Moving From an Hourly Scheduler to a Time Blocked Plan

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 139

How do you move from an hourly schedule to a time-blocked plan? If you are not sure how to have a schedule that is:
➡️ fun
➡️ flexibility
➡️ actionable
➡️ customizable

… then, this episode is for you.

Time blocking is the perfect way that you, as a busy mom, can create a schedule that works for you. Because that old way of planning — that dreaded hourly schedule doesn’t work when you have kids. A.k.a. Kids don’t operate on an hourly basis. (surprise!)

As you know, time blocking gives you the flexibility you need AND also the freedom. But … there is a key often overlooked about using time blocking as a tool and that is it also creates urgency for you as well! YAY! #getthethingdone

As in — you just created a deadline for yourself but don’t that the word deadline scares you because you made it manageable for you, your home, your kids, and the lifestyle you want.

➡️ How does this self-imposed urgency thing work?
➡️ What does a customized time block actually look like?
➡️ Do you have any examples of time blocking?

Yes, yes, and yes, to all of the above.

Today Cara dishes out all her time blocking secrets. Starting with — “It’s not about creating a perfect schedule and thereby creating perfect! It’s about you prioritizing what would make the most impact in your life and focusing on it.”

And you never guess where Cara recommends starting with to whip your schedule into shape … shhh, it’s your evening routine … 🤐 but I’m not spilling any more secrets.

Listen to this episode for more juice details …

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Episode Highlights:

4:02 Where do you start when you want to create a time block schedule and WHY is it the best way for moms to create schedules …
8:32 What are you putting in your time block? Customize your time block for you! Here’s how …
12:15 When you feel like you are getting nowhere on your schedule, and you feel like nothing is working —- Sunday rolls around and there is no progress being made! Try this instead …
16:30 When the things that get done are the things that scream the loudest … but they are not the most important and are always getting pushed to the side. Urgh! So frustrating!!!
19:41 When days are opposite of your schedule or the weekends toss your schedule out the window… What do you do with your time blocking schedule as a busy mom?! … check this out …
21:26 When “Goals” feels like a dirty word …
30:31 When you have a plan and know where you want to go but you don’t know how to get there … Here’s how to bridge the gap …

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