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Episode 185

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➡️ Nicole – “If I could go back and give myself advice back then, I’d tell myself to stop being so hard on myself. Don’t let your to-do list or challenging circumstances rob your joy. Do one thing at a time. Take it one day at a time. Find a way to enjoy whatever you’re doing and make life fun. Ask for help when you need it (because we all need it and help is available). You do not have to do everything. You are not alone.”

➡️ April – “Before the club, I felt hopeless. I felt like no matter I did I couldn’t overcome my illness let alone run two businesses and homeschool. My goals before the club were just to get through the day. I tried different planners, a lot of courses, other groups and none of them worked. Even though I was a part of a course or group I still felt like I was alone. I thought to myself something I to change.”

➡️ Kimberly – “I love being with like-minded women who are pursuing goals amidst busy life. The accountability the club provides is what makes me most successful, and I’ve been able to grow my cancer prevention lifestyle, start a small business that follows my passion, and spend quality time with my family. Sunday Planning is a non-negotiable part of my weekly schedule now, and I don’t panic about my to do list or forget appointments and deadlines anymore.”

➡️ Amy – “I’m starting to feel like anything is possible. I’m still a work in progress and I’m still learning and that’s okay. When I fall down, start to slip back into limiting mindsets, and forget to use what I’ve learned, The Club and Cara are there to pick me back up, give me encouragement and virtual hugs, and remind me to use the tools I already have.”

➡️ Meesh – “I was super nervous joining the club and told myself that I was just going to try it out for a month and see how it went. I was more excited about the content rather than the community. I was not a Facebook user and had no expectations of the community. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Everyone is so nice, supportive and there is zero negativity. We are all on the same goal to improve our lives and so it has been amazing. Cara has helped me accept myself and accept the season I am in life. I am no longer focused on what I am not doing but rather what I am doing and celebrate all my wins big or small.”

➡️ Jamie – “The club has helped me so much. Sunday planning is a game changer. I’m exercising, I have more intentional time with my kids, I’m reading again. Things are getting done and for once I feel as though I have traction’s towards my goals.”

➡️ Kellie – “Before the club I was always busy but never accomplished anything or completed my to do list. My to do list would grow but never get smaller. Now my to do lists get smaller and I am able to focus more on my kids. I have learned so much from the club. I am able to focus, accomplish my to do and spend more time with my kids. Plus I am able to read books! I feel less stress and happy.”

➡️ Deb – “For me, The Purpose Driven Mom Club provides a framework for my moving forward in my life and the support to help me get there. It isn’t just “Here are these videos, just watch it and figure out how it is done on your own.” Cara, the coaches, and the other members of the club give advice and help you through moments when you are stuck.”

➡️ Eva – “I feel like there is a bit of weight taken off my shoulders. I feel that with the club, and the courses, I will find that happy medium. I know it won’t be easy, but I have to just start doing for me.”

➡️ Arwen – “Getting things done in 15 minute chunks is not brand new to me. But apparently I needed to be retaught, because it wasn’t until hanging with Cara for a while that I started to believe it again, and begin acting again. With the Club, and some extra coaching sessions, I finally began working toward actual goals. I launched an entire business thanks to Cara’s coaching and support. I may not be back to my previous self, but I never will be. I am however a new person from when I first encountered Cara, and I don’t think that’s an exaggeration. A new person who still has work to do, as I submit this at the last possible moment, but a person who did it, which I would not have 4 years ago.”

➡️ Sarah – “I feel like a different person! I have been able to break goals down into tiny bite size pieces so I can make headway. I finally feel like I am able to be organized and get things accomplished and spend the time with my family I wanted to.”

➡️ Kim – “The past 2 ¼ years in the club have been great. Everyone has been there to cheer you on and help when things get tough. I’ve learned how to not take myself so seriously. My big game-changing takeaways were how to break down projects into manageable chunks in order to finish them successfully, and how to create a habit stack to create amazing routines in my life. I’ve created an amazing after dinner routine that I’ve recently gotten my family involved in that keeps our kitchen in great shape. I’ve also recently gotten through a thorough decluttering of the house breaking down everything. This makes me feel amazing, and has decreased my anxiety ten-fold. This has given me extra time to spend with my kids throughout the day.”

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