I am a personal growth junkie.

Anything to help make me a better person, love myself more, and feel more confident in life is right up my alley.

So when I got the opportunity to review the book Lies Moms Believe, I was super excited. I originally heard the author Rebekah Hargraves on a podcast interview and loved her vibe and message. Rebekah’s entire vibe is about bringing women back to God’s word on this crazy journey of biblical motherhood.

As a newer believer (I was saved a little over 4 years ago), I inhale any development that allows me to get closer to God, understand the bible better, and improve myself. So of course, as soon as I was done listening to her interview, I jumped on the book!

Now, before I dive right into some of the “Lies” that stood out most to me, I wanted to give you a quick tip on how I fit in time to read it. One of the hardest parts of a mom is actually finding and taking the time to read and develop and grow. This is one of the reasons I love audiobooks, and I truly thought I was going to struggle to get through this book since I was reading it on the e-reader of my phone.

One of the things I liked best about the book was that the chapters were short and easy to digest. They made me think a lot after reading and I was doing a lot of reflection with them but, I could get one chapter read in about 10-15 minutes a day, which mama… it SO doable! I started a new routine where, after I got the kids to nap and before I dove into work (I only get 60-90 minutes a day when my kid’s naps line up and I get to work) I would read a chapter, decompress from my morning (because yay… we made it to nap!), and pray purposefully about the rest of my day, anything I needed strength for, and anything I needed to talk to God about.

Just doing that habit has changed my mindset so much in the afternoons! Yes, I was losing 20-30 minutes a day of my very precious work time but, have you ever heard the phrase “you have to slow down to speed up”? Because that is exactly what reading Lies Moms Believe did for me. It allowed me to stop, reflect, feel connected to other moms and God, and really set intentions for the day.

The Book

Now that I’ve set you up with the how and why that I read this book, I want to share with you my thoughts on it and what I loved! Because honestly, there was a lot to love!

In this book, “Rebekah addresses 32 of the most common lies moms believe today about the importance of motherhood, children, the role of a mom, and more.” {from the book’s website}

Each chapter is set up as a “lie” that we as moms tell ourselves and ladies… I am guilty of so many of them! Each of the lies is ones that she has heard from moms that she works with and surveyed and they are all so relatable and true.

She follows a description of each lie with, what I find the most important, how God refutes this lie. She uses stories from the bible and scripture to connect each of those lies to our day to day life. And, as I stated earlier, as a newer believer (and mom who has said almost all of those things to herself) I loved having the scripture to reference and connect with. So often, we tell ourselves these terrible lies but knowing God’s truth can always help center us back to what matters and what really is truth vs a lie.

I’m not going to share all of the lies… (you just have to get the book for that!) but wanted to share the ones that stood out to me the most…

Lie #5: Mommy Guilt Is Just Something I Have to Live With

Lie #8 I have to be the perfect mom

Lie #9 I have to do it all

Lie #13 I’m selfish if I have any ‘me time’

Lie #19 I am responsible for my child’s happiness

Lie #31 Good moms have to do XYZ

There are 32 lies that she expertly refutes with the scripture to back it and Rebekah really makes you feel less alone in this whole mothering thing!

So if you are a mom looking for a book to enhance your relationship with God and your mothering, go and grab your copy of Lies Moms Believe now! There is also a companion bible study coming out on 3/31 that I think is going to be an excellent way to extend all that I learned in the book!

Have you read it or think it could help other moms??? Hit that PIN it buttons now and then go GRAB YOUR COPY!

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