Healthy Toddler Breakfast Ideas


Does this sound like a situation you’ve been in before?

It’s morning time, you’ve barely had your coffee and you hear the kids getting up in the other room. You had a busy weekend so you didn’t get a chance to go to the grocery store and have no idea what to make them for breakfast. You know they need something healthy but right now, you can barely find enough cereal to fill a bowl and wish you had a better plan. You are tired of always having to think about what healthy foods to feed your toddler and wish you had a better system.

Yup… I’ve been there too.

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healthy toddler breakfasts

Toddlers are picky. Some days they love something and other days it’s the worst food ever. You may have to try super hard to get something healthy in them and other days they’ll eat the entire pint of blueberries you were hoping to enjoy too.

As our kids grow, it’s up to us to help build their taste buds and help them make healthier choices. Kids don’t know what sugar tastes like until we give it to them. As parents, it’s up to us to give them healthy choices, pray they don’t just throw it on the floor, and fuel their tiny little bodies so that they have all that energy to burn.




Now, before you go thinking we eat 100% whole foods, organic everything, and grow all of our own food (and there is nothing wrong with that!), we’re not there yet. I am currently in the slow transition to making our lives and home healthier which includes what we eat and the products that we put on our bodies. Right now though, we do our best to just make sure we are at least trying to get our kids to eat healthy.

But the thing is, it’s not easy. Tantrums are frequent in this house, I have time where I haven’t make our weekly shopping trip and it’s all about being creative in the kitchen, and sometimes we just choose whatever option is available.

So, I’ve come up with a simple system that we use in this house that allows out kids some choice, decreases the tantrums and makes it super easy to have anyone give the kids breakfast if I’m not home to make it.



What to Feed your Toddler


I like to use meals that are quick and easy to make and we are pretty much a ‘no frills’ home when it comes to breakfast. Breakfast is one of our favorite meals and often, we just grab a healthy shake and go,  so  I don’t go all out or make anything too fancy unless it’s a special occasion.


I also think it’s important to balance the kids food with the right things that they need. I make their breakfasts just like mine; 50% protein and 50% carbohydrate (and veggies are extra credit!). When I look at which carbs to give the kids, I look for ones that are Fiber Filled… fruits (not juice), whole grains, and high fiber foods. We try to stay away from things with white flour, added sugars, or artificially flavored stuff.

Daily Sunshine is our GO TO Shake for all of our kids! You can grab a sampler pack here!

I’ve created a super simple chart that I keep on the side of our refrigerator so that anyway can create a balanced breakfast. This is super helpful for my 11 year old step son. He makes his own breakfasts about half the time and knows to go right to the chart and pick one thing from the carb column and one thing from the protein column. If it was up to him to make breakfasts he’d probably just have bacon with a side of bacon.


The things is at breakfast time we need BOTH carbs and protein. Protein will keep us and the kids full until the next meal and the carbs give us the energy to get through the morning. You want to make sure you balance protein and carb and not just give them two carbs (like waffles with fruit).


As for protein sizes, I really just eyeball what I know my kids will eat. With toddlers, I think it’s important to give them less to begin with to eliminate waste, otherwise my dog will eat most of it. I use this same system for my 10 month old as well. He and my daughter will have the same breakfast so I don’t have to make anything else and I will just cut his food into smaller pieces.


Check out the chart that we use in our house and, if you want to print one for your house, just drop your email! You’ll get hooked up with my weekly mom newsletter and as a gift, you get your own version of the chart to use in your home!

Simple Toddler Breakfasts

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    Easy Breakfast Recipes


    I’m not much of a cook but, this year I made a goal to make more of an effort in the kitchen and to make as much from scratch as possible. That means that I always make a huge batch of pancakes, am drooling over this waffle maker I want to buy, and try to mix it up with some new recipes every few weeks.


    I’ve also found some awesome, healthy and toddler approved recipes for you!!! Head over to check these yummy recipes out to add to your breakfast chart!



    Kid-Friendly Breakfast Broccoli from On My Kids Plate 





    Apple Protein Muffins from One Clever Chef





    Healthy Breakfast Bowls from 5 Minutes for Mom





    Kid Friendly Avocado Toast from Theresa’s Reviews





    Blender Spinach Muffins from Joy Food Sunshine





    Yogurt Fruit Breakfast Pizza from Finding Zest




    Hope these tips help you feel more in control during breakfast and ready to take on the mornings! Keep it simple, balance what your kids need, and fuel them right!


    Don’t forget to jump over and get your own chart to post in your home and, if this was helpful, make sure you share it on Facebook or PIN it for later!

    Hey Mama!! Want to Make Breakfast Easier?

    Grab this mix and match breakfast chart that makes mornings simple!

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