Welcome To Day 3 of Our Challenge!

Goal Setting

Alright, reflection done and vision set! It’s time to take that vision and create goals that make sense! So often, we create goals that either don’t fit into our season of life or aren’t big enough! When goal setting you need to create goals that are realistic but stretch you, can be measured and allow you to make progress!

When you’re creating your goals keep a few things in mind…

  • Stop limiting beliefs that tell you that you can’t do something. If it’s a dream God put in your heart, stop getting in your own way!
  • Make sure your goals fit your priorities. As busy moms, we want to make sure we make goals that fit our priorities while not putting too much more on our plates!
  • Create goals that you can measure (as you’ll see tomorrow in our Action Planning Day!) and be specific. Take that vision and make it a reality on paper!



Today’s Action Items:


  1. Print out today’s workbook to start your goal setting for the next year, quarter or month! Create 3-5 goals for the main priorities in your life. 
  2. Watch the Day 3 Facebook Live that goes deeper into the topic and answers more questions!
  3. Email me one of the goals that lights you up the most!

Resources and Tools to Help Along the Way!

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