Free Self Care Printables for Moms

Free Self Care Printables for Moms

How to Practice Self-Care as a Busy Mom



We all experience stress sometime in our lives. Whether you’re worried about excelling in your career, reaching a certain fitness goal, or making sure the kids get their homework done, stress can come into our lives in many different ways.



One budget-friendly and easy way to manage stress is by practicing self-care. In recent years, we’ve increasingly heard about how important self-care is, but what exactly does “self-care” mean and look like to people? Some people think luxurious spa trips, a massage or a new outfit fall under self-care — but those activities can add up quickly, and may even cause a financial burden.





Self-care isn’t just treating yourself to expensive experiences and things. It’s any conscious action you take to support your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. That could be as simple as taking a break during your busy day to mediate or even canceling plans to stay in, relax and regroup.



To help, Mint has gathered some easy self-care activities you can incorporate into your day to day on any budget. Try a few of these activities when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or just need a mental break. After practicing one or even a few of these activities, you might find yourself having a more productive day, increased mental clarity and and best of all, reduced stress.


Just click on the image and you can download them right away for free!










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Podcast 22: Finding Joy in Motherhood with Valerie Woerner

Podcast 22: Finding Joy in Motherhood with Valerie Woerner

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 22

Finding Joy in Motherhood with Valerie Woerner




Today’s episode is a conversation with Valerie Woener about how to find joy in the hard seasons of Motherhood. Valerie Woerner is the owner of Val Marie Paper and author of Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday and Fresh Start for Moms. Her mission is to create practical tools, including her original 6-month prompted prayer journal, and content that equips women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness in the presence of the Lord. She lives in South Louisiana with her husband Tyler and two girls, Vivi and Vana.





Episode Show Notes

2:30 Review of the Week

5:30 Meet Valerie Woerner

9:16 Creating a Prayer Routine in Your Life

17:00 How to make time with God more than something to check off on the to-do list

24:30 Ditching comparision in the social media world

26:00 Diving into Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

29:10 Addressing the ‘hot mess mom’ culture

34:50 Being proactive about positive parenting

38:00 Embracing the hard seasons of motherhood

41:00 Encouragement when you’re feeling disconnected in marriage



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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 

Connect More with Valerie:

Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday 


Monthly Peptalks




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The Ultimate Guide for Christmas on a Budget (perfect for moms!)

The Ultimate Guide for Christmas on a Budget (perfect for moms!)

The Ultimate Guide for Christmas on a Budget


You can have a great Christmas on a budget. So often we get caught up in the material aspect of the holidays but fail to realize that it is possible to have just as much fun with a budget.


Yes, it can be hard when there are lot of events to attend, gifts to buy and you see others spending money but trust me, Christmas on a budget is possible.


Two years ago, we were going on month 5 of my husbands unemployment – and had just had a new baby. Our unemployment checks had stopped, we were on government assistance and food stamps and had no idea what we would do to give our children the Christmas we wanted.


But we knew it was possible.


We have lived on a budget since we got engaged – and were able to pay for our entire wedding in cash- and know that it’s possible. No matter how much you have (or don’t have), creating a budget can allow you to be in control of your money and make purchases that matter most to you.


Budgeting doesn’t have to be restrictive and mean that everything is no fun. Budgeting allows you to prioritize how you spend your money so, if you decide to want to splurge on a new Christmas tree, you just know that you might not buy any other decorations this year.


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Christmas Ideas on a Budget


Before you start searching for ways to scrimp and save this holiday season, it’s important you’ve taken the time to create a budget that works for you for the holidays. If you haven’t started saving yet, head over and print out my 12 week Christmas saving guide to get started!


I urge you to make your goal this holiday season to not use any credit cards. Maybe you aren’t ready to completely slash your Christmas budget but, by making the commitment to only using cash, you’ll start to get in the budgeting mindset and think differently about your purchases.


You can read more of my step by step tips that can help moms create a budget for Christmas in this post!



If you want a great printable for your Christmas Budget Planning, go and grab this freebie from Plantsonify!



My friend Joyce over at My Stay at Home Adventures also had an incredible and comprehensive guide for having a debt free Christmas! She is a budgeting guru and will walk you through, step by step, how to make a budget that work! Check it out here!



Christmas Gifts on a Budget


When it comes to slashing your Christmas budget, one of the biggest places you can save money is with your gift giving. We give our kids 4 gifts each (you can read about that here) and it has helped us prioritize where we plan to spend money for them instead of just buying gifts to have something to give them.

You can always start clearance shopping early (I shop all year round for the holidays), DIY gifts to make it easier and save money when you compare prices. I’ve listed a few great ideas below for Christmas gifts on a budget that you can use this year!







From A Purpose Driven Mom 







From A Purpose Driven Mom 






This Christmas doesn’t have to be one where you go broke or into the new year with more debt! Create a budget that works for you and save money on all the gifts you need to buy!


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15+ of the Best Books for Self Care

15+ of the Best Books for Self Care

Best Books for Self Care

Looking for a best list of book for self care? Look no further!


I am a self proclaimed self care junkie. I stopped feeling guilty about taking time for me and instead decided that spending time learning & growing will help me become a better me!


As a busy mom of 3, I fit self care in the pockets of my day but I make sure that, no matter what, I do something. Reading is one of my favorite past times and I’m always in between 3-5 books at a time. I read in small chunks throughout the day and always have a book on my phone ready to read while we wait at school pick up or the doctors.


Related Post: How to Find Time to Read as a Busy Mom 




This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.



I wanted to share some of my favorite reads with you! These books have been ones we’ve either read in the book club for the Purpose Driven Mom Club, have been recommended by a friend or I’ve read to just take care of me!


Self Care Books for Christian Moms






Best Self Help Books for Moms





Books to Help Moms Believe in Themselves




Motivational Books for Women





Best Books for Moms to Be






Best Books for Busy Moms







If you don’t want to read a paper book, you can always get an Audible account to listen to them! I do this a lot in my car or while I am folding laundry. If you use my code here you can get a free trial and 2 free books!




Hope this list gave you a great place to start! Put in the comments what you’re reading now – I love suggestions! And make sure you PIN this to come back to when you need a book recommendation!







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How to Find Time to Read as a Busy Mom

20+ Motivating Quotes from the book “I am that Girl”

Episode 2: How to Find Time for Self Care






Podcast 20: Weekly Planning System for Busy Moms

Podcast 20: Weekly Planning System for Busy Moms

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 20: Weekly Planning System for Busy Moms





This episode is a sneak peak into the 15 Minute Formula Course and shows you the weekly planning system that helps me be super productive! Follow these steps each week to start your week with intention!


Episode Show Notes

2:15 Review of the Week

4:10 Digital vs. Paper Planning

6:27 Why I’m obsessed with Trello – check out a sample of our dates and events board!


10:15 How to set up your weekly planning system

13:30 Adding in things you can’t change

14:50 Next, add in your 15 minute goal break down

16:02 Which habits or routines are you working on?

17:43 Adding in learning time for you and your goals

18:18 Batching the rest of your tasks

20:00 Nightly planning system




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Trello for Meal Planning

Trello for Meal Planning


How to use Trello to Organize Your Life (the ultimate meal planning solution)


Trello is the best meal planning system out there. 


I’ve tried so many other ways to create a meal plan – paper, recipe binders, and even adding a million things on Pinterest and nothing really stuck for me. 


I grew tired of rewriting the same things over and over each week. The paper clutter was driving me crazy and the meal plan kept falling off the wall. And Pinterest was working – until I couldn’t remember where I had saved that dinner recipe I wanted and wasted more time searching for things. 


Enter Trello. 



This post may contain affiliate links which cost you nothing extra to use but may provide me with a commission. To read my full disclosure head on over here.

Trello is a website and app that allows you to organize just about everything in your life. I love it so much that I even created a course all around it that you can grab here!


I use Trello for our family calendar, to organize projects for work and home and to map out my goals. 


Related Post: Goal Setting with Trello + Free Board


Recently though I started to use Trello for my meal planning! Going digital with your meal plan allows you to save recipes that you see online, take pictures of one from cookbooks (but get rid of the book and clutter), and mix and match meals your family loves.


Tip for using Trello for Meal Planning


If you don’t already have a Trello account for free!


Once you’ve done that you’ll want to create your own board for meal planning. I’ve made one board that is my home base for recipes that I reference whenever I make my monthly meal plan. 


Oh and if you’ve never made a monthly meal plan and don’t know where to start, you have to go listen to this podcast episode I did with Elisa from Meal Planning Blueprints where she breaks it ALL down!


When you’re in your board you can create lists for just about anything you need to help with meal planning and menu prepping!




You can make a list of 

  • Family favorite recipes
  • Organize your meals by theme nights (Mexican Monday, Slow Cooker Sunday etc…)
  • have  a pantry inventory right on your board
  • Or even price lists for different stores


These lists come in handy because, while I prefer to use Trello on my computer, it’s also a great app! I reference mine all the time when I am out of the house and need to get something. I check my pantry inventory to see what I need or I might check out a recipe that I saved and see what I have to get.


Once A Month Meals


Trello Card Features for Meal Planning (the card template you need to make)


Each card has some really cool features that you can use to make your meal planning board even more amazing!





You can use labels to organize by type of cuisine or even how long something might take to make! Then you can filter your cards when you’re looking for something to make!






I use the attachment feature a ton when it comes to my meal planning board. 


If I see something on Pinterest that I’m actually going to make (and not just something that is really cool but way out of my league), I can save the link directly to my card. This eliminates me having to scroll and re-search Pinterest for it later!






Checklists are a great way to create a shopping list for that recipe. If you copy the recipe into the card description, you have everything you need!


Just create a checklist and copy it in and BAM, Trello will make a checklist right there in the card for you!


Trello Menu Planning


Now when you sit to create your meal plan, you have everything in one spot. You can filter, move things around and customize it!


I like to add calendar power up to this board so that I can create a list for the month and move recipe cards around. The calendar power up allows you to look at things easily. You can get one power up for free with the basic plan!


Once you make a recipe you can add it to the bottom of the list so that you keep your monthly meal plan rotating or add it to a list labeled ‘recipes made’. You can even add labels whether the family likes it or not so you know how often to add it into the rotation!


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How to Copy a Trello Board

I have a FREE menu board for you to copy! You can head over and sign up for this free mini course on Trello that we’ve created for you!




In it you’ll be able to copy our menu boards and learn the basics of this amazing tool!


Hope this helps you when you set out to meal plan! Make sure you pin it to get back to later!




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