This week I was super pumped to find a recipe from Fixate that fit the colors I needed for my 80 day obsession meal plan, tasted yummy, used ingredients I had on had, AND had some extra veggies in it!

I’ll admit, I never have been a ‘meatloaf person’. I remember hating it as a kid so honestly, I was a big reluctant to try this one. But, I have been looking for recipes that are just one red containers for my meal plan and this one fit the bill. All the kids loved this one and it was even better as a leftover!

What are some of your go to recipes when it comes to adding in hidden veggies? Besides the Daily Sunshine my kiddos drink (acts like a salad, tastes like a dessert!) I’d love to have more options! Head to the comments and share your favorite recipes with me!


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