Welcome To Day 2 of Our Challenge!


 How to Save Money Shopping Online



Hopefully yesterday you came up with a great start to your holiday shopping list (and if you need any help planning out the rest of your to-do list and gifts to buy, head to this post where I share the Ultimate Christmas Planner)


Today, let’s talk about where we’re probably all going to the the bulk of our shopping … online!


I mean really, what did people do before Amazon Prime existed? You literally can get anything to your door in two days or less — gifts, diapers, food, you name it!


And when you online shop, you save yourself time not waiting in lines at the store, you can hunt for the best deals in your pajamas, and heck… the items you search will even stalk you all over the internet reminding you to buy!


This time of year is the best time to capitalize on deals. Every company is literally slashing prices trying to compete with Amazon for the best price and, giving away major discount! You can use this to your advantage, stay on your Christmas budget, and even make money back if you know how to play the online shopping game right!


The easiest and top tip that you have to try when you’re shopping online is to make sure you’re always signed into EBATES! Ebates is a website (and chrome extension) that you have on your computer that literally finds all of the deals for you! Every time you buy something online, just because you go to their site first to login, you get a percentage back! Some companies only offer you 1% but I’ve gotten up to 20% cashback on purchases!


During the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, Ebates even offers double to triple cash back! Make sure when you log in you also check that store for a coupon code! If you don’t have EBATES, just click here and use my referral code to open your account! You’ll even get $10 when you make your first purchase (which you know you’ll be making soon anyway!)


Speaking of online shopping, always check those emails you’ve been getting from companies for codes. You can also use sites and apps such as retailmenot where you can find discounts from percentages off, to cash discounts to free shipping!


I always do my best to make sure that I don’t have have to pay for shipping! If you find that you need to spend a certain amount to qualify for free shipping, pair up with a friend and see if they want to place the order together. This way you guys can split tax and shipping and save a few more dollars! Remember, when your goal is to stay on your holiday budget, every dollar counts!


When you’re shopping online for products, make sure that you shop around when you can. Many small business will have great deals on things like custom gifts, so don’t overlook them.


If you’re looking for some cheaper gifts, make sure you also head over to LTD Commodities and check out what they have to offer! Some of their stuff is a little cheesy but can also be perfect for someone. They also have a lot of great sports paraphernalia which always works for people that I don’t know what to get but I know they have a favorite sports team!


Make sure you also take time before hand to start scouring Pinterest for ideas and fun gifts. Many bloggers create what’s called a gift guide where they find the ‘best of list for specific products. For example, I’ve created a gift guide for Coffee Loving Moms and one for the best gifts for Moms of Little Ones.


I’ve also created a page with gift ideas over on my Amazon account. Complete disclosure, every time someone shows through my amazon influencer link, I receive a small commission. So if you’re doing any amazon shopping this holiday season, I’d appreciate if you bookmarks this page and clicked on it before shopping!


Speaking of Amazon shopping, if you can wait a few more days, you can make money! At checkout, click on delayed shipping. This gives you the option to wait longer than the 2 day prime shipping and they’ll give you a credit to use for another department. I did this the other day and got a $5 book credit!


You can also create wish lists on Amazon where you can save things you want to buy, direct family members to gifts for you or the kids, and more! Make sure you start to create one so that you can keep ideas and shop around for the cheapest price!


Oh, and if you don’t have Amazon prime, go and grab it! You’ll save a ton on shipping, get to use the video streaming, access to kindle books, and more! It completely is worth it!


PRO TIP: If you keep something in your Amazon cart and it goes on sale, Amazon will email you a reminder that you can get it for cheaper!

Action Steps:

  1. Sign up for EBATES to make sure you’re getting cash back for online shopping
  2. Create a Pinterest board with ideas of gifts you want to buy or gift guides you’ve seen so that you can check back over the holidays and see what sales they have going on
  3. Head over to Amazon and start adding things to a wish list or in your cart that you’re looking to buy! This will help you start to comparison price shop.
  4. Go back to the list you made yesterday of gifts you needed to buy and check off any where you can most likely find a better deal online!