Day 3 of Our Challenge


Shopping Tips and Tricks




Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the EBOOK, shopping list and recipes, I want to give you the top tips I learned when shopping for a freezer cook so that you can save money, not feel super stressed out, and not spend hours at the grocery store (or even going around from store to store!)


  • My first recommendation is to print out the shopping list and go through everything you already have in your house. There is nothing worse that getting ready to do your cooking and realizing you are missing ingredients (which did actually happen to me! I’ll share tomorrow my tips for those oops moments!)
  • The shopping list is split up by part of your kitchen, so go to your pantry and take out all of the spices you will need. I know this seems annoying to actually take them out but trust me, I’ve had those moments where I think “oh I totally have paprika” and then go to cook and NOPE, it’s not there. This also helps because if you are taking them out, when you put them back on the shelf, they’ll be in one section and right in front so when it’s cooking day BAM, you don’t have to go searching again.
  • When you go to do your shop for this menu, try to only go and buy things for this. I know going to the store more than once for the week can seem annoying but again, this way all of your stuff is still in the bags that you need. I go shopping the day before I plan to cook and keep all of the stuff that doesn’t have to go in the fridge in the bags. This way, no searching for things when it’s time to cook! Just pull the meat out of the fridge, grab the bags and I’m ready to go!


Today, even if you aren’t ready to actually go shopping to start cooking (no biggie at all, I actually expect most of you will do it this weekend!) print out just the shopping list and go through and cross off what you already have in your house to use. Head to our Facebook group and a picture of your list!

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