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I don’t know about you but the fall is my very favorite season. Crunchy leaves, hoodies, and pumpkin spice! Oh my! I am always looking for ways to find cheap fall decorating ideas so that I can make my home cozy, enjoy some fall crafts, and save money at the same time! When we moved into our home 3 years ago, I told my husband I wanted to start decorating for the seasons. I remember growing up and going to friends’ houses and their parents always had cute soaps and towels in their bathrooms for the seasons and it was always a goal of mine. Well… 2 years later and I barely decorate for Christmas!

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One of the things that holds me back from decorating in the fall is feeling like it’s unnecessarily to spend money on things that I will only use for a month of two. I thought in order to have an awe-inspiring house you had to go to Pottery Barn and spend a lot of money.

What I found this year, as I decided to start slowly changing how I decorate, is that you can most definitely make your house look festive without breaking the bank! Check out my top tips for decorating on a budget and starting to grow the memories in your home!

1. Fall Decorating on a Budget {One Step at a Time}

How often do we let having an ‘all or nothing’ mentality push us away from committing to something? Your house doesn’t have to look like it came off the cover of Better Homes and Gardens to be festive and homey.

If you don’t want to rack up the costs, do a little this year, pack and save your decorations for next year, and add to it!

You have years to create family memories and traditions with the seasons and holidays, it doesn’t have to be done all overnight!

You can pick one room of your house that you will decorate this year and then next year, add another room to your decorating.

Maybe this year, you spend a few dollars on some holiday towels and then next year you can buy holiday candles to add to it! And ALWAYS pack your stuff away for next year! There is NO need to rebuy anything.

2. Decorating on a Budget

You know I love a good budget so, of course, it had to make my list of top tips!

Decide how much you want to spend an stick to it! You can start to decorate with a $10 budget if it works for you! The Dollar Tree always has a ton of super cute things that you can get to add to your decorating.

Whatever you decide to make your budget, make sure you stick to it and ONLY USE CASH!

I think a cash system is the #1 way to stick to your budget because when we start to swipe a card (even a debit card) it is SO easy to mindlessly spend.

Decorations, no matter how cute, do not need to go on your credit card! You don’t ‘need’ a fall wreath that badly!

3. Find fall decorations on clearance

As you start to grow your fall decor collection for years to come, make sure you capitalize on sales! At the end of each season many stores have great deals for up to 90% off!

This way you can use your budget to get things for next year! Like I mentioned, check out the Dollar Tree for great deals and don’t neglect the Target Dollar Spot! Oh the Target Dollar Spot… how I love you!

Now Target can easily be one of those places that sucks your money out of your pocket before you even realize what is happening.

BUT, if you go in on a mission and a budget, you can really get some great decor for your house! But remember… go in with FOCUS or you’ll leave with a new vacuum!

4. Capitalize Online Deals!

As busy as we all are, I am sure that we all are doing some online shopping! And anything that saves me time is awesome in my book!

But did you know, you can get some great deals on fall decor online, even when you factor in shipping costs??

One of my favorite websites to get fall stuff (and other decorations) is LTD Commodities. LTD Commodities is one of those discount websites where you can get a lot of great (but random) things on the super cheap! One year, I got all of my Christmas gifts there for less than $200 for everyone

You can also shop Amazon Prime Daily Deals to save. If you put something in your Amazon cart, then it will email you if it goes on sale!

And as always, make sure you use EBATES whenever you online shop! You get cash back just for shopping online so it’s totally worth signing up for! If you don’t have EBATES yet, make sure you use my link and sign up. Once you make your first purchase they’ll send you $10 and then you can start earning a referral bonus when people use yours too!

I also love to use tons of apps that give me great cash back! Some of my favorite are Ibotta, and Checkout 51!

Thanksgiving gifts and favors

5. Fall DIY Ideas

I want to start this section and tip with a disclaimer… I am a wannabe Pinterest Mom. I really want to be crafty but I have a few things that hold me back from my crafting potential; impatience and skill!

I work to get better at things but sometimes, it is easier for me to just buy stuff! BUT if DIY is your jam, or you want to give it a try, than be crafty!

You can easily make some cute things to put around your house that will cost just a few dollars. It’s also super fun to DIY crafts with your family because it will make great memories that, each year as you unpack your Fall Decor box, you can remember and reminisce about.

Remember, being on a budget doesn’t have to be about living stark and without joy. You can most definitely add the joy to your home and make memories without breaking the bank. It’s all about having a plan and sticking to it! I’d love to see what some of your fall decorations look like! Comment below with some of your family’s favorite decorations!


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