Podcast 04 Creating Summer Routines

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 04

Creating an Summer Routines for Your Family




Let’s chat about creating summer routines today! As we dive into summer, it’s key to come up with a vision for your summer and routines that allow your summer to be fun and joyful – and not super stressed.





Episode Show Notes

1:30 Review of the Week (and special gift!)

3:33 Let’s talk about summer routines!

5:27 Why you need summer routines

7:30 Create a vision for your summer

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • How will your schedule change?
  • How will the kids schedules change?
  • Will you have a more relaxed summer or rushed with activities?
  • Do you want to plan a lot of activities or let them free play?
  • How about tech time?
  • Learning Activities, reading or a break?
  • What’s your summer budget?
  • Will you take any vacation time?

11:08 Do you need a summer bucket list?

13:30 How to Stop Comparing Your Summer to Another Mom’s

16:30 What things do you want to do over the summer?

17:50 Involving Your Kids in Creating a Summer Bucket List

18:42 Communicating Summer Expectations with Your Kids

20:48 Conquering wake up and bedtime in the summer

25:00 Using time blocking for your summer schedule

27:00 Creating a chore schedule for the summer

31:00 Learning Activities in Your Summer Routine

40:00 Tech Time During the Summer

43:00 Meal Time Routines During the Summer

45:00 Creating a Summer Budget

47:00 Moments for Mom in the Summer

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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 

Audible – Get 2 Free Books

Play Through the Bible Book

Hero Training Character Study  use code APDM20 for 20% off until the end of June 2019

Ultimate Theme Night Guide 

Khan Academy

Busy on a Budget E-Course 



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