DIY Christmas Gifts


As a mom, I absolutely cherish the DIY christmas gifts from my kids. And I know that grandparents and other family members think they are super cute too! Not only do homemade gifts warm people’s hearts and make memories but, they help you have a Christmas on a budget!

My sister is a Pinterest queen and each year she makes the cutest DIY gifts for all of us. And for so long, I kept away from making my own gifts because well… I’m not super crafty and I wanted them to be quality.

But, the past few years, I’ve come across some great gifts for us non crafty people, ones that your kids can help make, and ones that really do help save you money!


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Christmas Shopping on a Budget


When it comes to the holidays, I am ALL about DIY gifts for as many people as possible. While I want to make sure I’m still giving out awesome presents, I think it’s key to make sure I stay as close to my budget as possible. DIY gifts are a great money saver and help you give out memories as well!


The goal for holiday shopping is to make sure that you’re sticking as close to your predetermined budget, only using a cash envelope system (ALA Dave Ramsey) and doing your best to give quality gifts that are full of memories


Easy DIY Christmas Gifts


Now I know what you’re thinking… what if I’m not crafty at all? Shouldn’t I just save my time and spend a little extra buying gifts?


No Way!


I am definitely not the most Pinterest Mom out there but I can follow directions and put together some simple gifts that will make family members ohhhh and ahhhh when they open them!


First up, refer back to your initial Christmas shopping list and budget. You can use this to separate out the people you need to buy for (like grandparents, school bus drivers, or neighbors) that would be perfect candidates for DIY gifts.


Once you know who you want to make gifts for, it’s time to start brainstorming ideas!


One of my favorite DIY gifts that doesn’t require too much creativity are photo gifts! You can take family pictures or kid’s school photos and create photo albums, frames with that person and your children, or even calendars!


I use the Freeprints app where you can order 80 free pictures a month (and just pay shipping). They also have another app where you can get a free photo book a month (again, just paying shipping)


These are super easy to make and very thoughtful. You can get each of the grandparents an album, personalized frame, or take the pictures to Target and put them on a calendar for less than $10 a gift!

DIY Gifts For Teachers


Home DIY Chocolate Chip Cookies



Homemade Bird Feeders 



Candy Cane and Lime Swirl Bath Salts





Cotton Candy Lip Scrub




DIY Gifts For Parents or Grandparents


Salt Dough Ornament




Handprint Christmas Card





DIY Christmas Wall Decoration





DIY Snowglobe




Handprint Calendar




Clay footprint bowl




Shrinky Dink Keyrings



DIY Gifts For Kids



DIY Bouncy Balls





Money Basket





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