Podcast 10 – Travel Tips for a Stress Free Vacation

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Episode 10

Travel Tips for a Stress Free Vacation




In today’s episode I am going to share my best tips and resources for how to plan a stress free vacation with your kids! I’ll share what routines went well, how we saved money and vacationed on a budget and how you can enjoy the trip as well!






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Episode Show Notes

4:28 Why we haven’t taken a family vacation in two years

6:30 Quick Summary of our Trip

8:53 Things to do before you leave for vacation

13:38 How to Set a Budget for Your Trip

20:58 How to Save for Your Trip

23:00 How to save money when you are on your trip

28:09 Routines that helped for a stress free trip

32:00 Travel Tips for Car Road Trips

35:00 Pool and Beach Travel Tips

36:15 What I wish I did on this trip

38:13 Trip Ideas for transitioning home after vacation


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Links and Resources Mentioned in Today’s Episode 

Watch my IGTV on how we packed snacks to save money!

How to Create a Bedtime Routine for Your Kids

Get $10 free from Rakuten (formally Ebates) before you book your trip

Use Ibotta for cash back on your trip

Use Amazon Home Services for House Cleaning

Need Help Budgeting? Grab my Busy on a Budget course here in the Master your Money Super Bundle



Busy Bags and Activities for the Car Ride





This travel potty is amazing! It folds up and you put a bag under it for easy clean up!




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