Creating A Self Care Routine From Scratch

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 109

I say “self-care” and maybe you think of bubble baths and manicures but there is so much more to it. If you really want to take care of yourselves, you need some things that are going to rejuvenate your spirit. So switch self-care to think of it as buckets you are trying to fill, like: quiet-time, me-time, planning-time, and growth-time.

In today’s episode, we are talking with Kellie and breaking down her self-care goal in a LIVE coaching session with Cara and other moms from the Purpose Driven Mom’s Club.

Kellie hasn’t had a self-care plan in years and doesn’t really know where to start. What makes today’s conversation really interesting is that Cara will need to pull out all the stops to bring Kellie’s 4-week startup plan together.

Listen in on how Cara mixes and pulls in pieces of the different types of goals you typically create from which are: project-based goals, numerical-based goals, habit, and routine-based goals.

Creating Kellie’s 4-week plan used all three types of these goals which made it complicated but you can really sit down and understand the step-by-step process Cara took to flesh it out making it feel simple, and tangible without the overwhelm and burnout.

So if you are looking to build in more mom self-care time or starting a self-care plan from scratch listen in on today’s episode, be inspired, and take action some notes.

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Episode Highlights:

5:22 Starting Kellie’s goal of creating a self-care plan
7:41 When you start to make goals …. Do this first!
9:42 Different areas of self-care
13:14 Planning … is it self-care?!
19:18 Making the self-care plan

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