Time management and productivity tips for moms.

Let's create systems in your home and business.

Go from overwhelmed with everything on your plate to intentional and in control.

Ever get to the end of the day and just want to throw your hands in the air because you have no idea what you actually accomplished?

Is your to-do list filled with endless tasks for everyone else but nothing for you? 

Are you getting pulled in a million directions and everytime a distraction pops up, you feel like you have to start over  OR you have no clue how to even pick things up again?

I know that feeling and I can help.

Hi, I’m Cara Harvey

I’m Cara, a mom just like you!

I was a teacher for 8 years until severe burnout set in and I knew I had to make some changes. I decided to become a work from home mom so that I could balance my priorities, spend time with my family and follow my passions! I now work as a virtual mentor to other moms who want to design a life they love, feel less frazzled, and reach their own goals! 

I help overwhelmed moms take MASSIVE action on their goals and 3x their productivity WITHOUT overwhelm or burnout.

Because yes -it is possible. 

It’s possible to create a life where your priorities actually get your attention. 

A life where you take time for you. 

And a life where you know how to manage your time to help you get more done of what matters. 


Imagine ending the day feeling proud of what you’ve accomplished instead of beating yourself over what you didn’t.


Imagine having time in your life for your goals, your family and your business. 


Imagine waking up every morning with intentionality and a plan that you can follow – but also be flexible with when life goes out of sorts


(It’s Totally Possible!)

Let me help you get there!


Take The Next Step

In this 60 minute free training you’ll learn How to Take Massive Action on Your Goals without Overwhelm or Burnout  plus a free weekly planning system and Trello Board to download TODAY.  This training is packed with tangible and actionable take-aways!

Top Rated Podcast

Listen in to my bi-weekly show to learn to take action on your goals and 3x your productivity. Each episode is filled with practical strategies, relevant interviews and all around amazing resources to help you manage your busy mom life. 

Work With Cara

Need help with your time management and productivity? Interested in practical resources to help conquer your goals?  Check out the Purpose Driven Mom Store, where you can choose your own adventure and grab a class or course to meet your needs!

I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and burnt out.

  • Former School teacher Who Felt Lost In Work and Motherhood
  • Figured out a system that doesn’t put ME last. 
  • Helped over 2,000 students in my programs learn how to manage their days, ditch the stress and find time for them. 
  • Now helps students all over the world through my courses and podcast find their spark again!

Raise your hand if it sounds impossible to find time for you with all the demands on your plate?

I get it. But guess what? You DESERVE to craft routines in your home that support your family, your goals and YOU.

Learn how to do it. Take action. You’ve got this.

The FREE Ultimate Weekly Planning Checklist!

Are you ready to go into your week feeling less frazzled and more in control? 

You need this checklist to help you set up your week, save time running around and plan out time for you! 

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