you would allow any other individual to treat you, isn’t it? But you can turn this around by taking hold of the idea of self-help and realizing that It is not just a comedy skit. It is real, and it can affect your entire being: mind, body and spirit.


* Believe in Self-Help – People who are interested in self-help are generally open-minded people who believe that they have some measure of control over what happens to them. That means that people who get help from self-help already believe that it is possible. They are willing to give the suggestions they learn a try, and due to that fact alone usually see success in their efforts.


* Self-Help Can Build Self-Confidence – When you feel confident in yourself, positive things begin to happen to your mind. If you previously thought you could not do something and due to reading a self-help book you went outside of your comfort zone and experienced success, it is likely that the self-confidence you developed will wash over into trying more new things. It can be like a snowball effect that more confidence builds more confidence.



* Self-Help Can Reduce Anxiety – When you realize that you are not helpless against your emotions and feelings, you will start to notice a big change. When you manage to overcome some of your social anxiety due to taking some of the actions you’ve read about in self-help books, then each step you take out of anxiety will get easier. This isn’t to say that you will never need medication for social anxiety, but you might realize from self-help that it is okay to take medication if you need it.


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* Self-Help Can Be the Catalyst for Getting Healthy – Very few people are able to change their body through diet and exercise, because they don’t think that they can or they haven’t figured out a plan of action to do it. By reading self-help books and finding stories of others who have accomplished it, you start to realize it is possible and that you can do it too. Even if you only reach half your goal, you will still end up healthier than before self-help.


* Self-Help Makes It Normal to Be Spiritual – Today it can be hard to be spiritual due to how busy everyone is and how it feels like a dog-eat-dog world which is full of anything but love. But when you read self-help books and try to practice self-love and acceptance, you start realizing how much you need the spiritual food that love gives you. When you make it a priority, your life will become better.


While many people treat self-help like a joke, it is actually very effective in helping a lot of people make their lives better. People do not come away from a study of self-help in any area of life unchanged. Taking the time to learn is always going to be a good thing.



Self Care Printables


If you’re not sure where to get started with self care, check out this ultimate list of self care checklist for moms!





Weekly Self Care Printable from Me and My Inklings





Printable Self Care Challenge & Tips from A Purpose Driven Mom 



Self Care Ideas


50 Acts of Self Care from Meredith Amand




Self Care Cards Printable





I hope that these self care checklists, list of ideas, and self care tips help you on your journey to taking better care of yourself! If you need an extra layer of accountability, download this free self care challenge chart! This will give you great ideas to do for the next few weeks are you get started on your self care journey!






Podcast 18: Cleaning Routines for Moms Who Hate Cleaning

Podcast 18: Cleaning Routines for Moms Who Hate Cleaning

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 18: Cleaning Routines for Moms Who Hate Cleaning




Raise your hand if you hate cleaning too? It’s taken me a while to really find a cleaning routine that works for my home and I am excited to try something new this fall! Today, I’ll be sharing with you a simple routine perfect for the mom who hates cleaning!


Thank you to today’s sponsor: The Equipping Godly Woman Conference


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Does that sound like you?

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Episode Show Notes

2:58 Review of the Week and our Sponsor The Equipping Godly Women Conference

3:58 My background and start of my homemaking journey

6:50 Inequity in chores in the home

10:16 Why most cleaning systems don’t work

13:42 Laundry systems that work

16:30 Using the I do, we do, you do method to teach kid

23:00 Leveraging your evening routine



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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode

Equipping Godly Women Conference

Homemaking Ministries Conference



The Shameless Mom Academy Podcast Episode: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership

Grab an essential oils Thieves starter kit 


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Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss

Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss

Best Morning Routine for Weight Loss


Having a morning routine that helps with weight loss isn’t as hard as it sounds. Exercising in the morning, having a good breakfast and starting your day on the right foot can help you make better choices throughout the day and support any healthy living or weight loss efforts you have. 


I’ve tried all types of exercise programs. I’ve worked out in the gym, I’ve done it at home and I’ve worked out outside. 


I’ve also exercised at almost every time of day you can think of – before the kids wake up, with the kids, nap time, post dinner – you name it, I’ve tried it. 


On top of experimenting with workouts and routines I’ve also tried out all types of eating plans, intermittent fasting, and every diet out there on the market. 


There are a few things I’ve found during my journey these past 8 years – some that work and some that don’t. 


The things that I have learned have ultimately helped me lose 70 pounds before i had my daughter, exercise and have two healthy pregnancies, and work to get my body healthy again post baby. 




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Benefits of exercising in the morning for weight loss


There have been times where I’ve had to workout at night before it was the only uninterrupted time I had.


I don’t love working out at night and for busy moms, I don’t always recommend it. Our evenings are the time we have to wind done, close out the day and get ready for tomorrow. Adding in a 60 minute workout that gets your heart going right before bed isn’t always the best idea. That being said, I’ve done it when it was my only option. 


And as much as we might not want to hear it, exercising in the morning truly works for a bunch of reasons. 


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The earlier you get your movement in, the bigger metabolism jump you can have. If you workout first thing, your body will be burning those extra calories all day long. 


Exercising in the morning also helps give you more energy throughout the day. In the beginning you might get stuck in that cycle though. You know the one, “I’m too tired to exercise but exercise gives me energy”


Your body needs time to adjust and I promise, if you give it just a few weeks soon you’ll start to see how much more energized you feel on the days you get your workout in right away. 




Working out first thing in the morning also means you’re more likely to shower and get dressed which is always a mood boost. Even as a work at home mom, I make sure I get up and get dressed before I take the kids to school every day. It makes me more productive and feel better about myself. 


Taking care of yourself by adding exercise into your morning routine is also just a great way to start the day. If you take time in the first few hours of waking to take care of you, you’re going to show up differently for your family and all that the day puts before you. 



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How to get up earlier


It can be hard though, to get up earlier so that you have time to exercise in your morning routine. Truthfully I don’t work out first thing – but I do it by 7am so that I can be showered and ready to go by 9 am. 


My kids wake up between 5:00 – 6:00 am so to have quiet time, I need to be up around 4:30 am. Truthfully though, I am still a work in progress in this area! While many days I can get out of bed and moving before them, depending on how sleep was the night before, it can be tougher. 


And you might be thinking that you’re not a morning person – I get you! I wasn’t either. I had to train my body to become one!


I used the habit stacking method to get my body used to getting up early and it can work for you too!


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First, determine your end goal and what time you want to be getting up (if everything was ideal)  and compare it to where you are now.


You’ll then need to do some simple math and figure out how long it might take you get to get to your goal. It is possible to change your morning wake up time within as little as one month!


Next you’re going to slowly start to wake up earlier – seriously, just 5-10 minute changes every few days. This allows you body to get used to getting up earlier and doesn’t feel as scary and daunting as attempting to wake up 2 hours before you do now. 


For example, say now you wake up at 7am and you want to wake up at 5am. You know that you ned to make up the 2 hour gap and want to do it within a month. That means you have to wake up about 5 minutes earlier every other day to hit your goal. 


So tomorrow, wake up at 6:55, two days later 6:50, two days later 6:45 and so on. You’ll do this until you hit that time you are aiming for. By telling yourself you only need 5 more minutes, you can get rid of excuses and take action!


Types of exercise for busy moms


There are lots of different exercises that you can do as a busy mom and they are simple to add into a morning routine. 


You can choose to workout at the gym or at home. If you are working out at the gym, sleep in your clothes so that you can wake up and be out of the door before the kids wake up. 


This doesn’t work in my house because my kids get up so early and my husband has to be out of the door at 6:30 so I couldn’t leave them with him. But if you have a spouse who goes into work later than that – this is a totally doable plan!


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Predetermine what you’re going to do so that you aren’t wasting any time once you’re at the gym. Find a class or download a workout plan that puts you in a good mood and you won’t dread! If you are attempting to do a workout you don’t love, it’s going to be so much easier to hit snooze then get up! Find something fun and energizing like morning yoga or a dance class!


If you choose to workout at home, you have a ton of options too! This is what I do because I don’t have to worry about childcare or driving anywhere. I have days where I workout in my pajamas and look a mess but I don’t care because no one sees me. 




I use Beachbody on Demand to stream my workouts and have for the past few years. I actually haven’t worked out in a gym in YEARS! I love working out at home and I found that there are workouts I can do with my kids around that encourage them to get involved. 


I like to lift weights so I got a pair of speed weights to change the weight faster. We have this set here and have used them for years! I bring these into our playroom each morning and my kids watch their TV show and I get in 30-40 minutes of a workout. Since I use Beachbody on Demand it is easy for me to figure out what to do because each program has a schedule and I just follow it. 


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Fasted vs non faster cardio


When I started working out in the morning I worried about working out on an empty stomach. I typically was someone who had breakfast as soon as I woke up and worried I would get hungry or not have the energy to get through the workout. 


I’ve since moved to following an intermittent fasting schedule where I eat my first meal at 10:00 am and last meal at 6:00 pm  and now do a fasted workout. 


I find that fasted workouts work better for me and my metabolism and weight loss. If you need to eat something pre workout, this is a great time for a small carbohydrate and protein combo. A small piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter should be enough to give you the energy to push through. 


I also have times where I take a pre-workout when it’s been a long night and I’m extra tired. I like this fruit punch flavor of Energize. I tried the lemon and din’t love the taste as much but this fruit punch is delicious! I don’t get jittery like with some pre-workouts and it really gives me an extra push. 


Whenever you decide to workout, know that it’s possible to create a good routine around it. I suggest doing in the mornings to take care of you first, but know that ANY movement is better than none! Make sure you PIN this post for motivation when you need it to get that morning routine and exercise done!



More Help with Weight Loss for Moms

Energize Pre-Workout

Beachbody on Demand


More Resources for Weight Loss for Moms



Podcast 16: Navigating Motherhood with Michelle from With the Huddlestons

Podcast 16: Navigating Motherhood with Michelle from With the Huddlestons

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 16

Navigating Motherhood with Michelle from With the Huddelstons




This week’s episode was an interview with Michelle from With the Huddlestons. Our plan was to talk about talk about back to school routines and instead we pivoted to talk all things motherhood – from routines to self care and more!

As a wife, homeschooling mama of 4, and multi-passionate entrepreneur, it’s no question that Michelle Huddleston wears many hats. Through her passion to create powerful movements in the home education and work-from-home fields, Michelle speaks professionally (locally and abroad), has self-published more than 8 books (2 Amazon best-sellers), and has co-founded one of the fastest growing online schools that provides supplemental and elective courses (Huddleston Academy Live Academics).



Episode Show Notes

5:45 Meet Michelle from With the Huddlestons

8:30 Michelle’s struggle with mental health and how to begin to heal

10:45 Using affirmations to change your mindset

13:14 Practical Ways for Moms to ‘do self care’

19:30 Background of HALA and back to school routines

26:00 Exploring learning at home

31:00 How to Run Your Own Race and Stay in Your Lane as a Mom

34:30 Ending the comparison game and embracing who God made you

37:15 Creating goals as a mom


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Tips for Transitioning Children from Summer to School

Tips for Transitioning Children from Summer to School

Tips for Transitioning Children from Summer to School


Transitioning from summer to school can be emotional, both for parents and kids. With school right around the corner, dealing with unstructured, lazy, and free days of summer is always hard. It’s safe to say that transition is always met with resistance.


Falling back into the wave of waking up early, getting to bed on time, preparing meals, and retraining body and mind to a regular school routine might take a toll on you. But don’t worry. The tips below will help you sail through back-to-school routine, effortlessly. 


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6 Tips for Back-To-School Transitioning


Adjust Bedtime


During the summer, children tend to stay up late and rise later than usual. Adjusting bedtime one week before going back to school will help the kids click into the routine.


According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are set hours ideal for every age. For instance, preschoolers – aged between 3 and 5- should sleep for around 10 hours, and school-age children should sleep for at least 9 hours. This schedule will help you set sleeping hours.


As you adjust bedtime hours, you should also consider the activities before bed like coloring, stories, bathing, and doing a puzzle. These are less-sensory tasks that allow the body of your child to wind down slowly. With a comprehensive sleep schedule, you will be a proud mom who raises great sleepers.


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Develop a Game Plan


You will be surprised that kids know what they want or even how they want things done. Discuss with them about goals, failures of the previous school season, and the necessary adjustments to make. Ask about the skills to be improved and the triumphs of the year before.


The goals might include;

  • Improving on grades
  • Making new friends
  • Change of diet
  • Becoming the captain of the swimming team

Such a discussion will help the child feel focused before getting back to school. It alleviates confusion, anxiety, and unpreparedness. Involving your child on the game plan also makes him/her feel responsible for the decisions made.


Summon the Learning Spirit


Going back to school is not always exciting- probably you can relate to this. Being away from fun activities or parting ways with new friends might be annoying for your child. But you can rekindle the school spirit again by minimizing screen time and engaging in fun activities.


You can assign creative homework or ask them to start coloring once again. Start about two weeks before school. Ask the child to list characteristics of the animals in the park or name the types of snakes in the jungle. If you’re on vacation, you can assign the child to list down the main activities on the beach.


Jog the mind of your child by asking the furthest you went from home during summer or the hours you were on board. You can also ask him to write a short story about their summer experiences.


Furthermore, you can engage in brain-bending activities like word searches, crossword puzzles, and trivia. This is to keep your child motivated, encouraged, and focused on getting back to school.


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Prepare the Night Before


One of the best ways of simplifying your morning routine is by preparing the night before. Rushing around in the wee hours trying to get the school outfit from the closet or packing backpacks can create anxiety.


If you’re a working mom, spare like an hour the night before and prepare for the next day. Choose the following day outfits- both yours and for the kids. Prepare breakfast and lunch. Also, hang the backpacks at a strategic place where kids will find them easily.


Additionally, select a place where you keep car keys and phone to ensure you don’t run around in the morning looking for them. Check homework, bathe kids, and fill water bottles to ease the morning rush.


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Set an Early Alarm


Morning rush creates a stressful environment for both adults and kids. The best thing to do is to set the alarm for an extra 30 minutes early to give your family ample time to prepare, take breakfast, and get ready to tackle the day stress-free.


In case of an unexpected scenario like spilled cereal or leaking water bottle, the extra minutes will enable you to handle these events. Being this organized will help you handle any situation without creating a chaotic environment.



Tackle School Anxiety


Most children get disappointed once the summer is over. And to some kids, the anxiety can be extreme. For instance, children entering new schools might feel relaxed if they can walk around the new school and learn where things are before joining school. Talk and discuss the issues that could make your child nervous.


Final Note

Getting back to school doesn’t need to be stressful and chaotic. With these tips, diving back to a school routine will be painless for everyone.


Thanks to coupons.com for this great article and tips!



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Time Management for Working Moms

Time Management for Working Moms

Time Management for Working Moms


As a working mom you need to have good time management. You have a million things to juggle, a busy schedule, and need to prioritize tasks for your family, yourself, your home and work. 


I have been a work at home mom for 4 years now and I can tell you, it isn’t easy. I often get distracted with home tasks, have to cut work short because of something, and can feel pulled in a million pieces. 


But you don’t have to feel frazzled all the time. It is possible to have good time management as a working mom!


Whether you need help with your morning routine, balancing work and home or easy systems to make your life run smoother, know that it’s possible!



This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.


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Want to come back to these tips for when you need help with time management? PIN IT for later!



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