5 Things I've learned in 100 Episodes

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Episode 100

Here we are celebrating 100 episodes on the Purpose Driven Mom Podcast show! Here are 5 things I’ve learned while going after my big goal which I hope can help you chase your dream today too.

It’s okay to change and pivot for your big goals

Do you have a big goal that you would love to go after?! Sometimes we get so caught in having to figure out the plan for our goals that we are not willing to be flexible for what is needed. It’s okay to change.

Sometimes when you are going after a big goal you have to change the plan and there is nothing wrong with that. You don’t have to worry about it. You don’t have to stick 100% to your original idea even if it’s what you said that you are going to do. It’s fine to change things as you go along.

Try things that you might not think you will be good at

Does that ever happen to you? Where do you nearly stop yourself from trying something because you think that it may be something that you are not good at? And you might not enjoy it?

Sometimes we let fear get in our way, so we don’t experience things because we think “Well, what if I’m not good at it?” Well, so what!? I say give it a try! Two easy ways to get started trying: 1) Learn through online courses. 2) Take it into action and practice what you are learning.

Perfectionism will kill your goal

If you are someone who puts things off because things are not looking the way that you want them to, then you are never going to get out there and complete your goal. You are not going to be serving the world and you will not be serving your people, and you’ll never serve yourself.

You don’t have to have your ducks in a row. You don’t have to have the perfect graphics or the perfect website.

If you are procrastinating on something —- this could be another form of perfectionism. Try to visualize the outcome of your goal and then get into action by taking that first imperfect step.

It is okay to ask for help

With a team … Even if you do NOT have systems. Even if you feel like a hot mess in your goal. Ask for help with your team or … don’t have a team?! Try and make that first hire.

With home … communicating to your people in your family and community to come alongside you to work on your goal is huge. And you need to ask for help. Asking for help will allow you to do more and give you time to plan and help you feel less scattered.

No. 5
Nobody has it all together

We all have struggles. We all have days that we don’t feel aligned. We all have days that there is no work done on your priorities and goals.

But emerge yourself into a community with other moms and you will learn that we don’t have it all together. And when we learn that we are not alone and we are not the only ones that feel like and that we don’t have it all together — this normalizes the struggles we moms face and it breaks that perfectionism image that “other moms’ ‘ must have it all together.


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Episode Highlights:

1:25 No.1 — It’s okay to change and pivot for your big goals
3:43 No.2 — Try things that you might not think you will be good at
10:10 No.3 — Perfectionism will kill your goal
12:10 No.4 — It is okay to ask for help
15:16 No. 5 — Nobody has it all together

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