Healing and Growing from Trauma as a Mom with Jennifer Agard

A Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 157

Do you sometimes wonder about situations happening in your parenting or in your marriage and think that there may be something a little deeper going on here?

Maybe it’s not your fault you feel the need to control everything in your family’s life. Maybe it’s not your fault that you jump straight to anger every time someone questions you. Maybe it’s not your fault that anxiety has this solid grip on you and you can’t be “strong enough” to shake it.

It’s possible that there is some uncovered childhood trauma that is in your past that is affecting you and your current relationships. It’s not your fault!

Have you ever considered therapy as a tool to dig into discovering and uncovering childhood trauma? Have you considered therapy as a form of taking care of yourself? Have you ever considered asking for help in the form of therapy?

Why therapy and we are talking about in today’s episode about it:
➡️ Consider therapy as a proactive tool
➡️ Consider therapy as a form of self-care (who else is going to?)
➡️ Consider therapy to help you uncover what trauma is and what it can actually look like for you in your day-to-day
➡️ How to deal with pushback from our loved ones
➡️ How to deal with all the emotions that therapy will bring up and how to schedule yourself up for success around your therapy time

Heal and grow from your own trama and change some things in your family. Therapy can be this beautiful gift where you learn self-compassion for yourself. The vulnerability of therapy and mental health is scary.

So let’s talk about healing and therapy today. Let’s create awareness around the subject of mental health for everyone. Let’s break the silence and the stigma and the generational cycles as you progress through the journey of healing and growing.

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Episode Highlights:

4:46 Meet Jen
9:50 Definitions of trauma
11:14 Does everyone experience trauma? Have you?
12:15 What do trauma responses look like in a day-to-day example
17:05 You want to heal but you struggle to invest in yourself and find the time to take care of yourself … listen in here!
22:39 Is this something you should do? See a therapist?
26:28 How do you find a therapist?
29:40 When therapy leaves you feeling really raw … how can you deal with the emotions?
35:27 When your partner is giving you push back about going into therapy … here is something you can do …

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About Jennifer:

The Heal and Grow Journey Podcast is a weekly podcast that will be used to create awareness around Mental Health and Wellness in the Black Community and in general for all people. The objective is to break the silence, end the stigma and break cycles as we progress through the journey of healing and growing. A new episode will be available every Friday evening.

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