Overcoming Anger One Moment at a Time with Natalie Hixson

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 149

All of us get angry. It’s a totally normal and strong human response. But what about when anger becomes destructive?

➡️ How do you know destructive anger vs. healthy anger?
➡️ Is there even a difference? (Yep, there is!)
➡️ And when you are in destructive anger mode … What can you do to pull yourself out?
➡️ Or how can you become proactive and stop destructive anger from happening?

This destructive anger — is what we’re talking about today with our guest, Natalie Hixson.

Have you ever had a moment in your anger where you are like “What am I saying?” “Why am I speaking like this?” And you don’t want to be yelling but you can’t seem to stop yourself.

Let’s talk about avoiding the “dark years” of motherhood today. Let’s talk about mom anger and mom rage. It feels like a highly unpopular topic, but so many of us moms struggle with this!

Mom anger is normal. You are not alone. So let’s get some tools in your toolbox about how, why, and when to deal with your anger, to take control of your reactions so you can enjoy motherhood.

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Episode Highlights:

4:27 Meet Natalie
5:20 Natalie’s story of destructive anger
14:34 What is the difference between healthy anger and destructive anger?
21:28 Tools for when you are in the moment in reactive anger — how do you take a step back?
27:19 How do you deal with your triggers and be proactive in your anger? Listen here to grab Natalies’ practical tools.
30:06 To the mom that feels like your anger is unstoppable and that you are JUST stuck in a pattern

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About Natalie:

Is yelling, screaming, slamming doors, etc… a regular thing in your life? Mom-guilt keeping you up at night?

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