Podcast 02: How to Find Time For Self Care as a Busy Mom

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 02

How to Find Time For Self Care as a Busy Mom




Today’s episode helps show you how you can find time to fit in self care as a busy mom. Get ideas for types of self care you can do as a mom and how to fit it in your day!





Episode Show Notes

2:06 What is self care for moms? 

2:44 Why we need self care as busy moms

11:36 Why don’t we do self care?

20:08 How do you fit in self care as a busy mom?

27:33 15 Minutes or Less Self Care Activities

34:30 30 minutes or more Self Care Activities

36:40 Accountability matters with Self Care



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Books for Moms

Mom Set Free by Jeannie Cunnion

Brave Art of Mother Hood by Rachel Marie Martin

Cultivate by Lara Casey

No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage

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