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 How to Save Money Shopping in Stores




As we kick off today, I want to start with my feelings on holiday spending in general.


Spend like you don’t have a credit card to use at all. It makes you rethink every purchase, wonder if you really need to spend in excess or get another gift for someone, and really prioritize what matters to you.


I’m not going to be unrealistic and say that you shouldn’t spend any money during the holidays because, let’s face it, we all do. That’s why I firmly believe in creating a cash budget that works for you and doing your best to stick to it. If you need a savings plan head over to this post where I show you how to create one and if you want the basics on how to actually make the budget, read this post!


Now, let’s talk about how you can save the most money while you’re shopping in stores this holiday season!


If you’re wanting to maximize deals, I hate to say it, but most stores have great deals on Black Friday and throughout the weekend. It tends to be a mob so, don’t feel like you have to go out that weekend to snag the deals. Throughout the month, you’ll be able to maximize deals at stores you regularly shop at if you have an idea when they are having sales. To find out, head over to their website and sign up for their email newsletter. Most stores will email you a day before the sale so, if you see something that you want, you can plan to head to that store.


PRO TIP: I have actually created one separate email address that holds my coupon deals and store emails because I don’t want it to clog up my regular email.


Even if you don’t sign up for their newsletter, head to their website or check sites like Retail Me Not to see if you can find a printable coupon to take to the store. If you take just 5 minutes before you shop to look, you can at least find something that is 10% off and, when you’re aiming to stick to your budget, those few dollars can add up and be put toward another gift.


Another thing to help you save while in stores is to use your rebate apps. I love the app Shopkick just for this. When you’re walking in and out of a lot of stores this holiday season, Shopkick will give you points! They also load up coupons you can use and points you can earn just for spending money. Just make sure you save all the receipts!


PRO TIP: Save all receipts in an envelope the entire holiday season. If you buy extra gifts, decide when you’re wrapping you don’t need something, or just want to exchange it, you’ll want to make sure you don’t lose that!


There are a ton of other apps that will give you discounts and cashback just for buying in stores. You can read more here about my favorite apps in detail but click my referral links below to sign up for my favs and get started!



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My other top tip when it comes to saving money when you’re shopping at stores is to check out thrift, consignment and Goodwill stores! Particularly when your kids are little like mine, they don’t even know the difference between brand new and gently used and will love it anyway. I’ve gotten most of my kid’s gifts at consignment since they were born and it has saved me a ton! Once I got over my pride of feeling like they ‘have to have’ a ton of things, I was able to easily stay on my budget!


PRO TIP: Don’t forget to check out Facebook marketplace for great deals! So often people are looking to get rid of their gently used items at a great price (because they want the cash to buy things for their kids!). Most things are great quality and you can post ISO (in search of) a particular items in many of the buy/sell/trade groups. This helps you find exactly what you’re looking for at a rock bottom price!


Today’s Assignment:

  1. Create a list of the items you are looking to buy for the holidays and where you want to buy them. Download the worksheet  below to get you started with your ideas. Note whether you could try to find things in the marketplace vs having to pay full price at a retail store
  2. Create a separate email address for stores and shopping
  3. Go to the stores website and sign up for their email newsletter so you can start collecting coupons, deals and flash sale information now!

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