Clutter & The Enneagram with Laurie Palau

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Episode 129

Why is clutter such a struggle?! Whether it’s emotional, physical, or calendar clutter, in this episode we dive into the “WHY” behind your clutter habits, using a tool called the Enneagram. We’ll uncover some of the reasons — why you do what you do with your clutter, according to your personality type.

The enneagram is a personality test that allows you to not only pick out your strengths but also shows you your areas of weaknesses as well — and what you can do to improve them. (or work with them 🥰 )

The enneagram is not only a great tool for your own self-awareness but it also can speak into the way you organize (or don’t organize) your home as well.

Today’s guest, Laurie, has done her enneagram research, worked in the professional organization industry for years, and made connections between your personality type (from the enneagram) and the clutter pitfall you may stumble across as you work to get rid of your clutter.

She says that you don’t need another blanketed “How-To” strategy. What you need is to dive into and unwrap the motivation you have behind the things that you do in your home and with your clutter, by using the enneagram as a tool so you know where you can make your next change.

So listen to today’s episode and get ready to ditch the guilt and shame of “never getting your clutter under control”. There’s nothing wrong with you. You do things a certain way because you have a certain personality type. For links to the enneagram test and to check out Laurie’s enneagram and clutter course … scroll down a little to the “Links Mentioned” section. 

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Episode Highlights:

4:41 Meet Laurie
7:53 What is the enneagram?
11:41 How do you figure out what your enneagram type is?
17:28 Enneagram and your clutter
25:00 Examples of enneagram and clutter and talking to your kids about their own self-awareness
39:53 Moms to empower your kids to help around the house
42:31 Not using your weakness as a crutch

Links Mentioned:

About Laurie:

I am the founder of Simply B Organized (SBO) where I write, teach and work with people of all ages helping them to declutter and work smarter. I also host a weekly podcast called This ORGANIZED Life where I chat with awesome guests who talk about life, work, parenting, and the role that organization has in their lives.

When I started my business in 2009, I was a busy working mom with two little kids and a husband who traveled 80% of the time. I could relate to many of the struggles and demands that life throws our way. I realized that if I shared my experiences, and offered simple & practical solutions, it may help others who were unable to see the forest through the trees.

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