Day 5 of Our Challenge

It’s cooking day!!!!


Hopefully you had the time to do your shopping last night but if not NO WORRIES! After work today, head to the store and get your stuff! It’s not too late to get it done tonight! I know you probably are like me and have exciting Friday night plans with Netflix but instead of watching that episode of Gilmore Girls, spend the time getting these meals done!


So after the kids go to bed, during naptime, or early in the morning.. It’s GAME ON! Find the time today that works for you and give it a try! Here are some things to remember…


  • Don’t get overwhelmed. I’d love to know how long it takes you but know that EACH TIME you do this it gets easier and more efficient for you. You will find a system that works for you and don’t feel like you have to be a cooking whiz! You literally just need to know how to measure stuff, put them in a bag, defrost the night before and toss in a crockpot.
  • Your kitchen will probably get messy. It’s par for the course. Don’t put things away or try to clean up as you go. Wait until you are done in case you need something. At the end you will see what you have left (in case you missed something) still on your counter, and then be able to put things away, take out the trash, wipe your counter and load your dishwasher. Cleaning as you go will just annoy you! Just make sure you keep the trash can next to you!
  • If you run out of something or forgot an ingredient IT IS OKAY! When I was making these meals I ran out of chili powder for one of the recipes. So what I did was write on the bag… ADD 2 TBSP CHILLI POWDER to remind myself to do it when I put it from the freezer. Then, after I toss it in the crockpot I can just add things!
  • Don’t forget to add your meat in last! This is so that it’s the first thing to hit your crock pot because it needs the most time to freeze. For all of the recipes, all you need to do is take out the bag the night before to defrost and put it in your crockpot. Just be careful about the cooking time, I put a few hours recommendation because, based on your crock pot you may need more time to check the meat.
  • Try them once before you bulk cook! If your family loves one of the recipes, then next time you freezer cook, you can just double up the recipe and split it into various bags. Let them try it first before you do this before hand though! Also try to use the suggested sides to make it awesome!


So here we go!!!! Head to our Facebook group when you done with your cooking, share your pictures, and be proud of yourself! You rock!!!


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