Welcome To Day 2 of Our Challenge!

Vision Setting


Now that you’ve taken time to think about where you’ve been, here come the exciting part! Let’s talk about what you see in your future, where you want things to go in your life and dream big!

As you start to create your vision for your future, keep a few things in mind…


  • If you didn’t have ANY obstacles in your way, what would you want to accomplish?
  • For the season of life you are in, what are things that stretch you but are still in reach? 
  • Take a big look at all of the areas that matter the most to you and envision each of them!



Today’s Action Items:


  1. Look at each of the areas that matter the most to you in your life (don’t feel like you have to cast grand visions for everything, just what would make you the happiest. 
  2. Print out today’s workbook and brainstorm your priorities and vision. Dream big!
  3. Head over to Canva and create your own virtual board! You can go old-fashioned and use magazines too but, I’m all about decreasing the paper clutter so I think a virtual board is the way to go! 
  4. Check out the Facebook live that answers more questions and go deeper!

Resources and Tools to Help Along the Way!

More Reading & Resources

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