What does it mean to have more for mom?


Is there More for Mom out there? 


Motherhood is tough. 


Every single day you may feel like you’re failing. You make mistakes, you compare yourself to other moms and you try to live up to a perfect standard that only exists in our heads. Society screams that you should be one way, your heart may lead you another way and you do your best to lead your children in a way that is pleasing to God. 


Every day feels like you’re on the battle ground. 


And maybe you’ve been there before – stuck in the grind of day to day when months go by and you wonder when you last did something for you, picked up your bible for quiet time with the Lord, or even had a few minutes to take a breather and reflect. 


It’s the unfortunate truth of parts of motherhood but it doesn’t have to be the entire truth. 


God made us for more. He made us to live in and lean on Him. While life will never be without struggle that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to always feel like a struggle. 


So often in motherhood we act as though we are victims. 


“I just can’t find the time to read my bible”


“My house will always be a mess – I have kids” 


“It’s too hard to make it to church with little kids” 


And the list goes on and on. 


But have faith – motherhood CAN feel easier. But only when you lean on God and give in the right way (not just ways that leave you feeling drained) 


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More for Mom Book Review

If you’re looking for a book that is refreshing for your mommy soul, you should definitely check out More or Mom by Kristin Furston. 


I was able to preview this book before it came out and was so glad that it came across my lap! 


I’m constantly reading parenting books and listening to parenting podcasts that help me look at motherhood through a new lens. 



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I had gotten to a place where I was feeling stuck, like my kids were ‘in the way’ of my to do list and irritated at any interruption that wasn’t in my plan. 


I’m so thankful that I was able to read this book because it helped me refocus my parenting and mindset around how much strength God will give me though motherhood. 


This book is a nice, humor filled read that any mom can connect with. In it Funston shares moments from her life (that trust me – we can ALL relate to as moms) and mixes them with the biblical truths that we need to hear when we are in the motherhood trenches. 


Not only does More for Mom speak to your spiritual life but gives you practical and applicable action you can take to change your mindset and parenthood right away. I love reading books that allow me to take action and not just hear their opinions or theory. 


This book is rooted in scripture which is very important to me when discerning parenting books and is laid out in an easy to follow sequence.  It allows moms to recognize what it truly looks like in the daily grind to be holy and whole – not just constantly on the struggle bus.




Quotes from More for Mom


I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from this book to give you a better picture if this book will help you as a mom!


I’ve saved them to Trello board so that I can pull out the quotes as I need a little boost or text them over to a friend who might be having a hard day!






It’s being content in the crazy and having peace knowing that God’s in control, even when I’m stretched thin and don’t feel like I can do anything else”. P5






“We search and search and set happiness at the end of the path we’re tumbling down. But happiness comes along the way. It meets us along the routine rather than at the designation “ p26






“Our thoughts, decisions and overall mindset much live in a holy place, a place set apart from what our world says is natural for us. Once our minds are right, our spirits will lead and than our bodies – actions, words, feelings – will follow.” P 48






“It’s hard to enjoy the behind the scenes of our own lives while we are looking out at the highlight reel of the rest of the world” p85






“Why have we let our reality shape our fantasies? We need to let our God-driven fantasies shape our realities.” p 126







Who Should Read More for Mom


If you’re looking for a great Christian book on motherhood and need some refreshment in parenting, I highly recommend picking up a copy of More For Mom!


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This is also great if you’re looking to really look practically at the time you spend with God and how you spend the rest of your days. 


This book includes some great chapters and actionable tips on technology and fasting that I’m excited to add into my life!







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Have you read it? Leave your review in the comments!




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