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As life gets crazier and busier, one thing I know is that creating a once a month cooking menu is the best way for me to provide my family with quick and easy healthy meals all while saving time, money and being less stressed.

I recently started using a once a month cooking menu but organizing myself with Theme Nights and it’s been incredible. Creating a menu a month in advance for our dinners has helped me save a ton of time each week in planning. When you batch organize your meals, you can easily come up with meals your family will love with ingredients you know you can buy often or save on.

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Once a Month Meals Review

To start once a month planning, I would sit down and start to fill in my grid with my theme night ideas but often would get stuck. I get into a meal planning rut where we are making the same few dinners on rotation and needed some new ideas that fit my budget.

A friend suggested I check out Once a Month Meals and can I tell you, I am OBSESSED with it! Once a month meals provide a ton of recipes, menu ideas, and tips to create awesome meals that your family will love AND shows you how you can make them now and prep them ahead to freeze and add to your meal plan later.

Once A Month Meals

I love the idea of multi-tasking my cooking, where I can not only make some meals for tonight but freeze some for later. Each recipe also gives you exact directions on how to do it if you want to cook it not or if you want to freeze it for later.

Freezer Meals for your Crock-Pot

The biggest bonus when it comes to using monthly meal planning and finding a site like Once a Month Meals is that SO many of the meals utilize the crockpot and what’s called ‘dump recipes’. I LOVE these types of recipes (and you can check out my free 5-day challenge to learn how these can be your best friend too!)

Now I know not everyone loves this kind of cooking but, for a busy mom like me who always has little people underfoot, can I tell you how much stress this saves me! I literally can drop in a meal that I’ve already prepped, turn on the crockpot, and just serve it at dinner time! It not only saves me time but makes clean up SO easy!

Quick and Easy Toddler Recipes

My second favorite thing, besides the easy dinners, from Once a Month Meals was the menus that you can download for toddlers! My 1-year-old is at a stage where he eats everything but my toddler has become increasingly pickier.

I’ve also fallen into a rut when it comes to making their food and these menus and recipes have given me a new spark to try simple meals that bring in some variety! I’ve gotten into a good groove with breakfast but when it comes to lunches, it’s often just me throwing on plates whatever leftovers we have. The menus they provide have helped me feel much less stressed about providing my kiddos with healthier lunch options while expanding their palettes!

If you’ve never checked out Once a Month Meals, what are you waiting for?

I’ve linked below some of my favorite plans that they have to check out for free! You can also head over and get a subscription for super cheap that will provide the shopping lists and more! Go and grab it now and save yourself time and stress in the kitchen!


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