Day 2 of Our Challenge

What’s inside the E-BOOK and the Shopping List




I am SO excited today to unveil our Freezer Cooking EBOOK to you! This book has all the recipes and a shopping list for you to see what we’ll be making this week!


A few notes about the contents of the book:

  • All of the recipes are meant for a one gallon bag. You will need 7 if you are only making one of each recipes.
  • I use basic labels to just put the directions on each bag. I write how long it needs to be cooked and the temperature on each bag.
  • If you haven’t made these recipes yet for your family, my recommendation is to only make ONE for now, let them try it and then, next time, you can double or even triple them! When you do that, make sure you just use a different freezer bag for each recipe (so if your family loved the chicken teriyaki, you could double the ingredients but split it between 2 bags)
  • The shopping list is first (more tips on that tomorrow!) and then each recipe follows it. You can  just write on the bag with a sharpie if that’s more your style or print a fancy label!


Today’s assignment… download the book as my gift to you! Print it out so you don’t have to have your computer open during cooking and it makes shopping and prep super easy! Head to our Facebook group and post which recipe you (and your fam!) is most excited about!

Check out today’s bonus video with Aimee of Eating Healthy Spending Less!


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