The 3 Types of Goals and How to Create a Plan for Them

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 156

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Did you know that not every goal should be looked at the same?

We often will treat all of our goals like they are one size fits all and that can get in our way in creating a great action plan for them instead!

There are three types of goals I teach and you need to approach breaking them down differently.

Think about the goals you’ve set for yourself for the next few weeks and ask yourself – what type of goal is this really?

Type #1 is Numerical — These are goals that can be easily broken down because you just need to do the math. Want to read 12 books this year – simply divide by 12 and you know you need to read 1 per month. Looking to run 90 miles this quarter? Divide 90 by 3 and you know you need to run 30 a month or 1 mile a day. Breaking these goals down this way makes it so much more management!

Type #2 is Project-Based – These goals need to be broken down by tasks, preferably into 15-minute chunks. They aren’t as easy to break down as numerical goals but you can do it by action instead. Looking to declutter your kitchen? Break this project down by section of your kitchen and small chunks such as the spices, tupperware or utensils.

Type #3 are Routine or Habit Based – These goals need my routine stacking method. This method allows you to break a routine down into 4-8 week chunks and makes it SO much easier to use a slow and steady approach for a lifelong change!

Want more types about how you can use these? Check out my free workshop on How to Find Time to Take Massive Action on Your Goals without Overwhelm at www.apurposedrivenmom.com/goals

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