I am a planner addict.


I seriously don’t know why I keep buying so many but I do it every year.


I’m also a paper and pen girl. As easy as technology makes it for us, there is just something amazing at getting to physically cross off something I’ve done for the day.


And I write down EVERYTHING. From doing laundry, to making phone calls, to even sometimes showering (yes mamas… you know what I mean!) it all gets written in my planner.


I got the opportunity to check out the Slay Your Goals Planner from Nadalie at Its All You Boo and was super pumped to dive in.


So from one planner addict to another, here is my honest review after using her planner for a month.


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First Impressions Matter 


My initial thought when I got the planner in my email was “oh heck no I’m not printing 60+ pages”. But, I took a breath and decided to not freak and check it all out first. From just scrolling a few pages I realized that I didn’t need to print it all out right now but just what was relevant for my goals and what I needed right now.


Since a lot of her goal setting sheets were meant to use quarterly, I only needed the ones for the next few months. I follow the principles of the 12 Week Year which helps you make quarterly goals so this was a perfect fit for me!


My second thought when I saw this planner was O.M.G this is GORGEOUS! Let’s be real, if something is pretty, we’re more likely to want to use it. I mean that’s why I buy a million planners and any sort of pretty notebook with a fancy quote on in and this planner does not disappoint. Nadalie did an amazing job designing it, and the colors alone made me want to set bigger goals and work through the sheets!



Before You Even Plan, You Gotta Dig Deep 


My favorite part of this planner was that it is SO much more than a planner! Before you even get to the basic planner type pages, you dig deep into your intentions, your passions, your goals and your life.


You’ll need to schedule out some time to go through all of the sheets so you can really put some thought into it. Honestly, it took me 5 days to actually find the time to get through the first chunk of pages and think about my yearly, quarterly and monthly goals so it was a time investment.


The Day to Day Plan 


I loved that this planner was set up by quarters and really had to go deep to identify who you’d get to your goals, ALL of the little steps along the way, and even who is going to be in your corner as you attack these goals.


Each quarter the planner sets you up to go through and reflect and rethink about what’s happening in your life and how you can pick the day to day activities to move you there.


Now if by this time you’re like ‘wait a minute, I need a place to write down those little things too!”, have no fear!! On top of all the goal setting sheets, quarterly and monthly planning, this Slay Your Goals Planner still has all the planner basics including yearly snapshot calendars, monthly planning blocks, a place to rate your priorities, and a daily planner so you don’t forget about the kids soccer practice or doctor’s appointment.


Her daily planner was one of my favorite features of the planner. Yes, you need to print it out for the days you want to plan so that’s a bummer BUT it has ALL the hours. My biggest pet peeve when it comes to hourly planners is that they never start early enough for me or go late enough. I start my day at 5am and it ends around 11pm and I like to plan it out. Most planners start at 7am or end by 8pm and that doesn’t help me out at all! This planner includes an Early Bird and Night Owl option so, no matter what your schedule, you can make it work!

Is this planner for you?


Listen mama, if you’re just looking for something to keep your dates and times so you don’t forget to go to the doctor, this probably isn’t the planner for you! This planner is best for the woman who wants to really figure out what she wants in life and come up with a plan to get there.


This planner is going to make you really think about your life, what you want and how you’re going to get there. It’s not a planner for the person who just wants to pretend at achieving their goals but for the woman who really is tired of feeling stuck!


I highly recommend the Slay Your Goals Planner for anyone who followers the 12 Week Year or wants to do quarterly goals! This planner really sets you up for success if you take the time to do it!


Want your copy??? Head over and grab it now!


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