10+ Easy Ideas for Elf on the Shelf


Kids love elf on the shelf but it can become a parents nightmare when they run out of fun and unique things for their elf on the shelf to do each day! As parents, we often forget to move the elf, don’t want to take a lot of time to move the elf, and who doesn’t need elf on the shelf arrival ideas?


If you’re like me, then you’re probably always searching your head, Facebook and Pinterest for fun ideas that don’t take a lot of time! I’ve done the searching for you and have a great list of over a dozen fun ideas for your elf on the shelf!


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When I was trying to come up with ideas to share and use with my 3 year old this year, I wanted things that were different but mostly, things that were simple! Yes, some of them take a little bit of planning and preparation but they are still super fun and your kids will love them!


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This Mama Loves — Elf Sized Cookies





This Mama Loves — Elf on the Shelf Backgrounds





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Hope these fun, unique and creative ideas for Elf on the Shelf help you have a great and memorable holiday season! As hard as it can be to always think of things to do with your elf, your children will light up with joy while they make memories with their elf on the shelf! 

Make sure to pin these ideas for those nights when you need inspiration!






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