Welcome To Day 4 of Our Challenge!

Creating an Action Plan



How many times have you sat down, created goals, started working on them but quit a few weeks (or even days) in? It happens to all of us but it doesn’t have to! If you take the time to create an action plan that makes sense, let’s you work on things in small chunks at a time, and NOT overwhelm you, you CAN achieve all you want in life!

When you’re making your action plan a few things in mind:


  • Which goal would make the most difference in your life if you tackled it?
  • Make sure you break each goal down into a small chunk you can accomplish in 10 minutes a day. 
  • If it’s a lifetime or long term habit that you are looking to work on, start small! Work on one habit for 1-2 weeks before adding another.



Today’s Action Items:


  1. Pick 1-2 goals to start working on. One that is a long term habit or goal and one that is something with more of an end date (like a project). 
  2. Break down those goals for the next month. Make sure that none of the daily tasks takes longer than 10 minutes and that you don’t try to conquer all the habits at the same time. 
  3. Use the workbook to break them down and print out the trackable charts to use for the next month. 
  4. Watch the Facebook live that talks more about creating your plan and answers questions.

Resources and Tools to Help Along the Way!

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